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Web 2.0 as a bright future for Women across the Globe,

There are three characteristics of Web 2.0 that most excites me about it. Firstly, we can easily share our ideas, facts, and issues with others through Web 2.0. Another characteristic is that after sharing an issue, we can get several effective feedbacks, and we can also comment on others’ issues. Lastly is that by sharing and getting feedbacks and solutions from others in Web 2.0, we can easily set up our goals, and try to approach them by joining those who also have the same goals like us, as one example is given about Araceli and Lindy from whom one was concerned about the health situation in her country and the second was eager to work for health issues, so they both shared their goals in PulseWire, and after sharing and exchanging feedbacks they got together to initiate their goals.
Women’s movements are basically the kinds of gathering in order to empower women and solve different issues that are related to women through the globe. As a movement can never be done by individuals, it indeed needs a group of people who are eagerly trying to change women’s situation. This opportunity, creating a group where everyone has the aim to empower women, is available in Web 2.0, as it basically helps women all over the world to get together, and share what they want and how they can effectively improve women’s situation in future. Another main point by which women are getting empowered through Web 2.0 is that by writing, sharing, and gaining knowledge about others, women get more courage to step forth for their goals. Because Web 2.0 is a communal place, the more they share, the more they get experience and courage, so Web 2.0 is empowering women through encouraging and giving them the feeling of not being isolated anymore.
Before joining the WorldPulse, I was not utterly able to share my ideas with others, because I was wondering whether my ideas are correct, whether or not they reflect on others, or whether others would be interested in them or not. By joining the WorldPulse, I have been empowered to share my ideas through writing effectively even if I am not a native speaker. I have the courage to take challenges and approach for what I mostly want. As a result, now I have the complete potentiality and courage to compete with over 550 women across the globe to get the opportunity that Web 2.0 provides us. Moreover, by having access to Web 2.0, I can get the general idea of how the situation of women in all over the world is. As an instance, by reading the article, A Future without Female Genital Mutilation, by Halima Rahman, it was my first time to know about the existence of female genital mutilation in Sudan. This made me think whether there are also other countries that carry out these kinds of actions. Finally, Web 2.0 empowers me to know more about things in all over the world, and get the ability to ask questions of how and why things are happening.


Rebecca Roberts's picture

good for you!

Mursal, I love reading about how this place for connection has benefited you and helped you find your voice. You sound like a strong and thoughtful woman, and I can't wait to read more about what you are doing to make positive change in your community ~ your local community and your global one here at World Pulse. Isn't it wonderful to gain energy from other women speaking out and telling their stories? I look forward to hearing more of yours! Congratulations for entering the application process, that's a huge and positive step!

Dear Rebecca,

You are right, of course, now I am feeling free to share any my ideas and stories, and that courage I have gotten through World Pulse. And yeah, I am feeling lucky for I have been able to enter the application process, and I think even this gave an opportunity to know what Web 2.0 and Citizen Journalism is actually, honeslty, before I didn't have any idea about it, but somehow I could have realized the importance of it in my life. I will step forward and do my best to achieve this opportunity as I am capable to do so.



Jocelynbrazil's picture

Well said!

I so enjoyed reading your thoughts on the power of web 2.0. You gave such specific and illuminating examples into the many ways it can be and has been successful in allowing women to exchange important ideas and grow more confident in their own voices. I especially loved the last line, '...and get the ability to ask questions of how and why things are happening'. Well said! This question asking is vital. I look forward to reading more of your writing:-)

Dear Jocelyn,

Thanks for reading my post. Yeah, you are right, it is time to break the long-lasted silence of women, and start asking questions of how and why things are happening in some ways which are absolutely not of our, (women) will. I hope one day, the entire world understand how strong our voices can be, and what we can do to bring changes. It is not our resistence, but it would be our revolution to transform our world into a place where there is gender quity plus peace.



Carri Pence's picture

I am so happy you found a

I am so happy you found a home for your ideas and thoughts here on PulseWire. With your open heart and your interest in others, you will become a strong member here on PulseWire. I look forward to reading other post in the future from you, where I feel like I could learn a lot from your writing,

I will always continue to this journey whether I get the chance VOF or not, but I know I am needed for my society and of course for all the world. I really want to be a global change maker and especially the one to change the situation of women and I will surely reach to that goal. I will continue to travel around the world through reading other women's posts, and I will continue inviting others to my country through writing about it and posting it in order to share it.



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