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One Candle, Sharing My Light

A custom intuitive painting that I did for a woman, titled "Earth Rhythm & the Dance of Life"

My profile states under the section titled "My Vision for the Future": A world where people enthusiastically move through life, consciously creating and manifesting our dreams with love and respect for ourselves and the world around us.

I would like to expand this vision.

There is a quote by Howard Thurman that says "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." I fully believe in this quote and in my life, I do what I can to stay close to my path of truth, to what makes me come alive. My intuition guides me toward what sparks the flame of passion within my heart and soul, and I trust in the lessons brought to me in each of my life experiences. I see myself as a candle, lit by God/Life force energy/the Universe/etc., and by burning brightly, I am able to share my light with others. One need not dim their own light to let another shine.

As an example of following my intuition, when I first got sent an email that led me to the World Pulse site, more specifically to the Voices of Our Future program, I just knew that this was something I must do. Even though my plate is very full and I try not to overload myself so that I can life a simple life, something urged me to join the program. I have recently started back at school full time, after a 6 year break (and two children later!), and I am doing a lot of reading and writing as it is. I am also planning the 2nd annual Luna Festival here on Guam, that I put together through my small business called Inspired Living. On top of all that, I work part-time in my mother's health food store and somewhere in between all of this I manage to not let my home become too much of a mess, and to keep my children healthy and happy. They are in full-time preschool, which I wish weren't the case, but at this time in my life as a single parent (for the most part), it is necessary. So all of these factors means I am a very busy woman, but I do it all with love and enthusiasm. I am so ALIVE because I look for the everyday magic in my life, and the more I look, the more I find. In my encounters with others, I do my best to release what judgment may come up in me, and to respond from a space of love. I pursue the things I am passionate about, such as writing, art, connecting with others, sharing, and I enjoy the simple bounties of life like mother nature, food, celebration, and rest.

My vision is that we can all tap into our inner guidance system. What our emotions and our intuition is telling us is very important. When we feel down, it is a signal to us that we have veered off of our path, our truth...and we can gently guide ourselves back to feeling empowered. With this vision, we can see more clearly what makes us come alive, and pursue that thing, idea, person, concept, passion, etc. I believe that when we follow our truth (and we all have unique individual and collective truths!), inspiration flows infinitely and we can easily access the flow. We get profound insights, ideas, messages and other clues as to where to go next on our journey. And since we are all interconnected through the strands of life and energy, when we do what makes us come alive, it is contagious and we can watch with curious joy as the whole world comes to life!

Even in our darkest moments, our flame is never entirely extinguished, though it may feel dim at times. In those moments when we feel despair or powerlessness, we can turn to the infinite source of love from which we came. No matter what cold wind blows through our heart, our soul is like one of those "trick candles" people sometimes put on birthday cakes. Just when it seems we are totally burnt out or like our soul has been destroyed or withered away, love creeps in (sometimes against our will!) and our flame springs forth in a new light. We can trust that in these dark times, we can rightfully mourn our losses and when we feel ready, we can choose at any time to deliberately create joy in our lives. The blessings of these dark contrasts are that when we have come back to a feeling of empowerment, we can then share our light with others, and when we see or feel someone who is in distress or experiencing a very dark time in their life, we can empathize, and offer our encouragement and support. Sometimes the quickest way to climb out of our own darkness is to encourage someone else who is experiencing difficulty. It gives us the perspective that we are not alone, and that we can indeed choose joy in any moment, without judgment as to what that joy may look like.

My mission is to follow my intuition in pursuing what makes me come alive, to love with all of my heart, and to empower others by sharing my light. Through my words, actions, feelings, images, creations, art, and stories...I will live and share my truth, hopefully inspiring others to do the same.


jadefrank's picture

Coming alive!

Thank you for sharing your journey to pursuing your inner light! I look forward to reading your Voices of Our Future assignments.

And I love this quote that you have shared,

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

In friendship,

inspiredshell's picture

Thank you!

Aw, thank you for your kind words and feedback beautiful sister! Let your strength be seen in your passions, and feel confident in your choices about what makes you come alive. It is different for each of us!

With love,


With much love & light,


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