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Poverty Hits Women Worst

Everyone is talking about this, but it is one thing to know about it, and another completely different to live with it, or to have lived with it. Poverty, in my view, should not be looked at as "a social happening". Instead, it should be faced as three things: A social and individual disease, a violation of human rights, and violence in its simplest form.

Changing our vision of poverty will be easier now that a lot of work is being done to achieve the millenium goals, but we need to raise awareness about this. Time is running out and we need to begin the work of treating poverty and the poor in a different manner. Feeling just sorry for the poor women will not free them from its chains. Working to give them the chance to cure themselves from the disease, asking the governments to stop the violation of human rights through poverty and campaigning to eradicate violence in our societies (which is the basic poverty) sure will have a direct impact in women's lives.

To cure yourself from the disease of poverty, when you are poor, you must realize you need help, as the first step. Your second step must be to search for new ways of life that include the word CARING. The disease of poverty makes people careless. They stop caring about themselves and their own future, and they begin to accept living in poverty as if they were condemned to do it because they commited some kind of crime. The help can come from friends, family, and/or institutions. Anyone or anything that helps you build confidence in life and yourself again, will be a great help.

When you begin your work to heal from the disease of poverty, you will realize that money, to stay with you, needs to be carefully and well managed. Avoiding poverty is a right that you have, please use it. Get away from poverty, and get away from violence and lack of care.

Watch this video. It explains the situation of many women in the world, and helps us to raise awareness about this terrible situation. We need to be the soldiers against poverty. Each of us can help, through different activities. I invite you to choose yours and make a commitment in your life to be a soldier against this terrible disease.


olutosin's picture

feminization of poverty

Thanks so much for this piece jackie , woMen,'s poverty is a failure of entitlement, failure of ownership of entitlement, failure of production and patriachy and I beg to add that poverty is an
instrument deployed by our selfish leaders to beat us armsdown. Nobody can convince me that it is not intentional, they deliberately keep the masses in perpetual state of want in order to break their ego. Do you remember slaves life people used to live back in olden days?
Ry? there is no much difference, to achieve any major developmental achievement in developing countries the world must sit down in agreement to make eradication of extreme poverty one major goal before we can now talk about the rest, if any meaningful achievement is to be made. Ah what are we talking about? Nobody is serious o and this is a serious issue, poverty is the root of all this evil here, our lleaders had suffered untold harship before they became leaders by crook or by selection, the fear of coming back to live like us made them dug holes in their rooms to bury the national loots. The world can continue to be angry woith our leaders for being corrupt but how many of these people can live the way we live our lives here and now? The world should research should research poverty the way they are researching for the cure of aids/hiv because poverty will kill more people than this dreaded disease for the mere reason that poverty is like octopus. It has many legs and can utilise any direction. Poverty should be a major concern not what to be discussed at a round table conference but at open fields where the burial grounds of bonelike children can be counted in close proximity.this is an important topic that I usuallu like to avoid but today I just want us to get few things straight. There are also gender specific ways poor women slip into extreme poverty, gender specific ways they experience it and there. Are ways we should address poor women's poverty from a rights or causal perspective and the issue of access and control too Thanks friend for your usual concern.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


jap21's picture

Hi Olutosin

You are so right my friend. I also believe that one of the main causes of this disease is the false management of money in the world, diverting money to feed the luxurious lives of people in power, no matter how much they call themselves "advocates against poverty". All over the world the concern and the awareness about this should rise so that these people stop telling us stories about their willingness to help, and start doing the real work against this disease.

How do we prevent government people from lying? First of all, any and and all governments involved in violent attacks, repression or judicial stalking to their opposition, as well as opossitions immersed in "revolutions" which shed the blood of citizens, should be held accountable by international courts.

Oppositions that stalk governments, as well as governments that stalk oppositions, hold the citizens hostages. As said by thinkers of law science a long time ago: "A thief can rob your belongings, but cannot rob your freedom to tell him in his face that what he is doing is wrong and against civilized coexistence".

Much love,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Cara Lopez Lee's picture

Violence & Poverty

Thanks for your wise comment that violence is poverty, Jackie. That will remain in the back of my mind today, as I work on my historical novel about an immigrant family in America. And so you spread ripples in the pond...

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