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Web 2.O Connecting and impacting Lives

The most exiting part about Web 2.0, is the connection that it provides, it has created a platform where dialogue can take place where one can speak and be listened to in a larger field, through Web 2.O people can identify other people whom they share passion and life experiences and work together toward a common goal either directly or indirectly.

The greatest impact /solution that Web 2.0 has achieved is to empower the women by providing a platform where they can share out their mind without any judgment, this makes ones dream clearer and one get to believe in themselves,it has also opened many peoples eyes and I have personally become sensitive to my surrounding and I realized and for once I cant give it a blind eye .

Web 2.0 have made me dream again, it have made me believe it’s possible to achieve a better society, not be content with the injustices surrounding me all this is through other women experiences and achievement made possible for me to connect to through Web 2.0 .


Aida Dervishi's picture

Dear Ann, I think you are

Dear Ann,
I think you are highlighting a crucial point and this is that we should believe in ourselves, only then we can achieve success.

Warm Regards,

Ann Gloria's picture

thanks Aida

thanks Aida,i have been thinking what is the cause of the big gap that has existed between the poor and the rich and between the developed and underdeveloped countries or why a woman can choose to stay in a bad marriage where she is being abused and i think its due to low esteem ,if we believe in our self we defiantly make others believe in us ,and that's what is happening in this Web giving us a chance to revive our dreams maybe one that were buried or that which we never thought we could dream or achieve ,it has made us want to take matters in our hand and make the change but first it has started within us

Lilith784's picture


Hi Ann Glora,
I loved reading the Web 2.0 made you dream again, and I also enjoyed reading that you feel empowered to share your thoughts and speak your mind - please keep doing all of that!
All my best,

Ann Gloria's picture

thanks Andrea

thanks very much its such word of encouragement that makes one know that somebody somewhere would be happy if a change was to happen and that they believe in you and share in your dreams ,thanks again

Laura in Portland's picture


Dear Ann,

Thanks for your post. I hope you'll continue to share your thoughts and ideas!


Ann Gloria's picture

Persistence required

thanks Laura ,i will defiantly continue to share my hearts desire but along the way i have learn t that persistence and patience is required of me ,some times it will be easy to share the thought especially when there is a catalyst but to be able to do it when nothing seems right or when you want to draw back to the comfort zone is the sign of victory and change

Christine.Dahl's picture

hope opens us to possibility

Dear Ann, thank you for sharing your insights. I would like to hear more about how you would help women to express themselves without fear of judgment. It's wonderful to read about the re-birth of your hope that you can change how women experience the world. I hope you will keep sharing your ideas.

Ann Gloria's picture

you are the best among million people

how i would help women express themselves without fear of judgment?

wow great question Christine ,the first step toward courage is believing in one self ,believing that you are the best among million people ,knowing that you are not me but you are the way you should be and that you are unique ,with unique thought and idea and inside you you hold great potential to change the world and you can do all that you ever dream of

i might be poor but the potential to change my status lies within me ,if i believe in myself i can make other believe in me ,i can make others see me on a different light .

as a child i was able to convince people of even the wrong things because i had been taught by my mother that i am the best .but as i grew up i started loosing trust on people ,i started seeing my shortcomings ,i started to settle for whatever that come on my way ,i started seeing the difference in the society and how i couldn't reach the top . my esteem got low ,and i lost my dreams .
when my mother was passing away she told me to remember the movies i used to watch at our friends as a child and told me i can be like that small girl on the movie ,i can be all i ever want to be ,i can address anyone if i have the confidence and she told me that's how i should embrace life .unfortunately i forgot about it but am picking up my pieces and if i can then anybody else can be

.have i answered the question ?

Christine.Dahl's picture

To me, we must first judge

To me, we must first judge ourselves to be enough. To really believe that it true. Others may judge us, but if we accept who we are, including our weaknesses and strengths, we can move forward even when we are afraid.

I enjoyed reading about your experiences. You asked if you answered the question - what do you think? Your answer is, in my view, the answer that matters most. Only you know what is in your heart.

Thank you so much for sharing with me! Together we have more strength than any one of us alone.


Ann Gloria's picture

very true

that's true self judging give one a true picture of who we are and we can then choose to work on our weaknesses and maximize our our strength

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