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World Pulse

If you wake in the middle of the evening
you can hear their voices one by one singing
collectively humming
all across the world strumming
on the chords of the moon
we're stepping back into the light
reclaiming the garden
walking around earth dirty and wet
smelling of sandalwood beds and fig incense
strawberry juices on our fingers
berries wild climbing with morning glories
sitting on the porch weaving stories
we fear we will lose unless we recite them
again and again and again
claiming we don't know the difference any more
between lovers and friends
it all seems to blend when you're open
and all of these things, they might be forbidden
all the more reason to be spoken,
because how many stories have we put to bed
because we didn't know how to undress them?
how many poems have just been hung on hooks
behind doors, and never worn again
when just holding them, made us visible?
we seem to be paying interest on life
but we never touch the principle
I'm convinced I was meant to be a fairy in a garden bed
not a robot programmed to do all the same things you can
I can feel my hands resisting the computer these days

wanting the piano instead under my hands
I think I can play so many instruments
if I'd only be given enough time during the day to practice
there are chords I know by heart
that ive never played
and I fear this salary will waste it away

wake in early evening
and you can hear them collectively singing
the pulse of the world, the humming of women
who hear each other across deserts
and from underneath oceans

we're starting to sing to crystal bowl sounds
we're bringing the moon closer to the ground

there are no books we need to burn
but we're diving into the patriarchal library
scavenging invisible existences
for tangible evidence
that we were born from a matriarch
before burned for our wisdom
I’m coming back from history
wearing Joan of Arc’s armor
holding fire like Prometheus
with the earth on my back like Atlas
we’re going to get to the bottom of this
and re-write it.


jadefrank's picture

The electric pulse!

"we’re going to get to the bottom of this and re-write it"

Mei Li - it's a beautiful tribute and so fiercely describes the Pulse I feel daily through women like you.

Thank you for this!


JaniceW's picture

Without words

My heart is so deeply moved by your words. Your hand pens the poetry of a thousand hands. Thank you for spreading your light so brightly throughout PulseWire. It is truly an honour to know you. A deep bow, with respect,

Mei Li's picture

Thank you, to both of you!

Whenever I forget that I love writing...something happens.

I end up sharing something that ignites everyone else. I read Facts of Violence, another poem I posted today, at an open mic tonight. My experience after reading was incredibly validating and lovely.

I ended up talking to a woman I know from the yoga studio (where the open mic is held. I met her when I taught there last year) and she thanked me for reading. She went on to say when she heard something that raw and open being spoken, it made her reconsider why she may hold back with things she writes.

Our voices are all important.
Silenced voices globally have been a commodity for the patriarch. I know patriarch is a loose statement and we can pick that one a part, but I hope you know what I mean.

Just conversing with her...I felt my inner advocate coming out, or maybe it was my inner Pippi Longstocking. I assured her that even her darkest experiences could be written and shared with people and her words could change someone's life. Sometimes all people need to know is that you've been through intense, dark experiences and you are STILL HERE, standing, raising your voice, communicating, sharing, communing. How else do we grow? I believe it is imperative to listen to each other. I love World Pulse...I feel privileged to hear the voices of women around the globe, it strengthens me and empowers me and makes me remember that we all have to value our voices, raise them, re-write the myths that have been taught to us - that is the real revolution - human connection, raw honesty, open eyes, open heart.

Thank YOU for reading and for your words, all of the feedback compels me to keep reading, keep my eyes open, and continue to share because I know I am being listened to and that validation I believe that is what we might live for - just a tiny moment when we translate our experiences into something other people can hold as well. This is the collective pulse, this is what we all must feel - why you feel honoured to read as easily as I feel honoured to be listened to.

With mutual love and gratitude, peace and poetry! Keep listening/reading and keep telling me stories too, I want to hear your voice.

"...our compassion is the practice of unconditioning." Jakusho Kwong Roshi

jap21's picture

Hi Mei Li

Your voice to me, is like the times when you are little and share a piece of candy with a friend. It is awesome and makes you be part of a proud pair. My grandma used to say that girlfriends should eat from the same plate, so they would not fight. When I read you, I feel like I am eating from a single plate with you. And it is always fun.

Proud to become peers!



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Tarija - Bolivia
South America

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