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Hi everybody! Welcome to this beautiful community!

I am more than happy to see this beautiful group! I could not resist the temptation of dropping by to tell you how great the experience of the first Voices of the Future has been last year.

I see there are many new faces in the community and this makes me proud that we are reaching more and more countries to raise our voices louder. I also see some familiar names, acquaintances that have been around for at least a year, who share the beauty of making new friendships around the world with me.

The most exciting thing about the first VOF Program has indeed been the way we have been able to relate to each other as a community, showing off the pride of working together, shaking off our self centered minds to focus in a single goal: raise our voices to let the world know that we exist, that we mean what we say, that we are eager to make women be heard, be opinionated, be equal partners not only in sorrow, but especially in wealth, happiness and goal reaching.

I can only thank World Pulse for giving us all the opportunity to become friends. It is amazing how much I know now about different ways of life around the world, about cities I had no idea existed, about how girls are treated in far away places. It is like I live in these places, through the heartwarming contact with so many correspondents around the world.

So, not to tire you out, I will just say WELCOME! from the bottom of my heart, and may the year ahead be as rich and wonderful for you as it has been for me, or maybe even a lot more!!

Hugs from Tarija The Beautiful, a very small city in the southern border of Bolivia, where people may not be rich in money, but are certainly wealthy in love and laughter.





Rachael Maddock-Hughes's picture

Thank you Jackie

Dear Jackie,

Thank you so much for your warm welcome to the extension of the Voices of Our Future community. Your are one of the first graduates, and your continuing voice and strength are an inspiration to us all.



"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

Eliana's picture

Hello Jackie, thank you for

Hello Jackie,
thank you for your welcome and for sharing your experience with us. You encourage me and surely other future participants and show us how touching and wonderful this experience can be from the human, emotional and social point of view. I am really glad that VOF after the first year is continuing and hope I could be part and share an interesting experience with the future participants. I appreciate the chance to speak out and let women's voices be heard from all over the world and to share and exchange experiences and learn from each other to create a positive climate.
After your experience, Jackie, what are you doing now?
I wish you all the best and hope you can put into action and existance the fruits of your experience in your country or around the world or both.
Greetings from Italy and thank you again for sharing your experience as a whole with all of us.


Women in all parts of the world has great challenges. But women in the Muslim world has tremendous issues to put up with. It is their religion, culture, tradition, rights, legal access and etc.
I am so glad to find VOF that would let the women around the globe to share their un-heard horrified stories.
It is exemplary program that will highlight all women voices from the world to the world to inform their rights, freedom, injustice, legal rights and many more.

Thank you all,


mrbeckbeck's picture

Thank you for being here.

Hello Hassan,

I am excited that you're here to help shine some light into the darkness, revealing the powerful experiences of women in your corner of the world. I look forward to hearing more from you, and learning from you, as we move ahead with the VOF program this year!


Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

gamesamac's picture

Thank you Jackie

Dear Jackie,
It is a pleasure to know that you are welcoming us in this community full of strong women who are full with revealing stories to learn from. I am glad now that I am part of this community for me to grow and to share what I experience being a minority woman in the U.S and despite the struggles there is beauty and strength within me and this community to create a safe environment that will nurture us women to become louder. Thank you for sharing the beautiful story about Bolivia. I am so eager that VOF has giving you and new participants as myself the opportunity to belong to a community where women are the leaders creating space to share those stories that are not heard through other media sources. Thank you much and see you again on line.
Much Peace,
Canta Mujer, Canta!
Gisela MS

Gisela MS

Lotty's picture

VOF is exciting

Hello Jackie,
It is exciting already and the program is yet to start that means a lot more excitement is yet to come.I can't wait to share my experiences with others across the globe. It is really going to be great.

P.O.Box 451, Ofankor
Accra, Ghana

Hi Jackie,
We all think, have feelings,emotions etc but the problem is how to clearly express them.Once you know to do this, then the oppressors, ant women etc could hear and understand the concept behind all these intitiatives aiming to make women acceptable partners in development, love, and life in general.

I cant wait for 15th Septemeber and thanks for welcoming us(new)entrants.

Emyeyo's picture


Hello everyone, am new and looking at the comments of others am sure the programme will be very inspiring.
Hope to learn more from all of you.
Am a young female Nigerian.


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Thank you so much for this

Thank you so much for this greeting - it has certainly made me excited about the program! Thank you for extending your greetings and ideas to us newbies - and I hope we can continue the good work started by you and your colelagues in the first group!

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