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Since childhood, writing was a mean to express how I felt and what the world is facing, it was through my poems or essays or stories or diary. Though I studied mass communication and journalism in my college, the regular reporting job never excited me. Instead I wrote articles regarding youth, discrimination, inspirational stories for the local newspapers and some magazines. I wanted to do something better, that wouldn’t only be helpful to my job but something that would represent many, that would inspires many.

After knowing about the blog from a friend, I started blogging. But I was unaware of the term web 2.0. Thank you pulse wire, knowing the term web 2.0., has given me the different powerful view that I had never experienced. It just amazes me how the whole world can come together in one place yet living in the different part of the world. I have read 100s of stories in the pulse wire and 1000s of women issues, and that is heard globally via web 2.0. It has shortened the distance between us. When I receive the comments from Ema from Indonesia with the mother’s love for me and when I get inspiration from a girl from Kenya or when I see a man raising voice for women- this is what web 2.0 excites me about!

We have already seen many women on pulse wire whose voices were heard and many have found the helping hands. Our world actually began when human being started communicating. And after being in pulse wire it has made my belief stronger towards the value of communication on how women can be empowered by it. Many people are inspired to do many things in the world but "to be inspired to actually live valuable life is what very much preciously matters and web 2.0 has done the same thing for me and 1000s of other women around the world". Women were aware of what was happening around them yet they were silent but now women are not only aware but are actually fighting against all the obstacles, all the discrimination and putting their hand together to create the bias free world. Through web 2.0 they are not only empowering themselves but with them they are empowering many women around the world together-like I am.

Before pulse wire, I was only reading how many types of women issues there are in the world but now, it has given me the platform to actually know how these women are suffering and how they are biased or how they are sacrificing themselves in the name of culture or religion and it has also made me realize that yes I’m not only raising the voice but with that I’m inspiring many women to fight with their own weaknesses and giving the power to face those issues. It has enabled me to act locally and think globally through the learning and sharing with the greater knowledge!

I am actually being alive in real now!


William62's picture

Being Alive

You write well. ACT LOCALLY AND THINK GLOBALLY is a great phrase... Keep moving!

The importance of developing a global network for women's empowerment is a thought that was generated during my reading of your writing. It is important to be able to use words to inspire others to achieve successful outcomes in their work, no matter where each of you may be living.

Taking action is a step for individuals and groups who have common interests and an urgency to move forward. It would be interesting to learn the types of categories of concerns the hundreds of stories about the thousands of issues divide into.

nilima's picture

hey william thank you so much

hey william

I feel great when i find the inspiring and encouraging response from all of you like this.thank you so much for understanding the depth of my writing. It means a lot to me really!!'s picture

very well written, very good

very well written, very good insights, congrats!

nilima's picture

thank you very much my friend

thank you very much my friend and i am so happy that you all liked it:)

vivian's picture

keep writing

Nice write up, keep writing to stay alive


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

nilima's picture

thank u vivian for your time

thank u vivian for your time to read my post:)

Sarvina's picture


My dear Nilima,

Your writing excites me much and all your words also inspire me as well. Thanks for your wonderful writing!!! Keep it up dear:)



Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

nilima's picture


dear sarvina,

thank you so much and i am so much honored to be your inspiration. thank you so much for your valuable time on my post.

ArtByMia's picture

Wonderfully said

Hello Nilima,

This is so wonderfully said. I truly feel the warmth in your words and can completely relate to your emotions. I have been blessed to have met such wonderful women from all around the world. Where i have been able to advocate locally for women I am now also able to communicate and reach out to women on a global level.

Nilima, thank you for yaur friendship and keep writing!!!
Peace and Light,

nilima's picture

thank u

Dearest mia,

i am so much blessed to have you in my friend's list. And you always inspires me by your words, i also wish u all the best or your exhibition and please keep on informing about this.

thank you so much.

Ruun Abdi's picture

You inspired me

Dear Nilima,

This is wonderful and you really inspired me in your writing especially where you said "Act locally and Think globally". keep it up ma dear.

Warmest regards,

nilima's picture

dear Maria

yes we need to create change from within and then think of the world to change. Thank you for reading my post, it inspires me a lot! and i am so much glad to read that you are inspired, it is what creates the peace in my heart my friend! we all are inspirations to each other!

alia's picture

yes that is what we are

yes that is what we are seeking from this web2.0 to think globally and u r doing that now , this is great my friend Nilima


nilima's picture

dear alia

Oh i am so much blessed and honored to be in pulse wire and to have so many inspiring women in my life. thank you so much or you wonderful comment:)

viochan's picture

Brave Nilima

As I read your post, I am reminded of how difficult it is for so many women to follow their path - yet here you are, staying true to yourself and pursuing what you love most in life: to change the world with your words!
I encourage you to continue writing, in any forum, in any language. Your words are beautiful and positive and they carry with them a great message. It is women like you - strong and determined - who often inspire others through their vision. So keep on writing. Let everyone hear your voice.



nilima's picture

Dear Violeta!

I must admit you are the great human being who understand not only the sorrow inside own heart but the beauty of the other heart too. And i feel great to read such inspiring words which encourage me to write more! When i write i try to put my heart and into it, so with the surfacial touch i try to go deeper!!

Namaste once again from the beautiful city:)

Hi agian,

It is a nicely written piece and I wish all the best with your work in future. Connecting with women who are working to make a difference around them is truly encouraging and it gives people like us tremendous strength to keep up the efforts!

Best wishes,

Iffat Gill

nilima's picture


really happy to know all, thank you too:)

jenchapin's picture

Great post!

Hey nilima,

I really enjoyed your post and have felt it to be one of the most inspiring, engaging and heartfelt posts on WorldPulse so far. You really helped us understand your personal motivation for becoming involved with Web 2.0 and your writing style helped us move along on your journey with you. I agree with you that the best part about Web 2.0 is that you can hear the personal stories from women around the world instead of the news stories and the statistics. It is the personal touch that makes your post also so interesting. I cannot wait to hear more from you!


nilima's picture

hey friend,

I am so much blessed to read all these inspiring comment and i am much more inspired to write more. I visited your profile too and came to know that you know that you speak french. Je parle un peu francais aussi. Merci beaucoup puor votre comment. J'espere que nous allons sont bonnes amies :)

thank u once again:)

Greta's picture

Hello Nilima,

Just know reading your post about Web 2.0, and it is so exciting to see all of your observations, coming to life on this very page, with support from around the globe.

Keep writing, you are on your way to making your valuable contribution!

In Kindness,


nilima's picture

Dear Gretchen

Thank you for your precious time on my post:)

indeed i am much inspired and will continue writing:)

thank u once again

Laurika's picture


A passion we both have in common,writing!

Keeping putting pen to paper!!

nilima's picture

Shall i repeat the same

Shall i repeat the same word!! Exactly :) Dear!! thank u so ,uch for being here:)

Laurika's picture


Always a pleasure being there for you!

nilima's picture



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