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Hello from Here

Impresive bio Sahar, following your game> I'm from Caracas, Venezuela. My father is a pilot so very early on i had the opportunity to travel and that truly shaped my word vision. I mayored in Mass Media and my only international experiencia are several UN Models especially HNMUN in Boston, Ma 2004 and 2005 representing Japan and India. As Japan on the social humanitarian and cultural committee on the topic of child pornography and prostitution. As India before the Disarmament and International security committee on the topic of nuclear disarmament. The subsecuent years I retreated in an attemp to find myself, what i believed in adn what i wanted to build and walk towards. These roads took me to The starting line of the amazonian forest, a mountain city called Merida, along the coastline of Venezuela to the caribean and eventually Shanghai, China, were I spent 18months studying mandarin. The journey has allowed me the space and time to get in touch with ME and intune with the wisdom that we all, but specially us women have. Recently I have experienced motherhood and natural drugfree childbirth in hands of respective and loving people. This experiencie has concreted some ideas, literally forming them into being, of my mision and a selflessness to quit winning and just go ahead and do. Still I am very much (and hope always to be) a work in progress...

In Lake'ch to all. I am another you.


Airyn Lentija's picture

Hello there :)

It was nice to know you...all of us are a work in progress :) Unlike you i am still on the beginning of my journey to my fruition as a woman.Im still single,young and had less experience but is determined to learn,to help and be the woman that God wants me to be.

I hope to learn more from you and im looking forward to your friendship.:)

Airyn Lentija-Sloan

Sujatha's picture

Hello There

Congratulations on being a mother. That is a wonderful experience as i am the mother of 4 grown up children and infact a grandmother of twin boys. We are all walking through life travelling on the same road although our paths are far and wide. Sri Lanka just emerged from a thrity year conflict between a terrorist group fighting for a separate state and the state armed forces. There is no fear of sudden bomb blasts and suicide attacks but our society needs a permanent solution to the root causes of this struggle. We women have a big role to play in this as we are the mothers whose sons were killed or maimed in this war.
Gods Blessings on all mothers.

D:\My Documents\Sujatha Signature.jpg

lydia's picture


It is great to have you in the VOF classroom--your experiences seem rich and varied. I would be very interested to hear more about your time in Shanghai. I spent several years in China, mostly in Beijing, and was astounded how quickly the country is changing. In just a few years the entire skyline of Beijing seemed to transform into a modern vista. Learning Mandarin was difficult, to say the least, for me!
I look forward to hearing more about your globe trotting experiences over the next few weeks.
(I work with Rachael and Scott on the VOF program--please let us know if you have any questions!)

I am glad to read about one person at least who is a grandmother of twin boys. my daughter just became a mom so I am now officially a grandmother. I am looking forward to teaching my grandson the importance of gender equality. If he learns it from childhood it will not be a strange concept to him in future. He would have imbibed it as a culture and as a way of life. Women still have a long way to go to attain gender equality in my nation so I am looking forward to meeting other women from all over the world who live and work to bring equality in their environments and change the way people live and think.

I am a woman and I am a relevant part of my country and every other place I find myself.

Lara Williams

vivian's picture

Travelling is Adventuous

Welcome to VOF classroom. You seems vast in experince and have travel a lot. Travelling is adventuous and exposes one to so many things.It's one of my hobbies but unfortunately I have not left my country Nigeria. Hope to learn more from you especially in child pornograpy and prostitution as you mention.


''Every woman have a story at every stage of Life''

ola.mahadi's picture

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing your profile and let us know about you i loved how you hope to be a work in progress and i believe i do to i will be around that for sure

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Andrea Arzaba's picture


It seems like a great life :)
I'm happy to meet you!

Saludos desde México!!

olowotee's picture

Such an exciting Platform

Kudos to those behind VOF for creating this platform for women.'s time our voices are heard and acted upon...we ain't gonna sit down and watch any longer....we want to be fully involved in policy making.

Welcome to everyone too....It was nice reading from you dg.Vegas.


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