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Global future with Web 2.0,

When I compare my generation with my parents, I can see a big difference, and these differences are all in different ways, which make me, realize that my generation is more developed or global. Generation who were before us, they did not have access to the internet or anything else that could connect them to all over the world. Therefore, we should be very thankful that we have opportunities to raise our voices through internet and specifically through web 2.0.
Web 2.0 is a way of gaining experience, and it is an inspiration for women who can share their life experience with others in all over the world. As we know that through experience we can learn many things that can help us in our entire life; therefore, when women around the world post their stories in the web 2.0, everyone reads it and gives comment, so this will help both the writer and the reader gain new information. We humans sometimes become really sad about our life and we want to get rid of all the problems that we have; however, when we read about other people’s stories then we come to know that problems did not only surround us, but others are also surrounded with many problems. Therefore, when we get to know other people’s stories, which is the time, when we show satisfaction to our life.
The most interesting thing about Web 2.0 is that we can always write about those things that are in our mind like happy experiences or bitter experiences that always disturbed us. When we read these kinds of stories, we find out that wherever we are, whatever we are doing, one thing is common, which is violence of women and complications that they have in their life. Before reading some of the stories I did not know that women in other countries have some kinds of problems that make them depressed, but now I have realized that I was wrong. When I read Halima’s story, I was totally shocked because I never heard about those things that she wrote in it. Therefore, after reading other women’s story, I came to know that it is not just we Afghan women who are suffering, but there are lots problems that women in all over the world are facing.
Many people believe that getting aware of other people’s problem makes us strong, and in my case it is the same. As soon as I hear about other people, I compare myself to them and that is the time, when I become either sad or happy about my life, and that is how the changes happen. When women around the world know about each other, on behalf of each other they can defense from their life. For instance, I have a problem or there is an injustice that is happening with me, but I cannot do anything because that problem is raised by my own community members. Also, I cannot go out of the country and inform others about what is happening because it may take a long time and needs lots of money. However, when I share to Web 2.0 then people around the world and trough their comments can give me suggestions and also if they have power then they convey it to people in all over the world and solve my problem. Sometimes, they might not be able to solve my problem, but when I see their support, I will become strong enough to cope with it.


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Hello Fatima! Thank you for

Hello Fatima!

Thank you for adding your voice to the conversation! I agree with you that it helps us all to hear stories of others around the world and it is uplifting to know that you are not alone.

I encourage you to keep posting your thoughts! As you said, comments from people around the world will encourage you and help you to find your voice and to tell your own story.

I wish you the best!

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Hello Rmveaver,

Thanks for encouraging me, and I do appreciate each and every comment of you all. I will definitely keep writing and raise my voice as well as others. I have some ideas for how I can raise as well as others, so I am just trying to find the way to do this. It may take a long time, but I will try my best to do it as quick as I can.

Fatima Sabri

Fatima Sabri

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