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My teachers are my heros

My teachers are my heros. There is not only one name. The teachers who taught me in school, college and university – these are my heros. I have deep respect towards my teachers. After I had learned to move legs, I first went to a school holding my mother’s hand. Then she handed it over to the teachers who did not have any blood relation but still put themselves in a responsible position for my future. I have spent about half of my life with my teachers. And it is from them that I have learnt to write, to read, and to think. There is a big hand of my teachers behind whatever I am able to do today or perhaps will be able to do in the future. They have spent most of their lives studying hard, and they work harder after they become teachers to make sure they deliver their knowledge to us as easily and as clearly as possible.

Teacher’s job is not that easy. I have seen my teachers having many sleepless nights checking our test papers thoroughly. You see the students, find their weaknesses and strengths, make syllabus which is both helpful and interesting for them, make them understand the topics in class, get them to involve and participate in class; and if these are still not helping for the students, then you help them after class. It is such a challenging and difficult job. My teachers had done the same to me. Whenever I was confused, they had made them clear to me. How much stupid my ideas would be, they would never underestimate them; instead they would see the positive aspect of it and encourage me to give ideas.

Their presence has always made me feel comfortable to speak out loud, to give ideas, and has encouraged me to go for or against social issues or any issues around me. They have shown me the space where I can stand myself and see any issues or problems or any other thing from different angles. This is mainly because of my teachers that made me wonder and think about life by their shared experiences. That’s why all of my teachers are my heros; I am always impressed by their dedication towards our lives.


Vuyo_Seripe's picture

Viva Teachers! Viva!

Long live the teacher! I always say that teaching should be the highest paying job in the world. Without the teacher, we wouldn't have the highest paid individuals walking around. I look forward to reading more of your work. I'm from South Africa, where most public servants, including teachers, are striking. There are very few teachers, who put their pay rise issues aside and continue to teach. Some would love to carry on but fear intimidation from striking colleagues.

"Where is the what if the what is in why?" Moloko

Deepti's picture


I totally agree with you. Teachers are really the important personnels in this world, but that's really bad that they need to strike in South Africa. Well, there had been similar issues in Nepal too - there was strike from teachers of private schools in order to have permanent job as in the government ones. And when the teachers are in strike, what would be the future of the students? That's terrible!

Andrea Arzaba's picture

I agree...

I agree with your post! But I have to admit that my parents are my heroes as well :)

Deepti's picture

that's fine!

Parents are also our teachers, and sometimes teachers are also our parents. And parents are definitely our heros!

Andrea Arzaba's picture


Great quote!
You are very right ;)

Sarvina's picture

Hi Deepti, Nice to read your

Hi Deepti,

Nice to read your post! Sure teacher is our hero and sometime s/he plays a role to be our parents as well. Like in my country Cambodia, teacher job is hard but low paid job, thus s/he still teaches us because s/he just wants his community, country has many educated people to develop the country. I really thanks to them giving me knowledge!



Sarvina from Cambodia
VOF 2011 Correspondent

Deepti's picture


We should thank our teachers for their presence in this world!

Deepti Bista

nilima's picture


one who come into our life as the teacher and make our life better by enlightening with the education, hats off to all the teachers!!!

nilima's picture


one who come into our life as the teacher and make our life better by enlightening with the education, hats off to all the teachers!!!

Shivalaxmi's picture

Hey Deepti

Dear Deepti,
Nice to meet you in World pulse! I really liked your thoughts about teachers. I feel more connected to your thoughts as we are experiencing same kinda educational environment although you have expressed about all the teachers you met till now!
I totally agree that our teachers are real "heros". Whenever I feel that I am not doing well, I used to talk with my Professors. The way they respond and consider my thoughts was very inspiring. There they raise all my spirits up that no one can make my confidence down.
I still do agree, not just teachers in our lives are "heros", our parents, friends, neighbours, all the ones who can inspire and understand us are our heros. I really appreciate your thoughts and they way you are open to gain different perspectives ( from your reply comments) from the people in world Pulse! Gud Luck deepti!

See you around in our campus!

Shivalaxmi Arumugham
Student of Asian University for Women

Deepti's picture

Hey apu!

Shiva apu,

It's really nice to meet you here. Yes, teachers are heros for me. I know you will understand if I talk about our Access Academy teachers at AUW. I hope professors will also be the same. I really don't have any words to describe how my AA teachers were. Their immense efforts to make sure we understand the reading materials, and their love to make sure we are not home sick were always protecting us. Pooja, UG2 student, had written in the AUW yearbook, "AUW - Home away from home." It indeed is a home because we are under our teachers' care. In the same way, I like to say, "Teachers - parents away from parents." It's a proof that even parents believe in teachers, and let us live so far from them under our teachers' care.

And I too agree or say, must agree with you that parents, friends and neighbours are also our heros. Nonetheless, teachers have different position in my heart, and they are always the great people in the world for me - my 'heros'.

See you apu!

Deepti Bista

Dear Deepti and friends,

Obviously, as it is claimed that the role of Education in our society and it is the most significant and crucial for the development of a country. We can absolutely say that teachers as the most important team members for a vibrant society.

Best regards,
Shwe Wutt Hmon @ Pollen

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Deepti's picture

Yes, I agree with you

Yes, I agree with you Shwe.

Deepti Bista

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