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Life is not fair at all!

Two sperms and two ova fuse to form two embryos. The structures of these embryos are similar, but they have a slight difference in their genetic materials. Life starts with unfairness between these two little embryos, instead of the fact that the process of the formation is the same. The unfairness between these begins with a tiny little gene which continues, and grows further to more and more unfairness in life. Till the development of the embryos to fetuses, we can find lots of differences. One fetus gets delicious and enough food, perhaps sometimes the excess food. On the other hand, other fetus does not get even enough food; it is starved. They come out to this world which is polluted with unfairness after struggling in different ways. There is difference in their appearance too; one is very fat and healthy which is very difficult to carry, and the other is too small which can be held on a palm. You see, how unfair it is that the compositions were same, but there lies a big difference. The question is: what lies beneath the unfairness??
I see two groups of people having thoughts in this matter. One group of people say that it’s up to people; if people are satisfied with their life, they are happy; and they do not see any unfairness. The other group sees discrimination and unfairness everywhere. The first group of people contains those who can get their desires fulfilled without being asked. And the other group includes the people who work hard and do not get the fruits from the work or get what they want. The fat and healthy fetus lies in the category which says that we should find satisfaction within ourselves. The other small fetus goes in the category which sees unfairness everywhere in life. The fat fetus had got good care and food; this signifies that this particular fetus will get similar care in the future. It has not tackled many problems, and life is fair for it. However, being habituated to be starved from the mother’s womb, the small fetus’s future will also be spent with starved stomach. How can life be fair with this fetus?
Why the fetus actually did not get the same food? The spontaneous answer is poverty of their parents; the root of unfairness is poverty. It is unfair that rich are being richer and richer, and poor are getting poorer and poorer every day. Why does this happen? It’s because rich buy powers, and rule over poor sucking their sweat and blood. The more the poor work hard the more the rich become richer. For example, rich people establish a factory, and hire some poor; if poor work hard, the rich will be richer. And they do not give the poor more money. There is another bitter truth that taxes are for the poor, and bribes for the governments are for the rich. Yes, from here, the pan balance of life becomes more tilted towards the rich side. And again, the more the poor try hard, the more the pan balance is tilted towards the rich side because poor are losing and loosing, and rich are gaining and gaining.
This way, life can never be fair and equal to all. There is much discrimination in this planet which we should bear during the course of our life.


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Dear friend, I love this write up, this world cannot stop amazing me, it is the same everywhere......can you see.....The more the poor work hard the more the rich become richer. For example, rich people establish a factory, and hire some poor; if poor work hard, the rich will be richer. And they do not give the poor more money. someone should just answer the question, and when you talk, they say you are lazy, you are parochial, you should look for someone to borrow you brain!

How I wish the whole world can read our journals on world pulse

How i wish our journals can change the whole world

How I wish we can make dramatic impact and impart on people through this medium.

I love this girl...I love this!

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


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It is true that the world

It is true that the world isn't fair, but those who exemplify themselves as humans can treat each other with fairness.What I mean as human is those who exemplify responsible, committed compassion for all on earth.


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