Community Update

Digital Empowerment Toolkit Now Available!

At World Pulse, we recognize the need for ongoing learning—for you and for your community! Our toolkits aim to provide the resources you need to advance your social change work.

We are excited to introduce our Digital Empowerment Trainers’ Toolkit, a dynamic resource to help you bring the benefits of connecting online to women in your community. Check it out today! »

We're Sharing your Needs with the World!

You may notice some changes around and we're thrilled to unveil our new Homepage design! This is the first of new design phases for the evolution of our site. While not much has changed on PulseWire, we invite you to share your needs with us by emailing your ideas and feature requests to The next few months we will be planning the role-out of innovative changes to make our community platform more easy to navigate, find community members to connect with, dive into discussions, access the resources you need, and share your story with the world.

Also check out our new Magazine page and a brand new feature for World Pulse - our Action Center. This is a place where our audience, especially those from the global north, can dive into the women's movement and take concrete action for change. We will be spotlighting your Resource Exchange items as the #1 way that people can make a difference, so this is a real opportunity to utilize this feature for posting the needs and offers of your organization, initiative or personal project.

If you haven't posted in the Resource Exchange yet, I encourage you to do so! It's a simple and effective way to put your needs out there, or offer your services. You never know who may answer your post! Think of the Resource Exchange as a global bulletin board for the women's movement.

For example... Rhonda has recently launched a women's health center in Nairobi, Kenya. Her organization is just getting off the ground and has lots of needs. One of Rhonda's basic needs is advice! We all could use some seasoned advice from experts on how to be successful in manifesting our dreams. And imagine how many other people around the world work in women's health centers, have experience in starting up a non-profit,have done research in maternal health, or has a working business model to share? Rhonda can create a "Need" in our Resource Exchange for "Women's Health Center Advisors."

The idea that investing in women is the key to ending global poverty, is catching like wildfire. And as a communications platform for this movement, people are coming to World Pulse looking to get involved and invest in grassroots women leaders worldwide, because they know that you hold the key. When they reach our Action Center, and see Rhonda's "Need", there is likely to be someone willing to offer their expertise.

And Rhonda needn't stop there. She could also post a "Need" for supplies - like sanitary napkins or medical instruments. Maybe Rhonda is looking for volunteers to staff her clinic. She can also make a post for that too! Whatever Rhonda's needs are, I suggest that she includes as much information as possible about her center, her mission statement, her goals, and her vision for women's health in her community. She should also update her PulseWire profile to reflect her personal journey that has led her to open a women's health center. The more someone can connect with Rhonda and understand her vision, the more likely they are to support her.

And don't forget to post your offers! Susanna runs an artisan cooperative in Otovalo, Ecuador. She's always looking for fair trade businesses to work with. I recommend she create an "Offer" in the Resource Exchange for "Business Opportunity: Fair-Trade Ecuadorian Pottery by Women Artisans". She's also holding an artisan workshop for visitors to learn the traditional art of weaving. She could post an "Offer" for "Traditional Weaving Workshops in Otovalo, Ecuador."

The possibilities are endless. Become the next spotlight in our Action Center and reach a worldwide network of supporters!


Eliana's picture

Dear Jade, It's a wonderful

Dear Jade,
It's a wonderful idea and helpful for everybody. This concept makes it easier to address needs and offer services.
Thank you for the work you are doing for us to make the site all the time more productive, userfriendly and efficient. Great job you did.


catherine.anite's picture

great job!!

well,well what can i say? this is very commendable work and i salute the whole team for making the efforts of women around the world more visible. Cheers to you all


nilima's picture

well the changes are very

well the changes are very good and looking forward to see more!! the new look is nice!

Eliana's picture

Dear Jade as I already said:

Dear Jade as I already said: thank you for the work you did and are still doing to create and to render this site accessible and effective for all of us.
I found the structure really helpful and the suggestions for more efficiency and a better use of the side really phantastic. As I am very curious I followed the changes you appointed to see and experience them for myself.
The structure and the division on the "Resource Exchange" site are useful and help get orientation on what I am looking for and which main topic I would like to address. I took a look at the main groups "Jobs/internship/volunteer", "Language", "Others" and entered it to see what is new. I found it great that the new entries women post are on the beginning of the page and so they can be seen at once. By getting through the variety of different topics and issues in each category I noticed that some events, competitions, awards, literary, art, poetry events as well as job/internship and volunteer offers are already expired or are dated 2008 and maybe in some cases lost their value of actuality. This takes a lot of space on the site and can be confusing if someone does not look at the date of posting.
What do you think about the idea of deleting all the events (especially in the category "Others") that already took place to create more visibility and be more updated? Would it be possible to put a flag or tag "new" on every new post in each category? What do you think about the idea of putting all issues that are not new any longer but still actual into an Archieve so women can still access them upon interest and request?
These are only mere suggestions that came to my mind yesterday while looking at the new site design to implement userfriendliness of the site. I am not a programmer and use my computer only for working purposes so it is possible that my suggestions can not be put into practice because there is no technical possibility to do so.
If you would need any help in your job, please let me know and I will be pleased to help you.
Thank you;Jade!


jadefrank's picture

Sharing resources more efficiently

Dear Eliana,

I just arrived back into town, so I apologize for not responding to your message earlier. I appreciate your suggestions for how to improve our Resource Exchange to be more user-friendly for our members. Our goal is to connect women through the sharing of resources to collaborate worldwide and accelerate change.

