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Vivid Connections & ReCreating World Herstory

What excites me most about Web 2.0 is the infinite possibility for connection. Every single one of us has a heart, soul, and story. We are each a piece of the grand puzzle of the universe and when we join our voices together in a sacred connection based on love and respect, what enormous shifts we can create! In the short time that the Internet has been around, we have made quantum leaps toward an infinitely connected future. One day I am sure I will be able to simply say "I'd like to talk to a woman in Siberia about what concerns her," and voila, an image will appear before me and we will be exchanging stories in no time. We each bring special gifts and talents to the world table, and just when we may be feeling more alone or isolated than ever, someone may show up with just what we need; and it will probably be from the most unexpected source!

While it seems that issues or problems present themselves continually, focusing on solutions is extremely important in order to create what it is that we are actually wanting. When we focus on what we do not want, we tend to attract more of that thing, person, or situation. It is only when we take the time to visualize what we want to create and really feel our way through it as though it already exists, that the universe begins to deliver the opportunities and resources to make it happen. Web 2.0 offers us the opportunity to accelerate this process of creation. Women offer the gifts of intuitive wisdom, radical trust, and a great love for creating what we want to have in our world. With so many of us sharing our voices together through Web 2.0, imagine the possibilities of the world we can create!

Social networking, the Internet, and sharing my stories are not new for me, but I feel deep in my heart that World Pulse takes it to a new level of global empowerment of women, and therefore the world. Born and raised on Guam, I am passionate about my home and the world. Right now on Guam, we are facing the U.S.’s largest military buildup in history and many of us are very concerned. I try to write every day to express my feelings and visions, and sometimes write up to 2000 words a day. One day I will publish many books, and travel the world with my stories of all the beautiful creations we are bringing into existence. Being able to reach women all over the world through Web 2.0 means that all my efforts toward world equality, one human race, and local love, may achieve fruition at an unprecedented rate. It is so empowering knowing not only that I have a voice, but also that people all over the world may be able to hear my voice. Limitations are thrown out the window and the beauty of infinite possibility takes over.


Rachael Maddock-Hughes's picture

Very positive and forward

Very positive and forward thinking entry. I look forward to hearing more about the build-up of military in Guam and what people are doing about it!

Kind regards,


"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

Eliana's picture

You are very inspiring. Hope

You are very inspiring. Hope to read more about you. Thank you
Peace to you


rhianr's picture


You passion and personal story is incredibly uplifting, hopeful and sincere. Your writing is a gift


cbenkov's picture

Endless possibilities

I'm inspired by your ambition. And glad to know that this forum is a way for you to share to your stories. You mentioned that you are not new to social networking and the internet -- what other sites have you used and how did you find them?

I look forward to reading more about your unique perspectives.

All the best!

inspiredshell's picture

Hi! Thank you for your

Hi! Thank you for your feedback. I have used many different sites for networking and connections. Facebook is probably the more popular one, that I use to keep in touch with the Guam community, as well as friends and family abroad. I have used Myspace before Facebook became the more mainstream option.

Other sites/forums that I have frequented were Mothering magazines online forum at

and my more cozy Wise Ways of Women forum where women who share similar interests in the law of attraction and spirituality and all things woo woo (love this site for its love and respect that the members show each other) is

I found these sites mostly through word of mouth or a recommendation from a friend. Or just searching for ways to connect with others.

I am loving world pulse because it gives me connection to so many women all around the world that I never would have met otherwise...complete with a space for "seeing" the person (photos) and hearing their stories through journal posts.

With much love & light,


Leslie's picture

Underuse of Herstory

Very rarely have I seen people other than me use the word "herstory," so it's nice to see in your title here, and the rest of us should use it more often. Thank you for sharing your passion in this piece, it's clearly potent.

inspiredshell's picture

I admit that I rarely use the

I admit that I rarely use the word either, which is part of why I wrote it in my that I (and others) could see it and feel it coming out of my mouth, becoming a regular word in vocabulary.

What would be a gender neutral word? Worldstory? =)

With much love & light,


Leslie's picture


Gender neutral would probably be "Ourstory"

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