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Web 2.0: A solution to the raging fires of my heart

My name is Wanjiru Mungai. As a (not-so) young woman, I have, over the course of my life, and by different people, in different countries, been told that I have a gift of writing. That I must write. That I tell stories well. How true? That I cannot tell. But what I know is that I look around my environment and often times, a fire rages in my heart. A deep longing within my heart, a longing to speak, and as WorldPulse so very clearly puts it, a longing to speak for myself. For often times many have spoken on my behalf, and have distorted my words to my disadvantage.
With whom do I speak? How will my voice, and as a result, the voices of thousands of those with questions like mine, be heard? How will I hold hands with a woman in India who wants to speak of the challenges of her parent's inability to have enough dowry - or a fellow woman in Kenya who is as incredulous as I am that my heartbeat of love and realization that we are one people is often times ignored, or another in the West who is tired of the endless run, catching with time, and finds no meaning of life? How shall I, as a woman, express my love, not only for my child and the children of my sisters and brothers? How will I speak of my belief that peace must emanate from within the home and spread beyond?
The possibilities that Web 2.0 offers for me to not only express the burning issues in my heart, but also embrace and learn, and share with others around the globe is tremendous.
While the internet remains a dream for many, it is a tool that is widely available today not only for young people, but for the older generation. It is a tool, as has been seen on several occasions, (such as the Presidential Campaign of President Barack Obama), that can be useful to inform, to gather support, to educate, to network.
It is for me an exciting adventure to undertake the journey in understanding and using Web 2.0, not only because it gives me an opportunity to explore beyond my comfort zone as I develop my talent (I can no longer say I am not sure anyone is interested in my writing – after all, I have had many responses for my WorldPulse Journal); but Web 2.0 also provides me an opportunity to build my capacity for a purpose greater than myself, that of serving the Community.


Mei Li's picture


Hi Wanjiru,

I have read many of your posts and am always happy to open another. You mention something I do see and face every day - people in the Western world who seem to be seeking meaning in life. The other day I sat and spoke to a friend and she mentioned that people in America seem to measure themselves (not all of us, of course, but it does seem common) by how much we have "to do," how many "tasks" we have accomplished in one day. It is less common to see people on their porches watching the sun rise or set.

It is often overwhelming to be surrounded by this mentality. I have retreated to books, often, because I find it hard to connect with that sense of fast-paced, money-orientated living. I have had jobs with high-salaries that I did not enjoy and at the end of the day felt so wasted, the money did not equal happiness. I would rather make less and see the sun rise, than make more and spend my life working in a box just to create more profit for corporations that already have enough money to last multiple lifetimes.

I hear you when you say you believe peace must emanate from within the home and spread beyond - that is how you speak it, simply by stating it - I connect, I hear you.

"...our compassion is the practice of unconditioning." Jakusho Kwong Roshi

wanjirumungai's picture

Thank you...


I read your response to my post this morning and I felt a warmth in my heart. Thank you and blessings to you.


p.s. I will write at greater length shortly.

JessiSchimmel's picture

I hear your words

Hello Wanjiru,

I'd like to join all those who have told you that you should write. Just from this post, I believe you are a natural storyteller. I can hear your voice as I read your words and I think that is an absolutely critical thing for a blogger. There are so many people out there just talking. You are clearly doing more than that.

How do you propose to reach out to the community using Web 2.0? What do you want us to learn from you? How can you use your storytelling gift to make a difference in the world?

I look forward to reading more of your posts!

KathyWu's picture

Hi Wanjiru, You have a way

Hi Wanjiru,

You have a way of saying a lot without saying too much. Your thoughtful writing style allows for you to get your point across without offending anyone.

Keep up the great work!



MelissaMack's picture

Thank You

Wanjiru, you are an excellent writer. I truly enjoyed your piece and I felt personally touched by what you wrote. I think you did an excellent job portraying the difficulties and injustice women have faced no matter where they may come from. I also very much believe that families are the foundation of our society and that a healthy family where morals and responsibilities are taught, children are loved, and parents mentor, is so fundamental to our future generations. Good luck and I can't wait to read more.

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