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We are still a spell of curfew and strikes since things turned bad in Kashmir. Apart from the killings I wrote about many more died. A woman died as she could not reach a hospital in time. The security forces kept checking the ambulance she was in at various points resulting in loss of precious time. Same was the fate of two unborn babies. They died in the wombs of their mothers as the ambulances could not go unchecked to the hospital. These deaths won’t be counted when the figure of killed crops up in news. There will many more such cases which have gone unreported.

The government imposed such restrictions that local newspapers (we have around 60) could not hit stands for 5 days. Journalists of local, national and international agencies were unable to discharge their duties.

A local journalist working for BBC Urdu Service was beaten by security forces while he was on his way to collect the curfew pass. Apart from other injuries he suffered a fractured arm.

The government has already banned the sms service. Local cable operators have been banned to broadcast news except for 10 minutes every day. This 10 min capsule mostly consists of government handouts now.

As I was wondering how things are going to get any better the cycle repeated itself. Again a little boy was killed and how. He was chased by Police when they were trying to disperse protestors and forcibly thrown into a river resulting in his drowning. A boy of 10 who refused to carry an identity card telling his father “I am just a kid so I am safe they (security forces) won’t hurt me”. Identity cards here in Kashmir are a must. Though they don’t ensure safety but can save one (if you are lucky) from some trouble and harassment.

This is a repetition. A few months back another boy was killed in a similar fashion; though at that time instead of being pushed into water, fear made him jump though he couldn’t swim. But the security forces ensured that he wasn’t rescued.

What happened next was a repetition of the story. Fayaz Ahmad, a 23 year old was killed when police fired on the protesting mourners carrying the body after it was fished out. He had married just a month back. More than 30 persons were injured in the mayhem.

Another guy was been beaten to pulp in another demonstration against the killing and is lying in a critical condition in the hospital.

The valley has been gripped by curfews and restrictions. So many people were beaten on the streets. Just the other day as a security vehicle was hit by a stone in dark in our locality they went on a rampage beating women, children whosoever came in their way? They also broke doors, windows, gasses of many houses. We are under a curfew today too and my mom’s cousin who lives at a small distance from us just called saying that the security forces are beating whosoever they see on the street. A lot of people have been unlucky since morning.

What is most appaliing is that the government does not in any was seem to be aplogetic about its follies and to add insult tro the injury they are repeating the mistake. The so called elected representatives does have the power and inclination to visit the families of dead/injured. They won't dare to . That tells a lot about their situation.

In the meantime more than 1000 youth have been arrested in Srinagar City only. The arrests are at times illegal, meaning they keep the youth locked up without actaully filing a report. This gives them the freedom to do anything with them as the Armed Forces Special Protection Act does not give them enough immunity.

Two brothers in my neighborhood were picked up from their beds in night and when the family and other neighbours went to police they were abused and shown a report which said that the boys were arrested while hurling stones.

What the government is not realising is that they are alienating more people . It is not only these 1000 boys who will be more disillusioned but also their friends, family, relatives. Last time they piccked up minoprs who were forced to sodomise each other scarring them for life and the brutes filmed it on their cellphones. So you see instead of finding a solution the adminstration is hell bent on making it worse and then they know who to blame. The common Kashmiri, it's all his fault.

To all of you I want to ask how you are going to react in such a situation if you witness such an account (in the link) below frequently. Do read


JaniceW's picture

Cycle continues

It seems that the lack of movement in the political dialogue about the status of the disputed territory has been such a source of frustration for the younger generation that the protests are seen as their only means of expressing their despair over talks that have yielded few rewards and remains in deadlock. The unrest has become a cycle where what people are fighting for, as opposed to how they are fighting, is not even acknowledged as a political issue.

I can only imagine the constant anger among the war-weary residents who despair over their lack of prospects. When people don't see a light at the end of the dark tunnel, they will do what they can to express their anguish and until the status of Kashmir is resolved politically, you will always have problems. How long will it be before the stones turn to guns and even more lives are lost in the fight for peace and dignity?

Nusrat Ara's picture

You are spot on Janice. It is

You are spot on Janice. It is such a desperate and hopeless situation . I can't tell you how I have been feeling for the whole day.

It is quite comforting to see you understanding it so well. Thanks a lot.

Lots of love.


olutosin's picture


I am stupefied friend, all I can say is that may God be with you and all the women and children in Kashmir, this is now more than we can carry except God miraculously intervenes, my heart beats like that of a rabbit....How come we cannot feel and think like human being again....why is it that suddenly death turned to ordinary sleep to all there, do they think that someone dead will be awake with just a tap on the shoulder?

It will be dangerous if the citizenry turn against the authority and fight back, and the cycle will continue still....may there be a solution to all these...Please be very careful and stay indoor. May God continue to protect you friend.....and let peace reign in Asia.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


Nusrat Ara's picture

Thanks Olutosin. We have been

Thanks Olutosin. We have been fighting for 60 years, the last two decades have been worst. And I tell you there is no other way than turning against authority. It isn't authority infact but opression. I write so little of what is happening here so you can guess in what a desperate situation we are.



Would you compare the situation in Kashmir with any other world situations; perhaps the crisis in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine? It seems to me that they are parallel situations with the disputed territories and the large numbers of civilians involved in the conflict, as well as the high percentage of children in the populations. Are women treated differently than men as protesters? Are there 'mother's groups' or women's groups that have formed to oppose the violence? Unfortunately, we in Canada do not always get current and objective media articles about many places in the world.

I have included a link to a friend's Facebook photo album. It is a powerful and inspiring photo-essay of different civil disobedience movements, all non-violent. I find it helps me to look at it when I am feeling angry about the injustice in this world.!/album.php?aid=26191&id=100000496309666&ref=mf

Thank you for sharing this story, and I hope that we will hear better news soon.
What can women in other countries do to assist their sisters in Kashmir?

thank you again,
Pax Feminina

blessed be,
Pax Feminina

Peace! Paix! Paz! Shalom! Salaam! Friede! Mir! Heiwa! Aman Malay! Ashtee! Damai!
Ets'a'an Olal! Hau! Iri'ni! K'é! Maluhia! Nabad-Da! Olakamigenoka! Pingan! Shanti! Uxolo!

Nusrat Ara's picture

The situation is getting

The situation is getting worse with each passing day. You are right our situation has many similarities with Palestine? Isreal conflict.

No women protestors are not treated differently. In last two months two died and just yesterday 1 got injured. The toll for the last month has crossed 56. It's just that men form a bulk of processions as many women stay at home for family and kids.

Thanks for the link.



ArtByMia's picture

My prayers for you

I am so sorry to hear that this type of behavior still continues. this is sheer horror, it makes the people mad and then rebellious which stirs up a whole new war.

Stay strong keep reporting and be dafe.

Thank you for sharing.

Nusrat Ara's picture

There seems to be no end in

There seems to be no end in sight. Thanks for the kind words and support.


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