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Women in Sport

What excites me about Web 2.0 and citizen journalism, is not just the space it provides to create awareness of issues and spread information, but the immediacy at which this information can be made available.

It creates the possibility for a wider breadth of sources and perspectives which the official media may not include and thus gives us as media consumers a better understanding of stories and issues that seem detached from us.

Web 2.0 can help in that here is a space in which stories and issues about or that effect women which are sometimes over- looked can not only be reported on, but also explore in which ways these different issues are effecting women. On the brighter side this space can be used to celebrate the accomplishments of women which are sometimes over- looked, not only giving them the credit they deserve for their work, but providing a wider range of female role models for young women.

I also feel it is important to use this space to build a community of people who can support each other within working to empower women.

Generally, Web 2.0 makes me feel empowered because I know I have this space where I don’t have to be scared to say what I feel and I can tell the stories I feel are important. More specifically, as an avid sports fan I would like to use it as a space where I can firstly show to a male dominated industry that quality sports writing is not defined by gender; and secondly to report stories on sports women who are often passed over for their male counterparts in mainstream media.


akaneko's picture

Thank you for your post! I

Thank you for your post! I agree that Web 2.0 (and the internet in general) has really changed the way information is spread around the world - we can instantly receive news from half way around the globe. I think it's great that you drew attention to the fact that while it's critical to shed light on underreported issues affecting women, it's equally important to shed light on the accomplishments and achievements of women. I already see you and the other women in this online community as a source of inspiration and look forward to continuing to read your posts!

On another note, I too am an avid sports fan and I welcome your contributions to sports reporting. I would love to hear some of your personal stories about breaking into the male-dominated field of sports writing in your upcoming posts!

Best wishes,


Tina Mason's picture

Hi, thank you for your

Hi, thank you for your thought provoking article I've found it really interesting what you have said about the male domination of sports writing, even though its not an area I am particularly familiar with. I'm also looking forward to hearing more about you personal experiences in this area.

I really agree that the potential of women's use of web 2.0 can be a great source of role models and inspiration for younger women, as well as leadership and collaboration.



MudiwaM's picture

Thank you

Thank you both for taking the time to read my post. I have studied a little bit about peace and human rights journalism, but I still have loads to learn and hopefully I'll pick something up from you guys.

All the best :)

Leslie's picture

Unique perspective

It was refreshing to hear a more unique perspective on the world of sports and about the liberation of thoughts and opinions as a result of Web 2.0. I strongly encourage your intererest to gender integrating the dominated sports arena, as I have a colleague who said she is the only female reporter at Sports Illustrated and faces unique challenges there. Perhaps I can dig up her information and connect the two of you. I imagine she would have plenty to share on the topic.

As a Listener with this program, I thought you hit all the required topics for this assignment squarely on the head, clearly and succinctly addressing each assigned question. I finished the piece feeling as if I didn't long for any additional information because it was thorough and our voice came through clearly.

It was also good to see your general statements about Web 2.0 and its impacts combined with more specific and personal experiences about sports at the end. If I were forced to find a suggestion to improve an already good piece, I would say a few more personal experiences could be included to counter balance those general statements. For example, after your second graph about how the traditional media might not include women's personal perspectives, you could cite an example of an issue or topic that you read about and wished a woman's perspective could have been included to elucidate the issue and give media consumers a better understanding of the story.

Overall, excellent piece.


MudiwaM's picture

I really appreciate your

I really appreciate your comments and will take them into consideration as I work on my assignments in future :).

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