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She totally roped him in!

Let me say first and foremost, this article might get graphic. I mean my blog is pretty in your face to begin with, but this one is going to be a little more so. If you live in the United States you have probably been hit with the news over and over again about the sexist, racist, classist, anti-Semitic dick wad that is Mel Gibson. I am not sure of all the facts, but apparently he supposedly verbally threatened and physically abused his girlfriend/mother of his child. Oh yeah, he also dropped the N bomb a couple times. has all of the details here. Needless to say, this guy is a major asshole. I was driving to work today, semi-awake as I always am before coffee and food, and I was listening to the radio. Well this lady was on the radio commenting on the whole Mel Gibson and his girlfriend drama. The radio hosts to their credit were taking the stand of Mel being a completely abusive deranged jerk. This lady however, felt that his girlfriend deserved the treatment since she "probably got knocked up to trap him anyway". That statement right there pretty much sums up the anti-feminist movement folks. No matter what, women are in the wrong because we must have done something wrong if we are not happy with our lives. Let me start out by offering a solution to this apparently epidemic levels of women who "trick" guys by getting pregnant. Men, WEAR A FUCKING CONDOM! That is right, instead of saying she lied or she did not take her pill today, or whatever excuse you use, wear a condom every single time you have sex. This way, you do not have to worry about her getting pregnant (as long as the condom is used properly and does not break) and you can reduce your chance of STDs and STIs. (Which of course she will have a variety of since she is such a "slut" as to trick a good honest man into being a father!) I mean fatherhood must be so scary and elusive to men that they have to be tricked into it! I have to call my father at work right now and ask him if he is still bitter at me because he was only conned into being a father. I guess he got conned too when he took me fishing, to the park, read bedtime stories to me, gave me advice, and helped me with my school projects. Not only is the "he got tricked into fatherhood" line an insult to women, it is an insult to men who CHOOSE to be fathers and enjoy it (Hi Dad!). But the heart of this line is inherently even more sexist. It basically says that a woman has to trick a man into being a father so that he will then be obligated to marry her, move in with her, and support her financially. We have all heard of "shotgun weddings". (You know, because when the baby is born it will only be a toy baby doll if you are not married, but then it turns into a real human once you have that ring and piece of paper!) So basically, women have to "rope-a-dope" men into fatherhood and commitment, and to top of the cake they need to be financially dependent on men too. Do I doubt that some women have done this? No, some women probably have done this. Especially in a system that tells them they are only good for looking physically attractive and staying home and popping out babies. When women are not given any options to be anything else, what are they supposed to do? But I would wager that most women who have unintended pregnancies, really did have them unintended. I mean if you are not using any birth control, it is only a matter of time before you get pregnant. Even if you are using birth control, you might fall into that 1% that can still get pregnant even if it is being used correctly. But perhaps what was most deserving about what this woman who called into the radio station said is that somehow, this woman deserved to be physically, mentally, and emotionally abused. NO ONE DESERVES ABUSE OF ANY KIND! Say that ten times again so you know just how true it is! No one asks for it, or provokes it, or seeks it out. Woman and children that are abused are suffering daily. To say that anyone deserves it just shows how totally backwards and out of touch society is with abuse victims. Instead of trying to help this poor woman who sounds like she went through hell, we try to demean her and tear her down. Surely she must be in the wrong if she is making these accusations against a guy who is such a good Christian and movie star right? Bullshit. I love lethal weapon just as much as anybody else, but Mel Gibson is a racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, patriarchal douche bag! This woman is the victim and it is high time we start pointing the finger at the abuser!


Carri Pence's picture

Before I state anything I

Before I state anything I have boycotted Mel Gibson since the Passion of the Christ. Where my dad is a minister for a Christian church and studied Christianity, for his whole life, and stated that this movie completely misrepresented Jesus and the whole story was flawed. Furthermore, it promoted an anti semitic view. Sorry for that rant...but I feel that Mel Gibson, represents the deranged views on women that both women and men have even though it is not completely visible in our society. I think most find it easier to blame women because they are more vulnerable than men. Many women seem to be always quick to point their finger and state that another is a gold digger. But to me it is important to have a relationship that you are completely supported for, which is emotionally, physically, mentally, and even financially. You probably have even had a friend that was cheated on and the friend blames the girl, who was not in the relationship, rather than her boyfriend. Thus, I am so happy that you stated that not all women are feminist and for some reason feel the need to blame women before men. We'll see this time and time again. I have posted some links for you to see the disturbing view that women have on women issues. Please comment on them because I am interested in what you and others think.

about Mel Gibson and not being blamed...

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Thanks for your post and the

Thanks for your post and the links! I wish I could say that these things surprise me, but they truly do not. Rape victim blaming is all too common. We live in a society that blatantly breeds rapists, and then we attack and scurtinize the VICTIM and not the rapist. It is disgusting and repulsive that someone who has been raped has to go through the legal system and deal with a society that basically says they were asking for it. If you are interested in re-defining concepts of rape and female sexuality, you should check out Full disclosure, I blog there but it a pretty amazing site and blog. Also, women bashing women is not surprising when those same women have been raised in a patriarchal society that deems that they have to be competitive with other women and to tear them down at any costs. A woman who has been raped is one less owman they have to compete with in their eyes. Sick stuff really.

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