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The popularity and importance of Web and the ways of women's empowerment

From barbarian age, society is now in modern age of science, with the development of science and technology the new word has come into popularity today, which is "web".
The term "web" 2.0 means a new trend where anyone can create information and stories to share globally on the internet. a community can interact, share and create information together online. Web 2.0 puts the power of information in the hands of user just like us.
The most exciteful activities is that web 2.0 puts the power of information in the hands of user just like us.
We can be online at any time due to web 2.0, people without professional journalism training can use the internet to publish, fact- check and to distribute because of empowered by web 2.0 and can become the writer, editor, publisher and distributor too.For example world pulse is one best webside for every one who want to stay and recognise by sharing stories, ideas, article. It is the best way for me too, I can share my story here.

Even the world is dyanmic but the condition of women is still not progressive. There is a saying "there cannot be true democracy unless women's voices are heard, unless women are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their own lives.
But, In every sector even that is decision making, role model etc women are deprived of using their own rights.It has been said that women hold just 17% of global decision making positions of all the world, Only 16% of global new stories focus on women, women hold only 1% of the top position in global media even though world occupy large population of women.. By this we can realize, condition of women.Not only this almost half (48%) of all new stories reinforece for the benefits of men. Only 19% of experts cited in global new stories are women.
In order to increase women's position in different sector now the increasing access to communication technology and new media's like web 2.0 is providing women like us with a historical opportunity to promote our voices,strengthen, collaboration and accelerate the exchange of working models for women's empowerment and global challenges.. A new generation of grass root women leader is emerging online. women can find solution to the forefront of global awareness.It is not just our written voices that make a difference.women get chace to connect with other women and share her vision for social change and for the future, it is powerful. Web 2.0 and citizen journalism provide us with the tools that can help grow and support our visions and connection with others.

Web 2.0 allow to connect, express and transfrom women theirselves as they collaborates across oceans, continents and cultural barriers stories and projects, ones silenced or isolated are now amplify on a global stage. Woman can speak out with women across the golbe to challenge existing ideas or expose under- reported issues in her society.Being women i'm getting chance to write my word, world pulse is there,it is my steap first but one day i can be fully empowered by it. Thus, all this new media including web are the nation building tools, women's awareness generating ways and women empowerment methods by which oneday women can become as equal part as men in the world and in all global areas.


Carri Pence's picture

It is such a wonderful tool

It is such a wonderful tool and we truly are blessed to have the internet. May we all use it to better ourselves.

Warm Regards,

Greta's picture

Greetings from Afar Kalpana!

Each and every day, I realize more and more the power of this medium to open up the lines of communication and unleash a wave of change. The exchange of ideas, access to resources and information, reaching out to connect with others across borders, around the world, it is amazing!

It is one path on the way to a better future for many. We WILL see great change by reaching out to each other.

I enjoyed your writing about the promise of Web 2.0, so keep expressing your thoughts, giving your point of view, expanding your circle of support!

In Kindness,


tallybery's picture

Here is Larissa, part of the

Here is Larissa, part of the listener group. You had pointed out interesting data about women position aroud the world. It is a sad fact that, although we are many, we still don´t occupy that many leading positions. I belive the central idea of you essay is that web 2.0 can empower women to reach for these positions and colaborate in the evolution of our society. I belive that if you had focused on that, your text could be more clear and this idea could had grown stronger. It is important to cut out from the subjects big picture what we have to say about it that we belive no one else could say. Treating the subject in general can make us loose our goal and is something unnecessary, since everybody is familiar with the subject concept. It could have helped if you had gotten deeper on your personal experiences relating to the subjetc. I wish to get to know you better through your writting, making it more personal can induce others to identify with our blogs. I wish you good luck and all the best.

kalpana.bhattaria's picture

I take it positively

Thank you tallybery for your comment with advice.I take it positively,your information made me realise that we have to write morever our own story rather than taking general. I have written about not only my condition but as a whole women situation i describe in it and know pulse wire will empower women to meet women's goal around the world.I am later one when i read your comment i knew i should have focused about my own story too. I was unknow about the requirement of artical mostly our own related stories in every artical because it was my first assignment of week 1.Your comment made me too much awareful. Thank you for giving me shine of consciousness.

Jocelynbrazil's picture


I loved the term 'nation building tools'. You are a passionate writer and you make a great case for Web 2.0! Thank you for your words and for your voice.

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