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Money, Money, Money - Part V - Our World View

This little discussion about our world view of events leads us full circle back to where we started. The Law of Attraction states that what we focus on we attract to ourselves. So far we have created a world that "fights" disease and governments, "wars" on terrorism and drugs, and is "anti" on one thing or another. It reminds me of what Mother Teresa said one time: if you have an anti-war rally don't call me. If you have a Peace Rally, I'll be there. OK, not exactly accurate but you get the point,right?

How we view world events creates more - adds energy into - that perception thus creating more of that type of event. If we focus on the "bad" things that happen, we add our energy into that and create more bad things. If we focus our energy on positive things and events, we create more of that.

For example, if we focus on the wonderful work that "Mother Africa" is doing with her Rafiki Club and motorcycle health care, we can, just by focusing on that work and that woman and being grateful for what all she is doing, support her in attracting the help she needs. In addition, because we are focusing on good and putting our energy in that direction we, too, will attract good to our selves by acknowledging and being grateful for the good things she is doing. Win-Win for all of us. We all feel good!

By the same example, I read a book recently by a lovely young woman who is on a "mission" to bring the warlords (note the word itself) in Afghanistan to justice.By putting all of her focus and passion on the negative, horrible things these people did in the past and judging these people as terrible, she is actually adding energy to both the people and the acts. If you bring the past into the present, what you get in the future is more of the past by Law of Attraction. By the end of the book, she was isolated and surrounded by body guards and receiving threats. Lose-Lose for all. Who feels good?

Throughout this little series, I have mentioned the DVD "The Secret" and its creator Rhonda Byrne.In fact, I have quoted her on occasion. This is another of those occasions: "Good is underneath every single thing that appears to be negative. If we can know that good is all there is, including in a negative situation, then we will see a negative situation transform into all good. Most people keep the good away from themselves because they label something as bad, and then, of course, that becomes their reality. But there is no bad in the Universe; it is just our inability to see things clearly from the bigger perspective. Peace comes from knowing that good is all that exists.:" In other words, "everything is a non-issue until someone decides otherwise." (TUT)

Exercise: But what about all the poverty, murdering, killing, rape and such that goes on everywhere, everyday? Where is the good in that? You have read this series about the Law of Attraction. I would like to you answer that for yourselves now.

True Story: My husband was adamantly against the former US President of eight years.In his negative perception of this man and his administration, my husband got on his computer every single day many times to "search and complain" and talk very negatively about this person. I kept telling my husband he was just contributing to that president's actions and power. He didn't believe me. Then he started learning about the Law of Attraction and realized what he had been doing. Now my husband just focuses his attention and energy on the person that he wants to win elections and not the person that he wants to lose.

It has been my most sincere pleasure to present this information to you and to read your comments. I hear you and I value each and every one of you. Thank you so much for this privilege of exploring this Law of Attraction with you.



Carri Pence's picture

Once again, Thanks. It is so

Once again, Thanks. It is so important that you are a visual teacher giving us direct links to make our lives better and more fruitful. Furthermore, it shows the importance of world pulse which placed importance on the pros and not the antis.

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