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No expectations! I am free.

I was inspired to join when I read the stories people have shared on Worldpulse. The feedback given was encouraging, positive and caring. I wanted to be in the group. I am torn apart and pulled in different direction. My brain wonders million thoughts at once and my emotions are the same. I see potential to develop our thoughts and expose emotions in a healthy forum. I am more curious to find out what Web 2.0 will evolve into. Web 2.0 has shown that I have real hope to dream and this excites me beyond words.

I am different, that I know but what is expected of me must not be different. I fought to be different, to defy the expectation that I saw as unfair and unjust. Why should I be expected to do the boring things while the boys can have the fun? I want to evolve to a new person, find a new career and find a place I belong. I want to be there for children who are “dead” because of the unjust expectation.

I am excited as a child learning something magical taking part in Web 2.0. The excitement to have the freedom to express my thought and ideas without censorship makes me alive. I was careful of what I wrote in my first introduction. I had more strength in my second journal to express what I felt. I feel empowered to share my feelings. I believe I am listened to and I need someone who really cares to listen. I want to listen only when I care for. I want to read only because I enjoy reading. I want talk only when I want express. This is what Web 2.0 provides for me.

Solutions will come in unlike and unimaginable ways to different people and Web 2.0 has already provided a solution for women around the world to feel connected. To be connected makes me empowered, to belong makes me safer. It is the possibilities that empower me to take action and Web 2.0 is a place to reach out for the peace that I long for my own thoughts and emotions. Web 2.0 is a forum to express without fear, share with compassion, seek guidance without worry and offer a very unique opportunity to help women across the globe.

There is an urge in me to clearly express my stories in words and in pictures and convey my stories and of my friends and women in my islands. I want learn the power of language and share the stories of people who do not have an opportunity to have access to internet. It is challenging to share a burden, long suppressed thoughts and emotions with another person who do not have much empathy or understanding. I know the impact and how far a small gesture of caring could take someone.


Jennifer Ruwart's picture

Beautiful post


I just read and am touched by your first assignment. You did a fantastic job answering the questions. I love how you captured one of the greatest strengths and opportunities for web 2.0 - connection. It is so true, when we connect. When we connect we feel like we belong. When we feel like we belong, we feel safer.

I honor your courage in sharing yourself with this community and encourage you to keep doing it. You will develop lasting friendships in ways, as you describe, "in unlike and unimaginable ways."


Jennifer Ruwart
Chief Collaborator
JR Collaborations

It takes so much courage to excavate deep feelings, ideas & memories to share with others. I love that you are finding a forum that allows freedom of expression "without fear" - well, the fear is always there however we must find and create that community where peace is possible.

I would love to learn more about the place where you live.

Amei's picture

lost at words :-)

Thank you Jennifer,

I’ve been searching for years to find a friend/ a person that could understand how I feel. Yet, again I never imagined it could be a forum that would gain my trust to share my thoughts. Your recongnition further motivates me to reach out and seek help for the peace I desire and desired by many people similare to me.

I was born in a small but beautiful island yet, my choices has lead me to live, at present, in gorgeous city. Future is to be discovered. Wordjourneys, I have surprised myself :-)

vyarie's picture

Great job!

Hi Amei,

Thank you so much for writing such wonderful words. I am inspired by your ideas of empowering women and by your courage.

I can see how it would be hard to express such personal ideas and thoughts with someone who is not understanding. However, I believe that you have found the right forum for doing just this.

I, myself, feel lucky that I was able to read your post and look forward to reading more.

Kind Regards,


Amei's picture

I am pleased :-)

Thank you Vanessa,

I am so please you found my writing inspireing. It is a joy to get positive feedback. I will try to write my thoughts, views and opinions with passion and both from mind and heart..

Regards, Amei

Valerie from Oregon's picture

Very Inspiring!

Hello Amei!
I'm one of the listeners for your Week One Assignment. I really enjoyed reading your journal entry and sharing in your excitement to participate in Voices of our Future. The positive energy and enthusiasm your writing reflects is very infectious! It was wonderful how you described your feelings about taking part in Web 2.0…“excited as a child learning something magical”and empowered to take action by the "possibility of solutions that will come in unimaginable ways." I sensed your joy at being connected with others who understand and share your commitment to change societal expectations for women. You have the potential to be a great leader in your eagerness to "learn the power of language and share stories of people who do not have an opportunity to have access to the Internet". I admire you for being “different” and am looking forward to reading your other VOF assignments.
Your friend,

Amei's picture

Thank you Valerie

I am for the first time really enjoying myself and beign me. It has taken a leangthy challanging journy coming terms with some issues and yet there are unexplianed strong emotions to be discoverd.

It is so wonderful to receive great feedback that is extremely encouraging. I am feeling like an “EARTHLING” as the evolved-gen of the universe and not just an insignificant ameoba causing virulent strain on a planet.

I do hope you enjoy :-) fingers crossed.

With gratitude :-)

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