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Getting used to being here...

... Or Just Getting Used to be heard...

Okay, this is becoming more and more my space to really vent and share my thoughts and opinions. Last time, I've got a very nice comment, and frankly, I must have sounded like a jerk, because it really caught me by surprise. First of all, I know that VOF is a selection process, I'm aware of that. I also know that what everyone can see our posts... I guess I was just not ready to be read so quickly.

I always loved writing... In random pieces of paper and then journals and then blogs. It has this amazing freeing ability. Like that one place where there's no self doubt, no questioning, no voices in your head but your own. Where you can be anything, but most importantly you can truly be yourself. It's like having superpowers. Or being able to fly. (I am aware that is a superpower)

This may sound (or reads?) a little bit controversial but I think we always filter ourselves. It's not a bad thing or conniving thing, it's just... Human. When we are in group we show the side of us that is most relatable. And for me, is when it comes to writing, there is no filter. You can put it out there, whatever it comes to mind. You very own opinions or stories with no fear, you just need that first push.

Having said that, after it's out there I feel unbelievably vulnerable because I do tend to build walls in certain aspects and this post and the coming ones are like this window into my head. I had blogs before, but this is the first time someone I didn't know wrote me back.

A word, to anyone (if anyone) that is reading this. I do tend to write the way that I speak and I speak more or less what comes to my mind. The problem is, I think in about a million things at the same time and not in a good way, so... Now that the fact the people will read those posts is sinking in, I will try to pace myself and make this more comprehensible. For instance, my unrelated thoughts will be in parenthesis italicized.

So, since you all have this inside on my thoughts, it would make it easier for me if I knew a little bit more about you guys. I really want to connect with you guys so, I tried to add a few of you as my friends here, but I don´t really see how we can talk without a forum or messaging, which is really fine, still not the format l'm looking for. Thus, (I like this word, it has a nice sound to it) if you want to talk to me, add me on twitter, and we exchange skype IDs or DM all the time. I do have Facebook and Orkut, but I hardly ever use it anymore. So, if I didn't add you yet, it's not because I'm ignoring you, it just takes a while for me to open those pages.


olutosin's picture

EDIT edit and edit

The problem with us is that we do not edit, I learn how to write on WP, though I studied English, it does not work with news reporting, so what I will advise you to do (an amateur advising another amateur you will say,LOL) is edit, edit and edit, when you edit make sure you are out to counsel all the million thoughts from the news item. Keep your thoughts to yourself but as you write and you are given the specific number of words, you will soon learn how to be stingy with words.

THE YOU WILL LEAVE OUT WHAT IS IRRELEVANT...I usually divert my attention to all sorts of things around, useful or not useful but now I am learning to write within the specified number of words, you will just have to be disciplined, and not to bore your readers, here,, you write the world read, and you will not be there when they are reading.

But do not forget that the most important thing about VOF is the FUN behind it....All the best my darling.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


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I just want to say that I think it is fantastic that you are using Pulse Wire to vent and put out your unfiltered thoughts and ideas - I believe that this is one of the purposes of this community. We need to hear so much more about what other women around the world think and want and dream of, so we can better understand each other. I very much look forward to hearing a lot more from you, and I would be happy to tell you anything about myself that might interest you or make you feel more comfortable connecting here. This is a great place to be daring and speak your mind.
Have a beautiful day,

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Reply to the Replies

I really appreciate your comments! The stereotype of groups of women is that they are catty and try to push each other down, and this place shows there is nothing but support and love!

I wish you all the best,

Natasha Leite

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