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The first time I logged into the World Pulse website, I knew I had found a home, a community I had been wondering if it ever existed, a community where girls and women interact and share issues about their work, culture, challenges, how to cope with these challenges and over all agree that women and girls all over the world have a voice that needs to be heard.
I am truly excited about all the tools in Web 2.0 but the fact that I will be a Citizen Journalist really is interesting to me as I have always longed to write about girls and women issues in Nigeria through our experiences and this training will set a good foundation for me to use the internet, circulate and build a community that I will feel comfortable to interact with.
Web 2.0 contributes immensely to giving girls and women a platform to interact, share experiences and learn from each other ways to build/improve the Global Women’s Empowerment Movement, it has given girls and women a voice where their achievements and challenges are hardly documented for people to read and over all it empowers girls and women with fantastic writing skills which is a powerful tool to create change in any community.
Web 2.0 provides fantastic tools for girls and women to write and circulate stories that represent their voices, who we truly are; Advocates for Positive Change, The Violences that Women and Girls face in our countries, our Achievements, Challenges and how we strategies to support each other through it all and this inturn strengthens the Global Women’s Empowerment Movement. It serves as a platform to mentor young women who are eager to be part of the Global Women’s Empowerment Movement.
Web 2.0 empowers me with skills to create articles of my choice and the feeling of being heard and having a safe space to interact comfortably talking about who I am, my experiences, my ideas without fear knowing I have sisters who understand makes me feel empowered.


Adelma A.Linatoc's picture

WEB 2.0

Hi Emyeyo!

When I saw the World Pulse program I have the same sentiment as yours.Am really interested to join and what i say to myself Wow! it may be the answer to my long wish where i can share my ups and more down experiences and reaching what i am now- a Wounded healer.It is the venue where I can express my views on what women should be upon the wrong and unfairly tag/dictate by the society.What hesitates me at first is that am not that good in english for me to communicate well., but of course in our own native language Filipino a big YES I can.


Emyeyo's picture

Hi Adelma

Hi, luvly to hear from you and good to know we share similar feelings. In Nigeria, girls and women are the least educated and having a group of educated women around that are willing to share their skills to enhance our ability to Roar About Ourselves Loud is fantastic and WorldPulse has given us that platform and the opportunity to do so; I am more than grateful. Though I may not understand your langauge to read it but the most important thing is.....we are able to say it the way we felt in English, Philipino, Spanish, etc and there will be no more criticising, no silencing and no backing down. We move, We change the world and We conquer. Go get it Sister!!!!


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nice one

Emyeyo,this is really nice dear.

Nnenna Urom

Emyeyo's picture


Thanks dear.


Aida Dervishi's picture

Dear Emyeyo, I found your

Dear Emyeyo,
I found your post really inspiring, well structured and right to the point. It's great to hear that you are raising you voice for the women in your country.

Keep up the good job!

Warm regards,

Emyeyo's picture


Hello, I truly appreciate your comment and feel really encouraged. Thank you.


Eliana's picture

Dear Emyeyo I found your

Dear Emyeyo
I found your comment very inspiring to me and I felt just the same when I first entered this community. Thank you!
Peace to you


Emyeyo's picture


I am encouraged by your comment. Have fun learning in this community.


limab's picture

Wonderful Sentiments


Your voice in this post is amazing and incredibly strong. It makes me want to know more about you, your thoughts and ideas and after all, that is what we are all here to do. Your writing is truly inspirational.

Emyeyo's picture

Thank you

Am so humbled by your comment n I hope to get to know you better. Cheers.


Carri Pence's picture

I am so glad you are a part

I am so glad you are a part of this community, where you show a voice that breaths solution and echoes empowerment. Your belief in a better tomorrow through the work of women promoting equality gives us a great sense of the womens movement.

Emyeyo's picture

Thank You.

Thank you so much for your comment. Itz really encouraging.


Your strong beliefs and ability to clearly state your feelings will help to guide young women in your community and around the world. Keep writing your stories and sharing them with your sisters everywhere.

Kathleen Abood

Emyeyo's picture


Thanks for your encouragement.


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