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woman wants


I would love 2 dedicate this article to my ever loved mom and papa specially to my father who always repents for why he did't made me a science student to whom i owe my life! Papa dis is to say u that i am having a good knowledge of science too.

Anyway coming to my topic, What does acupuncture have to do with weight loss? In an acupuncture practice,

questions like this one are common. You can substitute any number of health related

issues for weight loss, as many people believe acupuncture is simply a pain relief

technique and nothing more. I hope to give you a little insight as to an acupuncturist’s

view of weight loss and more importantly, a perspective of overall health, which is the

essence of a sane life.

First let us start with the basics, such as what exactly acupuncture is. Literally, the

insertion of ultra fine needles into “points” on the body associated with the alleviation of

a given discomfort. The needles are inserted .3 .8 of an inch deep on average and are

retained for 15 20 minutes per session. Now how does acupuncture work? From a

scientific perspective, acupuncture works with the sympathetic nervous system and the

circulatory system along with many other physiological systems to regulate the body in a

given situation (see acupuncture NIH Consensus Statement, 1997 for more detailed

scientific information). Common acupuncture points lie on one of 14 main vessels and

those points on the same vessel are related to each other through a system of

electromagnetic waves known traditionally as “Qi” (pronounced Chee).

By the way one of my aunt is suffering from a common disease called obesity and prefers to go for a walk in the well natured morning with her husband and a little daughter so to lose weight and get back her fitness which i think was more important when she was quite young and was likely to get offers for marriage. She stars with great curiosity but comes back as a looser. I would like to dedicate this to her 2, may be she get some more offers again!

So what does all this mean in relationship to weight loss? I would like to tell u that there is

no magic pill or needle to help lose weight. The most important aspects in any

weight loss program are one’s relationship to food and to themselves. In order for weight

loss to be maintained, it must be based on life changes rather than changes over the next 3

months. Nutrition and exercise will always be a focus, without which there is no healthy

loss of weight. That being said, regular acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas can be

an extremely useful aid in the reduction of food based cravings, as well as a powerful

spark to metabolism and digestion. From a physical perspective, acupuncture can

provide relief from nagging injuries which prevent a person from engaging in regular

exercise. Emotionally, acupuncture is widely used for stress reduction in the form of

depression relief or ease of anxiety. This is an often overlooked aspect of weight loss,

though a major factor in the loss of motivation to attempt an exercise program.

Spiritually, one must have enough love and respect for themselves in order to engage in

change for the better. From an overall health perspective, we see that acupuncture will

affect the entire person, physically, emotionally and spiritually in an effort to achieve

wellness and open the door to personal growth and expansion (or in this case, personal


5 Techniques to Live By

Be Mindful of your eating habits: pay attention to what you eat and where it came from

Exercise for vigor! Your life will change with 30 minutes per day

Have a practitioner or coach to help direct you. Maps are better when they have already been written

Mindful meditation will allow you to stay focused on your goal

Remember a way to make weight loss an exciting experience rather than a struggle

Ask a licensed professional for herbal suggestions.
ONE thing more and apparently more exiting usually for muslims, keep praying salah(nimaz), the most simple and unambigous way to be fresh, unhurted, exited, peaceful, healthy, wonderful and respected. My papa always says me go for nimaz and remember to have a cap over ur head, This shows understanding the true mantra, the real success.




Carri Pence's picture

What an interesting concept.

What an interesting concept. I have used acupuncture many times before. It is amazing and to the fact that it can be used as a remedy for so many different illnesses. I also use it when I am stressed and tired.

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