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Worldwide Web of Women!

When I think of Web 2.0 I always remember my first feeling when I came in touch with the social media: excitement and surprise, adrenaline and curiosity. I felt like a young child with a toy he or she always dreamed of – so many possibilities to explore. A child usually wants to “dissect” the toy, see every part of it and that’s the part of playing. I wanted to go part by part into the internet possibilities and since so much was offered at once, I was getting an overwhelming feeling while blaring at the computer screen not knowing where to start.

This platform has opened my eyes and views in high extent. Knowing what kind of issues women around the world face and being able to get in touch with them and perhaps even help them or they helping me, is more than anyone could have imagined only a few years back. By hearing the stories of many women from distant parts of the world, parts I have never been and haven’t known enough about, I developed better views and attitudes about world gender issues, a topic I have always been interested in. Reading tragic testimonies, but at the same time encouraging and brave statements by women who are struggling with so many difficulties in their lives, mostly because of conservative societies, one may be encouraged to face things in their own environment, struggle and fight with the obstacles and feel that she is not alone. I have always believed that women are strong, although it is not the general global belief. Everywhere I turn I can find an example of a strong woman, facing troubles, standing on her feet and moving on. After introducing myself to Web 2.0, I was even more fascinated and convinced about what woman are facing, but most importantly, what women can do. It is an amazing how you can feel close and connected to people who share the same interests and values even though they are living in different parts of the world, thousands and thousands of miles away. My opinion is that if women unite and start fighting together they would be a great force, inspiration for others, motivation to many, an encouragement to the suppressed and an overall achievement.

Recently I have been trying to involve myself in local community matters by various activities, mostly through NGOs, and I have been glad to see how some things are going forward. Web 2.0 provides me with the opportunity to connect with people throughout the world, to share opinions and advice and to get inspiration and solutions for how some things can be improved in my community. Let us all raise our voices and grow stronger, because we can, we always have and we always will! Everybody knows the saying: “Act locally, think globally”, but perhaps in our case, with the opportunities from World Pulse and Voices of Our Future we may also say: “Act globally, think locally”.


Christine L's picture

“Act globally, think locally”.

Hello IvanaG,
“Act globally, think locally”, this is an excellent statement IvanaG. It speaks to the immense potential of Web 2.0 as a global force that will inspire us to work at the local level. I like your story on how Web 2.0 has inspired you to want to do and learn more. Thank you.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”- Mahatma Gandhi

IvanaG's picture

Hi Christine, thanks for the

Hi Christine, thanks for the kind words! Let us all burst with enthusiasm and cause changes around us!

ariniaina's picture

Hi Ivana, Great post! World

Hi Ivana,

Great post!

World Pulse is a worldwide web of women, is a great community where I am - we are so glad to be in.

Keep it up!



Thanks for visiting my blog

IvanaG's picture

Thank you Ariniaina. We are

Thank you Ariniaina. We are proud, happy and powerful community, a family I would say. I like your activities in Madagascar, reminds me of my desire to speak about my community and make a difference! Step by step we will!


giftypearl.abenaab's picture

Powerful and strong Voice

Dear Ivana,
I am glad to hear your voice from Macedonia right here in my seat in Ghana through Pulsewire. I have enjoyed reading your post. It is very powerful, revealing and empowering. It felt as though I was sitting next to you. I could hear your voice clearly. I could also taste your thoughts and your world.

You have explicitly described your experience with Web 2:0 and shared your personal story of how you felt about social media for the first time . Your lines 'my first feeling ...:excitement and surprise, adrenaline and curiosity. I felt like a young child with a toy he or she always dreamed of – so many possibilities to explore' says it all.

Continue sharing your VOICE and include your vision and how you intend to help women do 'what they can do' in your community.

Good luck!

Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation

IvanaG's picture

Dear Gifty Pearl, Thank you

Dear Gifty Pearl,

Thank you so much for you lovely response and comment; support like this make me smile and keep going and that's why World Pulse is something special and more than a community, more like family. I almost missed the deadline for writing this post as I was covered with work, but I did it and felt so good because I knew I am going to join something amazing that shouldn't be missed! I would like to hear more from you and share stories, visions, solutions!!

Thanks again!

Carri Pence's picture

To be in touch with so many

To be in touch with so many and fight their fight even if it is just listening to their words which are written thousands miles away is phenomenal and empowering. You place the importance of the web through connecting, with a heart full of love and a mind blessed with many ideas. You are what people should hope to achieve when they log onto WorldPulse and I, for one, am so happy to have you in the PulseWire community.

IvanaG's picture

Dear Carrie, you gave me

Dear Carrie, you gave me goose bumps with your comment. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement, which make me feel so fulfilled. I feel that I am part of something very special and except being a vision for something bigger and great, one of the things I love about WorldPulse is all the wonderful people that are here, sharing their stories, opening up and supporting each other. I am happy to have you in the PulseWire as well! Love your posts! Let's keep going and become braver, stronger and greater together!

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