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When I was reading my friend stories about the Web 2.0 I noticed all of them mentioned two words change and difference. What kind of change and difference we all are seeking from it? What difference do we want as educated women with some experience of life at our hands?
We all share our know-how with each other when we joined this online course. What should we call this exercise then experiences or education?

I joined this course to my problems with women around the world. The second motive was to change some stereotypes about Arab women, mostly considered submissive and conservative. I was imagining staying with a woman who would not care as to who I am or to what do I do. Rather only see me as one who really needs them.

I really want to hear how women are thinking about themselves and the other women around them. I want to hear about the problems they are suffering from. I think that is what this web 2.0 wants from us i.e. a global awareness about women’s issue. While women in some countries have certain freedom while in others they continue to suffer quietly in many cases. Everything is not open and exposed. There is a lot to share between us. We can, at least, exchange views about real freedom.

Whenever I travel outside the Middle East, I am undermined for being Arabic or Syrian. My abilities are underestimated. Fortunately, I always prove the otherwise - I am a woman and can do what the others can.

More than men, I am shocked more by female folk who baselessly judge each other. We don’t sincerely try to empower each other. For such exchange of views, I look towards Web 2.0 for answers.

Let’s not be typical in this course. Let’s get rid of stereotype we associate towards the other. We should forget being Arabs, Americans, Russian or any of the rest. We would have to rise above being Muslims or Christians. Let us be free women as we are otherwise we may not benefit from this course as much as we should.

Women can only be strong if they take all the female folk along. Powerful female elite can never empower the vulnerable ones merely with words. We have to raise our voice to be heard but in a manner that people stop and like to listen to us. For that infighting and stereotyping would have to end. I can see a silver lining through these dark clouds.


MudiwaM's picture

i agree!

I really agree with you. We are all guilty of baseless judging people, sometimes without even thinking. And also about being underestimated, it happens to me so much I've actually built up a natural defense mechanism where I just block it out and get on with it. i understand we all have to deal with these things, but I would rather be underestimated for incompetence than gender.

alia's picture

thanks so much my dear

thanks so much my dear MudaiwaM iam so happuy bec u found time to read my assignment

best regards
Alia's picture

I too agree. Woman empower

I too agree. Woman empower woman, to empower one's self contributes to all the same way that empowering other builds my own. If I help you heal, some of me heals too.

Much love,
In lake'ch

alia's picture

iam happy to know that you

my dear dg .vegas

iam happy to know that you agree with me in my opinion about empowering , that means that you are doing this in life with other women ;)

let us share our experience more ...

thanks for the comment

warm regards

Starland's picture

You go girl!

Yes, I agree. We are all one. While experiences happen of everyone, suffering is optional most of the time. Anyway, I salute you and your efforts. I read the other day that Heaven will be happy when up is down and down is up and left is right and right is left and men are women and women are men without men being men and women being women. What do you think about that?

K-lee 3709

K-lee Starland, Ph.D.

alia's picture

salam dear K-lee Starland

Thanks so much for reading my humble and frank submissions. I am happy that you commented too.

Yes I believe that the world needs a lot of our efforts to return to the right path. Here is our role to correct the misperception and remove them. The heavens would be happy to see us doing that, but it would not help us unless we help ourselves.

“To be able to practice five things everywhere under heaven constitutes perfect virtue. They are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness.”

shukran jazilan


Andrea Arzaba's picture

100% AGREE!

"Let us be free women as we are otherwise we may not benefit from this course as much as we should."
I think this is a GREAT quote to say that...I LOVED UR POST ;)

alia's picture

beautiful Andrea

beautiful Andrea

thanks so much that you LOVE IT , iam so happy to know a free and an open minded woman like you

with love

Aida Dervishi's picture

Dear Alia, your post really

Dear Alia,
your post really touched me.You are raising some interesting questions.
A really transparent and powerful writing Alia!


alia's picture

Thanks my dear Aida for the

Thanks my dear Aida for the wonderful comment , u know i really want to find the answers for my questions here and that is why i joined this great group

have a nice day

with love

pheebsabroad's picture

So True

It is unfortunately true that women, all over the world, often knock each other down rather than pick each other up. It is empowering for women to unite and help support each other-as a unified force we are unstoppable! It is wonderful to see that recognition posted here!


alia's picture

Dear Pheobe unfortunately

Dear Pheobe

unfortunately that's always happen, thanks alot of your wonderful comment , i wish to hear from you about my assignments all the time .

with love

marissabrodney's picture

What an insightful posting

I was so happy to hear your words about proving your strength as a woman by building strong communities with other women globally; I am here to join you in your efforts! Keep up the good work!

alia's picture

iam happy because you read it

iam happy because you read it and posted such kind comment , iam here for you too my friend Marissa

with love

Claudia's picture



I really enjoyed reading your journal entry and can understand what you mean when people make assumptions about you based on your nationality. I found this statement to be particularly moving: “I am a woman and can do what the others can.”

I think it is powerful because it challenges the assumptions women may make about you (given your background and the stereotypes you have confronted) and also because it defies sexism. It shows that as a woman, you can do what men are doing. Bravo!

However, and this may just be my own misreading of this phrase, I want to kindly challenge you on your point: “Let’s not be typical in this course. Let’s get rid of stereotype we associate towards the other. We should forget being Arabs, Americans, Russian or any of the rest. We would have to rise above being Muslims or Christians. Let us be free women as we are otherwise we may not benefit from this course as much as we should.”

I agree with you whole-heartedly that we should be free women as we are, but I think that in order to be free we have to accept each other’s differences. Part of the reason why I joined this group was to engage with a group of women who do similar work and share similar views, but I also thought that it would be wonderful to learn more about the unique differences that make us who we are. Whether we come from different countries, religious and racial backgrounds, or are of different sexual orientation, I think that these factors shape and give light to our complex identities, which should be discussed and not forgotten.

Lastly, I perused through your website Silent Heroes and thought the stories are very interesting. One that particularly resonates with my own background is the story of the man who speaks 6 different languages at home and has such international living experience. What was also striking is that his sexual orientation is disclosed. There are too few stories that speak to these issues in the U.S. when it relates to the Middle East.

Thank you for your work!!

In solidarity,


p.s. I am sorry; this reflection is so long!!

alia's picture

Dear Claudia let me ask you a

Dear Claudia

let me ask you a question , what freedom means ? for me it means that i should respect other difference and accpet it , and that's what i meant when i said let's be FREE women as we are , so we both agree on that ;)

but you know somtimes women also practicing a kind of discrimnation toward eachother , for example some women dont trust other women from developing countries, they think those women have no experience like them , or they are closed minded while they are who have the open minded and know everything about the world , and that happened to me alot ,i met such kind of women several times .

also the women in developing countries think that other women in US , UK , Jermany or anyother country ,cannot understand thier peobelms or fight for thier rights and that's wrong too . so that is why i said lets forget who we are .also i wanted from all of us to read what other women in web 2.0 are writing .

our website silent heroes is doing that now , it's trying to change styerotypes about eachother around the world .

thanks for your great comment , i loved it so much

with love

Claudia's picture

Alia, Thank you for your


Thank you for your response. I completely understand and agree.

Wishing you much success!


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