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For the Boys

For the boys – was a wife and mother’s way of calling her sacrificial offering of her life to the soldiers after she lost her boys – her husband and her sons – to war. In that movie of the same title played by Bette Midler, the woman-wife-mother went from military camp to military camp, from war to war, singing to the boys (the soldiers) in fond memory of her “boys” and in all-out support to the combatants.

Motherhood and womanhood under siege – all because of this monster called power! For what are nations warring for, if not for power? Since the beginning, when the first world super-power, Egypt, was recognized, and until now, with the seventh super-power which is the Anglo-American, wars have been fought to gain, keep, or win power. And yet, ridiculous as it may seem, it’s not “the boys” who go to war who suffer more and longer – before, during, and after every war, but the women. Mothers who spend tearful nights in prayer, waiting for her son to leave for combat, in agony and uncertainty – almost aware she will never ever see her son alive again. Wives, sisters, daughters suffer the same way, and the loss is inexplicable, the damage irreparable. Widowed wives, orphaned children – all because of this endless desire for power – since time immemorial… and we are still counting until now, all the more, in alarmingly increasing statistics! We can’t help asking, what would the world be like if women were allowed to run it? That instead of confining them to tears and prayers during combat, they were allowed to stay at the front lines and decide for humanity what must have been our history, and our appointment with destiny?

Women empowerment, does it exist? Will it sustain? In our double-standard society, we are being bred with the taboo of women conquest anywhere, even in her own place – the home. Almost always, the failure of a home is blamed to the incapacity of the mother and wife – as if she is solely responsible for it. And the only power she can exercise, if any, is the power to endure and to hold on, against all odds. To keep her little kingdom intact – even if the enemy is her very own partner!

For the boys! So the famous movie goes. As if fighting for country is the only demonstration for love of it. As if dying in the battlefield is the only expression of commitment to motherland. As if shedding blood in defense of homeland is the biggest deal of citizenship. And what is for the girls? What are the girls living for, or dying for, that the tribute should be nowhere?

Humanity’s survival is fought less in combat than in its daily course, in the simplicity of the family’s lifestyle. And if in that simplicity the roles of the sources of power and influence is ill-balanced, what does the world expect? For the guns and wheels to be given to the boys for play, while dolls to the girls – where lies the logic of building a well-balanced and sober society? If from his childhood the boy is groomed for the outside world, while the girl is bred for confinement in the place called home – then where is the human race geared to? The world is our home – and that applies to all. Humanity is one big family – and that is the doctrine of all faiths – in cognizance of One Source of all.

Could that we, as human beings, define our roles in humanity, not in terms of gender, but on a sense of mission and vision, that the world is one and its inhabitants – all creations, have each a distinct role to keep the world going round and round, regardless of color or creed, in harmony with the Creator’s heartbeat? Women, our decision is the focal point of all the support we need from our men, and from the whole of humanity. This decision is our faith, our freedom and our commitment not only for our own sake but for the generations yet to come - of women who will have to carry on in sharing the world for what it is and what it should be.


Carri Pence's picture

The meaning of war

Your words hold so much truth, and sadly, the honesty is alarming. It is sad that we lose ourselves to power and hold our selfish needs superior to the needs of humans in general. Thus, since we live this way, war will be a part of everyones life at some point, and sometimes it is their whole life. Furthermore, war is defined through gender roles, making it even more dangerous, due to this. Thanks for your entry, it was beautifully presented though it's voice was truly a sad one.

-Carri Pence

Emie Zozobrado's picture

Thanks, Carri!

Yes, it's sad ... because it's taking us too long, countless wars and irreclaimable damages to realize that we women need to do something to stop the vicious cycle of anger, bitterness and disillusionment. If humanity is being unfair to us women, we could also take a bit of the blame for allowing this trend to go on. But, of course, with women movements rising and venues like Pulsewire we know we are on our way to a better world! All we need to do now is hold our hands tightly across the skies ... the growing awareness and motivation is real amazing!

Emie Zozobrado

Y's picture

Women must stop bearing boys

Women must stop bearing boys to be beasts of burden and murder machines, simply bodies to be targets of bombs.

I was so happy that, by the time I bore a son, the draft in the USA had ended. This still didn't keep my son from feeling betrayed when he found out, at the age of eight, that he'd have to sign up for the draft when he reached 18.


Emie Zozobrado's picture

Hi Yvette!

Good luck to you and your son, and to all sons for that matter ... now that the world is facing an incredibly alarming battle we don't even know how to label it ... which has even eclipsed "terrorism" or "fundamentalism" as we are supposed to understand it. And, with the increasing number of girls making it to the battlefield with pride, for goodness sake, what are we really trying to prove!

You're right, Yvette, we need to stop bearing and breeding sons and daughters for senseless martyrdom. We need them alive, not "unsung heroes" who die for the rest to believe they fought and died for "peace and freedom", because humanity has never and will never ever achieve peace and freedom by killing each other.

Emie Zozobrado

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