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Struggles of living with a crowd that never understands your side of life

I have been silenced in many ways in various forms. I felt so tired that I didn't know where to begin and how to solve, but such should not deter me from raising my voice..

Yesterday in my office, I was reading writings about the situation of Kashmir and felt quite disturbed, as the situation is no different from northeast region of India. A colleague asked, "What's happening?” I said the way things have been handled by the government of India is unacceptable. How people are made to suffer mercilessly in the hands of security forces.. I could feel the pain, anger and frustrations of the people as I have lived through all of such in my region as well and it's still happening in my region..Another colleague responded saying, 'If I am anti-India, why am i sitting in the office there. I should go back to my land.' She didn't even know the history how my people and land were captured in the past.. Of course, I wouldn't be sitting there, if they hadn't taken away everything that we had...I was shock with the way how people could be so dogmatic in their way of thinking that voices of dissent from them is anti-India. Of course, i will continue raising voice against the injustice..

I was shocked with the comment from one of so-called 'educated colleague' that says bullet is the best way to stop stone pelters in Kashmir. We can finish them, if we want to, India will do anything to keep them, and UN will not be able to do anything. citing examples of how UN failed. Then, i realized such people will never be able to understand the other side of life- wish they have been on the other side of life too, then only, they'll be able to understand. I tried to explain coding many examples, to my amazement, she said, I have lived in Kashmir for four years and I know the reality. Then, I thought to myself, if she has been there, why would her perspective be so naive? The discussion went on and she seems to know so well of the situation according to her own terms as her family was also part of defence sector in the past in Kashmir. This is the reality today, most of the so called 'mainstream' that has been there in conflict affected regions, be it northeast India or Kashmir has been always from the defence force family or relatives that are not so educated. Therefore, the perspective that is shown to the world has been mostly from their side not on the side of the people that are suffering...

I am a Naga, most of the literature about the Nagas political conflict written in the past have been also from the Indian side because the literature, writings, pamphlets written by Nagas were mostly burnt down till 1990's. I still remember the frequency of Indian armies barging into every house of Nagas in villages and towns.


olutosin's picture

Way Out

Wish there has been other way out too! I feel so sad as I read your post and cannot continue to wonder why a nation so populous and unable to feed all its children will also want to forcefully retain more.......I wish the world would come together to look for lasting solutions to unnecessary killings.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


Singmila Shimrah's picture

Thanks Olu for your concern

Thanks Olu for your concern and understanding..They want to retain northeast India and Kashmir due to rich resources & strategically important international boundaries.

Yes, Olu we have started coming together through Pulsewire to share, understand and raise our voices. It won't be silenced anymore!!

Take care

Juliet's picture

Reading your article brought

Reading your article brought home a truth I have always known...bigots abound everywhere. And wha's especially alarming is when the bigots are in the majority and repackage the truth at every turn. Your colleague is a true example of this.,,,claiimng to know the truth because she lived in the region. I say continue to educate each bigot you come accross and hopefully they'll pass on the learning and someday soon we'll have enough people talking to get a change.

Singmila Shimrah's picture

Yes Juliet, we shall continue

Yes Juliet, we shall continue raising our voice and not be intimidated with what they think is right..our voice will not go in vain and it will not be silenced any longer..

Jensine's picture

Such powerful storytelling and insight.

Thank you for this -
Are you applying for Voices of Our Future award? I see you are a listener...are you considering applying for the award? It would be a joy to read more of your work.

Jensine Larsen
World Pulse

Singmila Shimrah's picture

Dear Jensine Thank you once

Dear Jensine

Thank you once again.. I don't know much about the Voices of Future award.. I am interested in knowing more about it. If it suits me, i'll like to apply..


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