While the recent site re-design focused mostly on the homepage, editorial pages, and the creation of an Action Center, over the next year we will be focusing our efforts on evolving PulseWire to be more user-friendly. And a big part of this will be re-designing our Resource Exchange.

I have noted your wonderful suggestions, and will share these with our Technology team as we begin the next phases of PulseWire re-design. And I invite you to contact me at any time with more suggestions, ideas and questions.

It's wonderful to have your support for our community - you have taken on a leadership role and are guiding many women worldwide to access the information and support they need to realize their dreams. Thank you!

In friendship and gratitude,

Eliana's picture

Dear Jade, Welcome back. I

Dear Jade,

Welcome back. I hope you had a good time and you had some time to enjoy your time out.

thank you for your email. It is great pleasure to read from you. Your words really made me feel happy and proud and I am glad to be able to help other women on the site and make them feel comfortable and at ease.

I know that keeping up this site is a lot of work the inexpert eye, like mine is, does not realize and recognize. And I add that you do a wonderful work and that the site offers good access to everyone. Furthermore Rachael added a guide in which there were instructions on how to use the site. They are easy to understand even for women that are not used to working with the computer. Great job! I was too fast in sending my comment or just sent it when you apported the changes on the site. I have to say it's really well done and offers a wide range of topics and arguments and it's good that you can discover on your own, what your needs are and look for them inside, and sometimes you start at one point and you discover many interesting issues that you were not aware of before. This is surely positive because it creates opportunities to discover the site.

Concerning the translation of the page, as we were talking about before your leaving, I am still interested in working on it. I am aware it will be a step by step process and one step after the other we will manage to succeed in this. I thank you and all the staff behind the site for everything you do to make women connect with each other and first of all a huge THANK YOU 4 CREATING THE SITE and this wonderful common ground. From the networks I have seen, this is by far the best one for me because I feel at ease here and I like the atmosphere and lively exchange with all the women.

So again THANK YOU for all the efforts to set this up and for the work behind it to keep the site updated and going.
And if there will be the project of translation of the site, I would be glad to help you in putting it into action. So you can count on me. Even if you have some documents or other to be translated, don't hesitate and send them to me.

In friendship and gratitude


jadefrank's picture

Dearest Eliana, Thank you for

Dearest Eliana,

Thank you for your kind note. It is notes like these that confirm PulseWire is serving as a platform for women to speak for themselves, connect with each other and share solutions and resources to advance change. However, we have lots of work to do! There is a long list of new features, design changes and updates that we have been anxiously waiting to create. And now we finally have the bandwidth to dive in and tackle these long awaited projects.

At our weekly product development meeting yesterday, we again discussed the urgency for translating the site. It's definitely a priority for us. We will be kicking off the project planning phases for all of PulseWire re-design in October, so likely won't get too far before then, but I'd love to pull you in when we begin our discussions for language localization.

In the meantime, I will take you up on your generous offer for when we need translation help. One thing that you may enjoy, is looking through Voices Rising, and reaching out to members who have posted in another language. Recently a member posted in Arabic, and you ask to work with her to translate her journal to English so more members can read her journal.

In partnership,

Eliana's picture

Dear Jade, thank you for

Dear Jade,

thank you for your reply. I really much appreciate it. Today, when I was taking a walk with my dog in the woods near my home a very funny and to certain aspects strange idea came to my mind: it would be interesting if the women who share the network or the program "Voices of the Future 2010" would all meet someplace in person. Would be curious and interesting to see what would come out of this in person meeting. Such a large group of only women meeting won't surely pass unobserved and would maybe shake the consciences of men at power and make them reflect how many we are and how many voices are part of the chorus. Well, it was just a funny image that came to my mind.

Thank you for the reminder for the Arabic language. I will translate it today or the latest tomorrow. I am sorry for not having it done till now but I did not know she needed a translation. There was an empasse in the communication. I apologize for it.
I will be looking forward to helping you out wherever I can and hope you will succeed and manage to organize the site as you wish. I find it already very interesting, fascinating and worth discovering.

Have a nice and peaceful weekend (if possible) and relax.

In friendship and partnership


IB's picture

A welcomed development

This is a pleasant idea and the changes are commendable. Keep it up and Thanks guys!

zoneziwoh's picture

Excellent Development

It's such an excellent progress to the team. I find it more comprehensive and ease-to-go along. I wonder if I have any
contribution as for it seem ok.
Keep up the good job Jade.

Stay Blessed



Facebook:Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo Wondieh

Twitter | Instagram: @ZoFem

Dy's picture

Loving it

Jade, thanks for all the great work. I love the direction this project is taking and i am honored to be a part of it!


Dy's picture

Loving it

Jade, thanks for all the great work. I love the direction this project is taking and i am honored to be a part of it!


millly's picture

Thanks for the information

Dear Jade,
Thank you very much for the above information,part of it really addressed me.Being a new member,i was wondering where to start or rather what next after introducing myself.You have talked about the need for us to utilise the Resource exchange feature.which is the global bulletin board.Thanks

Princesskay's picture

Glad to be here

Dear Jade,

I am privilege to be a part of this global community and at this time whne chage for better is ongoing.


change is the only inevitable thing

gina's picture

Good work.

Dear jade,

Thanx for the good work done and this is an opportunity to raise our issues we as women. This is the time to show the world that "yes we can".


erica's picture

Happy New Year

Dear Jade,
I wish to call your attention of our commitment to be very involved in the fair trade movement on world pulse as well as to get many more fair trade partners on world pulse

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