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A new friendship

I want to share what joining the World Pulse community has meant to me. Even though I only joined in June I have already connected with Betty, a phenomenal woman in Uganda. When I read her post about her vision for 'Teen Empowerment Uganda' I knew instantly that I had to contact her. Everything I read was what I have been saying myself about teenagers here in the UK.

It felt completely natural to arrange a skype call ... and when we spoke it felt like we'd known each other for a very long time. Isn't it just so wonderful that wherever we are from in the world, and whatever our cultural differences, we are all still women who have so much in common.

I so admire Betty's courage in taking the leap to make her vision a reality in the world ..... I learned a lot from her during our conversation. I've also found a way forward for myself ... by supporting Teen Empowerment Uganda (TEU) in whatever ways I can. I believe whatever model we create for educating and supporting Ugandan teenagers to find empowerment and self-esteem can be used just as effectively here in the UK .... and is needed just as much.

The aspect of TEU that moved me the most is the level of ignorance about menstruation and the lack of sanitary supplies for the young girls. All of this conspires to interfere with their self-esteem, their education and so their choices in life. Something so basic, and so easily solved, cannot be tolerated and I hope to harness my network in the UK to support TEU's work in this area.

We're both very excited about working together and are completely open to whatever feels right as we take this forward. In the meantime we're going to have fun getting to know each other more and bouncing ideas backwards and forwards across the globe. Will we meet in person? I certainly hope so .... but if not we can still make a difference together.

I want to say THANKYOU to team World Pulse for having the vision to create this amazing opportunity for women everywhere to connect with such ease.


olutosin's picture


Thanks for this post, if we count our blessings here on by one, we will surely see that the Lord is good to us here. Jensine and her team has created a huge world for us here, someone said online is different from real life and I said NO, if you ask Ma Starland and myself, Ma Natalie and me, Busayo and Amy, etc they will all say that World pulse has given birth to many children in our lives. It has given us the platform to be who we want to touch who we love to touch and to work towards a better world.....
Thank you so much for this post, for remembering us

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


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The Power of the Pulse

Dearest Lynn,

What a joy it was to read your journal this morning. In fact, we read it aloud in the World Pulse office today and celebrated in your connection with Betty and the birth of a beautiful partnership between two incredible women in Uganda and the UK.

This is why PulseWire was created - not only so women could speak for themselves, but for women like you and Betty to connect across oceans. To make friendships, partnerships and collaborate for change. To bring together women, who wouldn't normally have had the opportunity to meet, and share skills, ideas and experiences and empower themselves and their communities.

And we know it's happening... but we don't often get to hear about it. So to read your journal this morning put a big smile on my face as I pictured you and Betty chatting on Skype, like two long-lost sisters - destined to meet, share a friendship and work together to empower teens in your communities. It's a beautiful thing!

Of course we are all at the edge of our seats in anticipation, so please keep us updated. I encourage you to use your journal to share with us in your journey, so that other women in our community can learn with you and Betty as you travel this path in partnership. We are here to help celebrate in your achievements, act as a sound board to bounce ideas off of and offer solutions, to learn from your work and replicate your model in our own communities, and to support your project with resources.

In friendship and solidarity,

Online Community Manager
World Pulse

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reply to comment

Hi Jade,

Thank you so much for your supportive words ..... I hoped my post would inspire others and it looks like it has. I'll certainly use my journal to record our journey together. Also to draw on the phenomenal experience and wisdom of the World Pulse community.

With love,


Lynne Healy

Betty Kagoro's picture

Thanks Pulsewire!

Hi Lynne,
That's a wonderful post you put up there! I'm so thrilled to connect with you too! You are an amazing woman and I know we have alot to learn and share! I'm sorry I have not been able to send you the information as I had promised. The twin bombs that rocked Kampala killing 74 innocent young people was a big scare for all of us. It's so hard to believe that young people especially girls in their teens and early 20's could die in such a gruesome manner! I agree with jade that women and children suffer most even if they have nothing to do with war! May their souls rest in Peace!

This and many other forms of abuse is what drives me to work with teens! We need to work hard and groom a violence free generation! A generation that respects and appreciates the gift of life no matter their diverse beliefs or ideologies. Through our various programs and interventions we can make this happen. This is partly what TEU is all about. To empower young through positive character development programs!

I'm glad to have connected with Lynne through pulsewire! What a great way to meet like-minded people! I can tell that we'll have a lot to share and do for the teens in Uganda and the UK. That's what networking is all about!
Once again, I'm grateful to meet you Lynne. Let's continue working to empower teens for lifelong success!

peace and love


We see harassment in many forms. This is multi-faceted. The poor, women and children, youth, minorities, media-personnel, politicians, those victimized by wars and conflicts and our living habitat is being constantly abused, which are easily evidenced.
When this abuse is being inflicted daily, why are we Sri Lankans merely its’ helpless onlookers? Though the first bold steps to be taken to rectify the situation must be taken by us, this effort at best is seen lacking.
Towards its eradication, it is high time we citizens stood up as a wall to fight such injustice. To safeguard fundamental rights and to ward off violence should become the prioritized necessacity.
What we plea, is to join us in protest in a non violent campaign. The most powerful network to bring about real change in our society is to approach this desired goal with an honest, ambitious, non violent value system.
Say no to violence – Respect life, reflects a society committed to non - vehemence. It helps to build self confidence and self esteem. Compassion should arise within you!
The purpose is to thwart the arising of all forms of this violence from within each individual, simply by over riding it with thoughts of loving kindness.
To prove your non-violence, opportunities abound!
Your pledge towards justice, deference, patience, respect for one another, respect for another’s opinion, respect for life itself, exemplifies such commitment.
Please make time to think of those victimized and undergo violence!
Workshops, seminars and conferences themed on non-violence, should spearhead elucidating and educating the masses.
Such change to be brought about can only be thru togetherness. With discussion and peaceful co-existence, lets us focus on resolving all social conflicts that prevail. Thus, let us commit ourselves!
Let all social organizations, trade unions, religious organizations, women’s organizations, youth and children’s organizations the business community pledge to eradicate violence from the face of this earth.
Let us be committed towards a multi-racial, multi-ethnic society. Let us understand the diversity which prevails such a social structure. The very richness of such diversity!
By taking progressive steps and understanding, let us build a harmonious society.
Say no to violence – Respect life

Shanthi Amarasekara.
Sri Lanka

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Thank you so much for sharing the story of that connection! It leaves me inspired and uplifted, particularly because it reminds me how many of us around the world have common ground working for shared ideals, ie: teen empowerment. Whatever the topic matter it makes so much sense to share techniques, to brainstorm and to cross the boundary of culture to come out with a much richer and more comprehensive model. I am so glad you immediately reached out to connect via skype. It inspires me to do the same! Good luck in all your endeavors.
With love,



je suis heureuse de lire votre article; mon souhait est de patager avec vous les idées

neema weza

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