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Name slurring for women

I am sick and tired of women talking shit and berating other women. I always hear the oh so common taunts of "slut" whore" "cunt" or my favorites "fat" and "ugly. Women love to gossip and talk shit about other women. We are trained to do so by our society that wants women to be competitive and undermine each other so that we never form a sisterhood and overthrow the patriarchy's power. In other words, constantly using these terms makes women sound stupid and petty. So here is a short list of commonly used slander terms and why they do not work.

Slut- This term is commonly used to demean a woman that is not liked. The term is supposed to hit home because it is saying that the woman is sexually loose and promiscuous. What it shows about the person saying it is that they disapprove of women being sexually free and having guilt free consequence free sex. So basically, people who shout slut are abstinence only education pushing Republicans, or really unaware democrats. Do not use this slur if you want to sound any older or educated than a 15 year old high schooler.

Whore- Technically this term is used for a woman who gets paid to perform sexual favors, but it is also used as a variation of "slut". You sound just as stupid saying it, especially if you mean it as "slut" which means that the women are not getting paid for their sexual promiscuity. It is usually used to be a tad more insulting than slut but either way the intent is the same, trying to make someone you do not like feel like a piece of shit. Not nice and not effective, whore calling only begets more whore calling.

Fat- Probably my favorite. Comes in various names and forms, but basically it serves the purpose of making the person being called aware of the fact that their body is not acceptable. Again, the person saying ti sounds more like an idiot because they buy into that whole "skinny is the only way to go" mantra. I went off about people making statements and generally being assholes about weight here but let me reiterate that no one has the right to judge another's body, and if you do , you are an asshole to the 8th degree!

Ugly - This one actually makes me laugh when people say it because beauty is a matter of opinion, and when people call someone else ugly, they really show how ugly they are on the inside!

Cunt- The alpha and omega of insults hurled at women. It is a derogatory term for vagina, basically connoting some type of dirtiness or lack of sanitation. I mean what better way to insult a woman than by claiming her vagina is dirty? But this insult also shows the mentality of most people which is A. women are nothing more than a vagina B. women have to keep said vagina squeaky lemony clean all the time

All these insults for women really show how sexist and even misogynistic our society can be. I mean these insults are meant not to simply just insult, but to demean and destroy self confidence. I cannot even think of one male intended slur that does even close to the same thing


Carri Pence's picture

I feel like so many women

I feel like so many women find their self saying these horrific terms on an individual level where they don't see the damage they are causing to women as a whole. How do you see these terms affecting society?

lebescoa's picture

I see it in the way women

I see it in the way women dismiss each other. Like her opinion does not matter, shes ugly or shes fat or shes a slut. Like if we go by the textbook defintiion of slut, than were all sluts if weve had sex or even kissed more than one guy. Women can be as sexual as thye want and thats ok. We do not need to answer for our sexuality. we only damage ourselves when we act like its unsavory for a woman to have an active sex life that she enjoys. sex is a normal human behavior, not this elusive on a pedestal action only reserved for certain people. the name calling has got to stop, when women bicker against each other they never band together and take on the issues!

millly's picture

name calling has to stop

Its true that name calling belittles someone,its insulting and shuts down conversation.How will we create a peaceful enviroment if we dont respect others by guarding our tongue!

lebescoa's picture

I think it is the easiest way

I think it is the easiest way for people to defend themselves that do not have aything intelligent to say and are defending sexist or oppressive ideals!

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