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Her Voice is Peaceful: My Mother :)

My Dear Mother

After nine months, nine days and nine minutes, I grabbed my clothes in this earthen world. I heard her warm breathing sound; I felt her warm sweating body. Her maternal affection made me aware of her existence as a very familiar person to me, by touching her warm and gentle embrace, I found myself a small baby of a mother. She took me in her weak and moist arms, but the love and but the love and adore of her warm hands are still enduring in my mind. Two years she fed me with her own weak existence’s sap. She was my first dedicated teacher, who taught me the first lesson of life. She kindly took my small hands and taught me not to creeping anymore on the floor but walking by my feet. She gently took the spoon with love and mercy saying to me, “My dear daughter, eat like this; take the spoon from this side.” She forbade kindly her own sleep when I didn’t sleep. She prayed, crying and needy, in front of God when I was sick. I heard the sound of her crying at midnight saying, “God, please help my dear daughter. Dear Mary, you were also a mother. You can feel me, help me.” Her heart became alight with love when she found me very well in the early morning. Her sweet and grateful words for God and Mary are still full of inspiring and motivational feelings for me. When I left her, I could read her bright face’s sadness and nagging of her fake smile on her lips. However, she is soaring charisma among all my relatives such as, her physical type, her noble morality, and the way she express her intellectual curiosity about anything and with anyone.

For me, my mother is a beautiful angel. She is only about six feet tall and probably her weight is less than 60 KG. She is forty years old, but she looks young and gorgeous like a twenty stunning year’s old girl. She is skinny, white, and has a very attractive physical shape. Her hair is curly with golden brown color to her wrist. She always firms her golden and soft hair with a red flower band. She has a wide forehead with two lines on it that shows her wisdom and age. Her black and arched eyebrows show the exceptional beauty on her face. Her eyes are big and brown, like a cow’s eyes; and we can easily read her expression through her peaceful and kind eyes. The nose has its own striking shape on her golden face. Its shape is like a pen, streamline and thin, so chiseled at the tip. Her lips are pink, which makes her face more gorgeous and stunning. A black spot on the corner of left side on her upper lip makes her face looks impressive just like a sparkly black star in a light day. Her neck is more fair and light because of wearing Hijab to preserve her dignity and from the pollution of environment. She always wears a skirt with shirt and a small veil, which matches the color of her dresses. Furthermore, she wears blue and white color dresses a lot, and she likes black and brown color dresses. However, she looks awesome in black and white dresses because of her fair skin. Therefore, in my perspective my mother is the most stunning person in the world.

My mother has high personal qualities. She is a very smart and honorable person. She is very intelligent and careful, even though she is illiterate. Thus, everyone calls her a dove for her consciousness and awareness. She has a very vast and bright imagination inside, which causes her to think ingeniously about anything. She is a very sensitive person, and we can easily read her kind and merciful heart from her moist eyes. She is a very compassionate person, and we can easily see through her keen manner and loving attitude. She has a very brilliant mind at cooking for different meals and nurturing children, and to give them love with lots of blessing. Even though she doesn’t know how to read, she has a strong ability for guessing. For example, once when we were in the way of my grandfather’s home, and we were in our car. Suddenly, when the ISAF cars crossed the road, so her imaginary mind alighted, and she said with a very confidential voice,” It is written here, not to come near to us, otherwise we will shoot you.” When I waved my eyes to that sign, it was exactly the sentence that my mother had thought. I was amazed by her imagination. Not only this, one day while I became confused about counting of a large amount of money. Therefore, she helped me in counting it better and accurately by her own logical mind not by using of calculator.

Moreover, she is very committed and faithful to everyone. She always talks motivationally and with full mind to everyone and always keeps her promises. She is always smiling, and she never shows her sadness to anyone; even if she has soreness in her heart, she covers it with the beaming of her lips. Her smile makes her face brighter, mainly when the gleaming of her white pearly teeth blossoms like a bowl full of pearl bounded with pink flowers , so it makes her face eye-catching.The most and precious thing that is inside my mother is that she is very supportive and admirable. She convinced my father and my relatives about my coming to AUW. She never scolds us, but she always makes us conscious about our mistakes at a glance. Her voice is full of quietness, peaceful, and inspirational, which makes her personality very generous.

She has very different hobbies and interests than others. She is very interested at cooking of different meals, so she is very creative in cooking of simple but very healthy foods. Furthermore, she is very interested in sewing of clothes for us; she always uses her creative mind and curiosity in making new designs for our dresses. It is her best and wonderful hobby to look after my small sister, who is only two years old. My dear and gentle mother takes her hand in her soft hands and goes to our yard for watching the red and yellow flowers, which were planted by her soft and cute hands three years before. Moreover, she likes to go to my grandfather’s home and stays there with her siblings.

However, her love and amour compels my father to take her to a restaurant, and they eat their favorite food Kabuli Palo, these are my beloved mother’s favorite food and restaurant since they are married in 1985. In addition, she loves to travel around the world, and this is her dream. She wants to see London, Italy, and Makah. As I know that she can’t make it true by herself. Therefore, before coming at AUW, I saw that her beaming eyes became less beaming because of crying. I promised her that I would take her anywhere she wants. That is her last delight, which depends on me to make this vivid and valid dream become true.

I still feel my mother’s warm breathe in each breathe of mine. I feel her soft and moist hands for the first time, when she took me in her arms. Every time I feel her praying with her full spiritual mind to a special way for me. Therefore, she is very special to me from every point, physically, personal qualities and her interests and hobbies. She is very a good looking woman, and she has an excellent manner and behavior with everyone. Moreover, she has a high inquisitiveness at cooking of different meals, nurturing of children, sewing dresses for us, and traveling around the world. She is the most precious gift from God for me. I will maintain this valuable gift, which are her eternal loves and kindnesses with a high dignity forever. She led me how to preserve my dignity by supporting me to pursue my own future at AUW.

Thank you lovely and very kind mother.

Parwana Fayyaz



Carri Pence's picture

The love a daughter has for

The love a daughter has for her mother is the most beautiful love I have ever witnessed. Thanks for illustrating the emotions that you have for your mom, because like you, we all hope to have the same with our mothers. Your beauty, presented through your mother, is a relationship that we all should strive for not only with our family but with everyone. Thanks.

parwana fayyaz's picture

We are women:)

I love her because she is a woman, and I love all women around the world. Thats how my life goes on!!!!

Parwana Fayyaz

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