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My heroes are the “little people” who stood by me, through “thick and thin”, during the rough period of my widowhood. They were my formidable allies during the fight to liberate and empower myself. This was a kind of war without physical opponents. This was a war you must fight so hard to win, otherwise, you will be drowned in a sea of hopelessness, and that would be real dangerous.
Now, let me introduce you to these “little people”. I call them little people because; they were merely infants when our war started. War of survival against all odds.
These little people are my children, who were made fatherless; at the same moment I was made a widow, helpless and abandoned, in 1970, during the war in Nigeria.
This little people transformed into valiant warriors, the moment they read the handwriting on the walls of our fate, as little as they were.
We stuck together. Wherever the wind blew, we will all turn there.
It was not a bed of roses, but we survived it.
Even as kids, they gave me all the support I needed, by listening, and paying attention to their studies.
They saw me struggling doing odd jobs to make ends meet. They did their best by giving me their moral support, without straying.
I never hid anything from them. They found out early enough that Papa was not available; he has been killed. Dead; never to come back to support in any way, except spiritually, and believe me he really did.
I always deliver whatever I could afford at any point in time. I never gave the kids the impression they could have caviar for breakfast, but they never lacked. We were not rich, but we were not wretchedly poor.
They know they were loved, and they loved me back, by working with me, and putting smiles on my face.
I called them my heroes because they kept me in check. Because of their influence in my life, I could not imagine myself dabbling into anything that would jeopardize our setup; anything that would put me away in shame.
A lot of people got ensnared in several criminal activities and ended up in jail. What would my heroes say or do if I am caught up in that mess. I thank the Lord, God for His grace, and for my little people.
Now, you see why they are my heroes. As I was raising them, they were raising me.
Just like this saying goes: “LIKE A TREE, WE SHALL ALL GROW AND BRANCH OUT”, this little people have grown into big people with families and responsibilities of their own, and coping beautifully. I am only a lonely old widow, but I am proud of my heroes.
More detailed story about my heroes will be made available in my Bio, in due course. I will keep you all posted on World Pulse.
So, Mothers, mother, mold and nurture your kids, against all odds, for a better tomorrow.


Carri Pence's picture

I can't wait to read more

I can't wait to read more through your bio. Children, through their purity and innocence, truly are the best medicine for a sad heart. I have worked with so many children and they have helped me in so many ways and I can't even imagine how support feels when it is through your own children. I am so happy that you produced such miracles through motherhood, where you are not only blessed but your children are as well. May every mother feel the love and encouragement from their kids as you did yours.

With love and support,
Carri Pence

My Dear Carri,
Thanks for reading through my journal. Like the above caption, children responds to you reciprocally, no matter their ages.
They will always work with you, so long as you "take them along for the ride".
All they need is the confidence of knowing that "Mum will always be there for us", no matter her situation.
Be ready to give it all up for them. It will pay in the long run. Let them earn your respect, also.
Children can be divinely manipulated through mothering and nurturing, for the good of all.
Even when it hurts real bad, don't make them feel guilty; remember, you are all victims of circumstances, here.
I believe, God made it all possible for us.
We are all in this together, Carri. I will keep you posted.
Stay blessed.
Rose Candy @ GrandmaRose Foundation

Mothering, Molding and Nurturing children

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