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There is power in web 2.0

It is fascinating, in fact, exciting when operating with web 2.0. first, it is important to identify the problem especially in my country, Cameroon of getting people to attend meetings where you can share information or gather people to participate or share information about a project in your community, there will always be complains like, the time is not appropriate “for me”; I will be traveling, I have dead celebration; will there be “item 11” ?etc In my country item 11 means eating time, thus at the end of the day if you expected say about 50 people in an event you organized you might end up having just about 10 or 15 attending, and if you had information to share it is but obvious that it will not reach a wider population. What am I saying then; web 2.0 is just a wonderful tool to reaching out to the wider world. It is interesting because it gives me the opportunity to get information about other people, cultures, projects, proposals to problems and solutions at anytime that is convenient for me. I am quite excited because I am beginning to imagine the thousands of women and other readers I will reach through this web tool.

Unlike life meetings where women use to be relegated to the background and not given the chance to contribute in a meeting, web 2.0 is a good beginning and has come to give the women especially those of them who are not considered having good position the chance to express themselves “freely” without any physical threat from the men, and without the procedural process that use to go on before publishing. Through web 2.0 the problem of working in isolation will be resolved. Web 2.0 will enable women who are involve to connect to other women especially the rural woman and have access to hinder information about the flight of women in the different parts of the world.

From the look of things I have finally got a solution to some of my problems. There are times that I needed help or directives to go about certain innovative idea that comes to me but sometimes the person I am thinking that might be of help will not readily give in his or her time to deliver information, at times I needed to make a serious of phone calls just to meet the person for some ideas to no avail. but now I know with web 2.0 I can network with people of my area of interest to share ideas, experience and at the same read articles, projects, personal experiences of others and this will help empower me. first and the those other women around me and of course this empowerment will be transferred to my community especially the grassroot women who do not have access to information.


kati.mayfield's picture

Use your power!

Dear Leenny,

I can tell that you are already making things happen for yourself, and I hope that you will be able to harness web 2.0 to empower yourself and others, as you have hoped. You are so right that the empowerment process starts at the individual, and that when she is empowered, "this empowerment will be transferred" to her community.

Thank you for your observations and your voice!


*resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything*

leenny's picture


Hey Kati,
i am overwhelm by the fact that you created time to go through my journal, i must say i am further encourage by your comment s on this post. Hope we are going to stay close and together see how we can transform our lives and those of other women, who do not have the advantage we have now
Be blessed


thank you for your keeen insight into the problems women face when attempting to use their voices. It is sad that women must circumvent intrusion and perhaps violence from men when trying to assert their voices. you certainly bring that to light. It is also clear from your writing that owmen need a tool like web 2.0 in order to network and find the right people, connections and tools in order to further the goal of female freedom and empowerment. Thank you so much for contributing to this important movement!


leenny's picture

keep connecting

Hey Eleush,
am glad you took off time which is very scarce for some people to read my post, you did it between the lines that is why you have mentioned the important points. hope we will keep up this communication for it has a lot of benefits for us
Best regards


Christine.Dahl's picture

I found your essay very

I found your essay very interesting because you included specific details about the challenges you face in organising meetings and sharing ideas and support. I like the vision you hold of Web 2.0 as a tool for reaching out to others and solving problems. Thank you for sharing your strong voice!

Warm regards,

leenny's picture

You are welcome

Hey Christine,
thanks for taking note of key factors in my essay, hope it adds something on to what you know already. my dear i will love to share more and more but connecting to internet here in my country is hell, sometimes it is too slow, sometimes there is not connection at all, and worst still the cost is very high. thanks once again for your comment and hope you stay close to my post, with your exciting comments

I care about you.


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