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"My Heroes"

Heroes, word somehow means who is endowed with great courage and strength. For what purpose? For every positive activities, dedicating his/her life to others welfare.
After hearing the word hero suddenly remember my own story and my situation now. I began to see world form my imaginative eyes and thanks for creating me.

When i was in my small childhood age my mothers by hearing all words she used to say "third time also my daughter".My fathers said it later to me.The only thought of my mother to say so is due to the immatured society unchangeable society.When i grew up slowly and slowly i heard from my neighbour and my own relatives when they came as guest in my house they said "Oh you have four daughter" It is vey difficult to you, you need to give proper food, clothes shelter education but later they all go to others home" this daughters doesn't work being your son. You will have to suffer a lot in your old age.My own relatives began to say to my mother.When i grew up nearly 14 then i realized how much pain my mothers had to face.When some guest come they don't talk anything except that.Once when i became first in class eight, i became happy and i run towards my home but suddenly my neighbour saw me and asked about my extreme happiness then i said "uncle you know i became first in my result". He said don't be so happy even you are first, nothing will be in your hand you have to go to others house after passing class 10 soon your mothers make you to marry by somebody else and nomore education there. Still i remembered that day. By listening that word i just by making me sound of silence went to my home. All my family members saw me with prize in my hand but i saw nobody because my eyes was full of tears and i was just bowing my head walking towards room. I speak nothing and closed my doors and wept a lot and i asked to god by seeing the photoes of god "Bhagwan(god) why you have given me birth as daughter what can i do. I can't do anything for myself all say so because i am a daughter i have to move others path.I wept a lot. By listening some sound of murmur by mother asked me to open the door. My elder sisters mother and father all requested me.And i opened the door and by my families request i told the reason of not happy even i got prize. My parents told me if you wept like this then who will be hear to give courage. Your both sisters they got married. My daughter don't be worry by listening to others even you are daughter you have to work as son and show to others that even daughters can do well. Just she said and went away by leaving two elder sisters with me.

My elder sisters even they couldn't get proper education they are too much good to satisfy others. There is one saying that people know either by reading or by facing with.Really even my two sister get education up to only eleven and got married they knew evey bodies pain and suffering by their difficulties they face in life.They bless me a lot.

Till this time also i'm existing because of my parents bless, my sisters bless, my younger sisters and my younger brothers love. My elder sisters always encourage me in my every difficult situation by remembering the saying that life is full of opportunities our dream can become realities if we believe in ourselves, If you miss any opportunites before, then don't think of that past opportunities that you miss,don't fill your eyes with tears it will hide another opportunites in front of you.If you made mistakes then don't cry don't be upset by remebering that because mistakes are painful when they happen but years later collection of mistakes will be your experiences which once lead you to success.They consoles me by saying all these writers words.They said you are the only daughter now, your mother began to dream about your future progress except marry.By speaking these word My sister began to encourge me and my mothers too tell me to do well, she once said daughter you have to plant seeds of opportunity daily, you have to do a lot for it you have to plant seeds daily.Then i understood that i should search opportunity because no one is wealthy here to spend lots of money for me to study and then i became happy by seeing the supportive nature of all my family members and i search for it and may be due to my luck today i'm here in AUW for my further studies. Now only dream of me is to accomplish my dream and to do well for whole world women's identification their recognition, their deeds their capabilites. I want to show women's too can if they get opportunites and skill.

Now perhaps eveyone have realised that, who is my heroes? Yes, my parents, sisters as a whole my family members are my heroes because i started my first step of learning from them. My family members are my first teachers before i move steps towards school.They are My great heroes.


Singmila Shimrah's picture

Dear Kalpana I am really

Dear Kalpana

I am really moved with your sharing about your story of being born as a girl.. Never give up!! keep up the good work..u'll make it someday! believe in urself and have faith in u! Do stay in touch.. I am heading a project on 'campaign against sex selection' where many in south Asia try to abort the foetus, if it turns out to be female.. U'll be an inspiration for others.. never give up..all the best!! Singmi

kalpana.bhattaria's picture

Thank you.

I'm too happy to see your comment really you are commenting as my family members, as my own sister and mother "never give up, keep on doing, really ur words are too inspire for me.Thanks for your best wishes Singmila.

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