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My first interesting week

Imagine living in a society where being a woman is a disadvantage, where another gender is preferred to yours and where you might not be given the opportunity to speak or share your ideas when you really want to. That society can be a difficult one to live in. With Web 2.0 there is no limitation ,no marginalization and no fear that your voice will never be heard. Web 2.0 is like a society that serves as a refuge to every woman who never thought their voice would be heard. Web 2.0 helps promote the voice of women and gives women the greatest power one can have. That is the power of information. I am so excited that Web 2.0 will give me the opportunity my grand mothers never had. Web 2.0 brings so much to the global women’s empowerment movement. Have you realized that women feel part of a whole and think of so many brilliant ideas when they are given the opportunity to speak their mind? Web 2.0 is like the United Nations General Assembly because as women gather to share their stories and ideas and find solutions to their problems so it is at the United Nations General Assembly where leaders gather to talk about world issues. I have come to realize that Web 2.0 is like a conference that is for women and dedicated to sharing and finding solutions to problems that affect women globally. Web 2.0 brings confidence ,determination and education all at the same time. These three brings freedom of the mind, freedom from the past, hope for the future which leads to empowerment. When women are given the opportunity to speak out they become empowered and come up with ideas and platform for expanding and solutions.

With Web 2.0, I know I can change the world. I can share my stories globally knowing that people can find hope, inspiration and ideas from my story. With Web 2.0, my dream of making my society and the world better can become a reality. I never thought that a young girl like me from an under-developed society, where violence against women is regarded as traditional could speak my mind about things around me. With Web 2.0 I can express my fears,sorrows,past and always hope for a better future;one that is full of opportunities for women. With web 2.0 I can propose change and solutions knowing that my story is being read by so many inspirational women around the world and knowing I have solutions to most of the worlds problems. With Web 2.0 there are so many new things I can learn and share with so many underprivilege girls in my society who think that all is lost and might never contribute on the world’s stage.Web 2.0 will empower me in all aspect of life. Web 2.0 will open doors to so many opportunities for me. As a girl from a humble background, Web 2.0 is the best platform for expanding and developing ideas and solutions.


Lilith784's picture

Dream big!

I love your enthusiasm, and I am happy you brought it to Pulse Wire. Keep dreaming big and creating your future!

Laura Golakeh's picture

Thanks Andrea. Cant wait to

Thanks Andrea. Cant wait to showcase the plight of young women on my continent.

"Our time has finally come"

Eliana's picture

Thank you for your inspiring

Thank you for your inspiring entry and for letting us be part of your dreams and ideas for the future. I wish you all the best and may all your dreams and wishes come true. Hope to read more about you.
Peace to you


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Hi Laura,

Thanks for sharing your piece. It sounds like you have a lot of energy in you (and the desire) to make change.

I really like how you emphasized on the gathering of women and the momentum and power that comes out of women simply getting together. I totally agree with you. I also like the UN General Assembly comparison.

Too bad there is a 500 word limit. I would have loved to hear more about you making your dreams into reality, as you mentioned in your article.

Keep telling your thoughts and stories and inspire the world.


Tina Mason's picture

Hi Laura! Thank you for your

Hi Laura!

Thank you for your inspiring and impassioned piece, I could feel your excitement about web 2.0 through your words and I think it is exactly this energy that is needed to engage, inspire and transform.

I love the section "...freedom of the mind, freedom from the past, hope for the future..." there is so much strength in your words. I too look forward to hearing more about your personal experiences and wish you all the very best in the great work that you will for sure do.



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