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The Orb Web 2.0: A Platform to Promote Dignity for All

I find the oppression of women unbearable. I live in a free society and see the perpetuation of women’s oppression in all facets of life – with the misuse of tradition, culture, religion and the media as tools of justification and acceleration.
I use the freedom I enjoy as a western woman to speak out about what cannot be tolerated against any human being. I honor the courage that women in other societies demonstrate each day to protect their families and respect the risk they take to speak their truth. I humbly amplify the experiences and stories of women in a free world to illustrate the challenges, paradoxes, corruption and possibilities of an affluent, privileged society.

Women live in a web that is the natural pattern of life. We share stories, joys, heartbreaks, challenges and breakthroughs. We seek each other out. It is our way. Storytelling is how we survive. We offer our news, our dreams and our worries. We weave together our families and communities as well. The web is strong – as in a spider’s web which is durable, resilient and flexible. Among the most amazing of spider webs – is the orb web – which is concentric and spiraling. And the largest of all the orb webs are the ones spun by communal spiders. We have much to learn from nature and we have this opportunity to spin ourselves together as a large web so that we can hold much more than we now think is possible.

I am an older woman who uses my voice to share and think together with other women and especially younger women who in their bodies carry to seeds of the next generation. I listen and learn from younger women and stand at their backs. I will be certain that the reason there are only 16% of global news stories that focus on women or that almost half (48%) of all news stories reinforce gender stereotypes – is not because I remained silent and invisible when I have the ability to speak out without fear of harm.

Web 2.0 makes it possible for women to share even more, to strengthen and amplify our voices and through it we can rise up and claim our dignity. Web 2.0 creates a place to deposit ideas and points of view and mix them together to accelerate our hopes. It is a place to share stories that break our hearts open to each other to accelerate intolerance for what should not have ever been allowed to happen to any of us. And to amplify the fact that what happens to one of us – happens to all of us.


EleanorJohnstone's picture

Week One post

Hey Nancy, thanks so much for your post! You have a very strong voice, and you use it deliver some really interesting facts and insights. I particularly liked your spider web analogy. Very cool!

I think that your ambitions and reasons for using Web 2.0 are terrific. Where do you see your posts on it, and in this journal, taking you? I would love to hear about how you aspire to effect some change movement through words, it's a very wonderful thing to do and it's always innovative and individual.

Thanks for being on this project, and I look forward to reading more of you!

~ Eleanor

olakitike's picture


Dear Nancy,
I like the way you made reference to spider webs. I believe you have much more in you to share with us and I look forward to hearing/ reading much more.
I am curious, what do you find exciting about the opportunities that Web 2.0 present? Are there new things you want to do with this medium?
Well done.

Nancy Fritsche Eagan's picture


Thanks for your comments. I love this process because it is inviting me into using my voice in a new landscape. I am almost 60 and was not born into the web era. I am pushing myself to use these tools and it's very engaging. I am curious about how sharing across homes, countries, cultures, generations, etc. could change how we see things. Maybe we can change the dialogue on issues; share more stories; become more connected. I am most curious about what could happen if I created an inter-generational web as a co-learning environment to create understanding and new ways of working together. It could be like a web talk show with younger and older women pairing up to host certain conversations about important topics and issues. What might spin in that web if we collaborated across generations to offer our perspective and wisdom?
How about you? What is alive for you in the Web 2.0 present?
Take care

Carri Pence's picture

It is great that you place

It is great that you place the importance of ones voice and how it is womens most powerful tool. The weapon of our choice is one that cuts cross boundaries, but is not a knife, and awakens those who are fast asleep, though it is not a loud gun shot. It is our ideas that fight for our freedom, and you beautifully illustrated this. I look forward to reading more from you, where your voice is not only recognized but is needed.

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