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My Web 2.0 World

I love Web 2.0 because it provides global readership to posts. This is exciting. It means – save for media censorship – readers from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe can catch up with me. They can comment to my post. Some may agree with me. Some may not. Some may offer solutions. Some may give alternative approaches to addressing or viewing a particular situation. All in all, the global access to posts provides a learning opportunity. I get to learn from people’s comments. I get to assess divergent views. And most important, I get to educate and influence others. Some people may not have heard or experienced my story. Some may not have seen it from my point of view. Others still, may have heard or experienced it – but were hesitant to take an action. Web 2.0 is thus revolutionary and is one of the positives of globalization.

Apart from benefitting from worldwide comments, Web 2.0 fascinates me because it needs not professional journalism skills. I can comment on other people’s posts or news without a second thought to a particular rule. Provided I avoid foul language, I can share with the world my position on a particular issue. This is liberating. I remove what is in my chest. I get to be part of the world around me. My voice is heard. And most of the times, it is expressed with the passion that drove me to comment. Subtly, I can claim the title of a journalist. Yes! A citizen journalist.

So as I comment on news posts and converse with friends on Facebook, I can use the same media to share and talk on women’s achievements and challenges across the globe. I have witnessed friends championing a number of causes on Facebook. Brief videos and documentaries are aired on YouTube. So can women’s empowerment campaigns. A number of international women’s organizations and United Nations agencies have adopted Web 2.0 to discuss progress made in achieving MDG 3 and the Beijing Platform of Action. Many women’s organizations can now be followed on Twitter and Facebook. And so can grassroots women’s groups share their successes and challenges through Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is contagious. It is indispensable in today’s world.

Because of its significance, I want to use Web 2.0 to pass information on Islam and women’s rights. I am a practicing Muslim woman and a women’s rights lawyer. I do not like the labels put on Shariah concerning women. Nor do I like the misinterpretations of Shariah to undermine women. I find myself called upon to educate those interested in this subject. And I want to start a blog to do just that. That is what made me join 2010 Voices of Our Future. I want to learn how to present this useful information. Otherwise, I have commented on news posts. And it has been very relieving to air my views; and exciting to see my post published.



giftypearl.abenaab's picture

Women's Advocate

You have a very powerful voice and I have been moved listening to your voice through your post. I love the way you put how Web 20 is empowering you- 'I can share with the world my position on a particular issue. This is liberating. I remove what is in my chest. I get to be part of the world around me'. The more you remove what is on your chest, the more you educate us as you share your thoughts, your feelings and experiences.

Your work as a women's rights Lawyer will certainly liberate many women today and many years to come in your community, country and beyond. Keep sharing your stories, telling us your vision and speaking loud. I look forward to reading your personal experiences- what you have smelled and tasted as a Women's Rights Lawyer in your community.

Keep the good work up.
Good Luck!

Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation

mozajadeed's picture

Thanks Gifty for your kind

Thanks Gifty for your kind words. Keep checking this site for more powerful stories. I am humbled.


jenchapin's picture

Great post!

Hi mozajadeed,

I really enjoy your writing style and the way you express your thoughts. I find it both interesting and engaging and your blog post above is very relevant and also expresses some important points, including the idea of having access to being a 'journalist' by blogging online and the fact that blogging will open you to many 'divergent views,' which may not always be the same as yours. I think it is really important that you mentioned the importance of learning from other people's views and comments--we are not all created equal! And sometimes, the differences are what make us so interesting.

Also, I am very interested in your background as a Muslim woman and a human rights lawyer. I would be very interested to hear some of your stories, especially in the eloquent writing style that you use.


mozajadeed's picture

Thanks Jennifer. I am

Thanks Jennifer. I am humbled. Through the weekly assignments and the posts I would be making on pulse wire, you'll gradually get to know me. I am yet to post my Week 2 assignment. See you in the "newsroom."

Carri Pence's picture

The power of the internet for

The power of the internet for politics is amazing. I read an article during the last presidential campaign in the US and it stated that the internet today for politics is like the television was in the 1960s. Thus, I am so happy that you are using the internet to globalize your ideas and getting a better and more in depth understanding of what you want through the input of others. That is personal growth at its finest.

Carri Pence

mozajadeed's picture

Thanks Carri for your

Thanks Carri for your comment. I appreciate it.

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