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Selling Women's Crafts through Home Parties

I am so glad that I found this site. What a great idea! I work with an organization called Rising International. Rising uses the same model as Tupperware and Avon, the home party, to sell crafts made by women around the world. We work in 24 countries on 5 continents. The home party offers us the opportunity to educate guests about the realities of life in so many developing countries.

We operate almost entirely on volunteers and provide an income opportunity to low income women in the US to start their own Rising businesses as Rising Representatives, the people who set up the parties, lead the discussion groups and sell the products. They earn 20% of gross sales.

Our group uses a living wage calculator to determine the profit for each artisan. On average, our artisans improve their income by 300%. Some of the countries we have craft programs in are Sudan, Chad, Rwanda, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan,Cambodia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Columbia and Malaysia.



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Janet Diamond

Hi Janet! I'm glad you found this site as well. It sounds like you have much to share with our community. Thank you especially for sharing the compensation schema used by your organization. Is using a living wage calculator to determine pay a common practice in the industry? Have you run into any challenges with your system of pricing and compensation? I'd love to hear more!

As a non-profit, our motivation is to create the best income for the artisans as possible. But since circumstances are different is every poor country, what works for one may not for another. Early on we found that many artisans, when they didn't have a connection to a developed nation, would under-price their goods because they had no idea what we pay for things. They could not imagine anyone paying $50 for a necklace of $90 for a scarf; in some places that is survival income for a month or two. On the other hand you have to be careful about making someone rich because this will throw the local economy off balance (most poverty is in small rural communities), create jealousy and even crime, especially since these are women.

So here's how it works. We ask them to tell us what it will cost to house, feed, and clothe their families. Then we ask them to estimate the cost of yearly medical checkups, immunizations, and school for their children. In most countries education is not free, and many have chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS. They may also be subject to reoccurring illnesses such as malaria. Their children are most likely malnourished so they are very vulnerable to disease and disability. It is very complex which is why we use a formula and why it varies from place to place, even within a country.


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Hi Janet Diamond,
Glade to learn of your interest in empowering and improving the welbeing of artisans around the world.We are a fair trade not for profit org. based in Cameroon.Our producers produce exquisite and unique handcrafts from local materials.
Since much income cannot be got from the home market we and seeking your services to enable us export our handcrafts in the USA markets through your programmes.
You can please find our handcrafts products at,

Our products are of high quality and you will find them good for the USA market ..

We look forward to working with you.
Best regards

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Crafts from Cameroon

Hi Erica,
Thank you for showing me your product line. We are always looking for new groups to work with. I have a few questions.
How many of your artisans are women?
What positions do they hold in the organization?
Are any of the products made exclusively by women?
There are several items with no price, two items that look like clay containers. What are they made of and what is their costs?
Do you have wholesale prices?
Can you turn around an order quickly even if it is for 100 of one product?

Rising likes to order one or two products from a new vendor initially. We test it at a few home parties and listen to feedback and count sales. Then we offer feedback to the artisans. After that we may order larger quantities and expand the product line. So, let's continue to correspond.

janet to learn our vision and strategies. While the site is still under construction. Many of the pages are complete.


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wholesale prices

Hi Janet Diamond,
I am pleased to learn you went through our product line and your interest to know more about our organisaion and the role women play.

How many of your artisans are women?

75 percent of our producers are women.You can check our flickr photo album and click on Global journey and you will be pleased to find our women producer groups,during the World Fair Trade Global Journey Celebrations in Cameroon.

What positions do they hold in the organization?
Our women groups are being led by women in their various communities.We support the women in their various communities to prepare their Memorandum and Articles of Association as well as supervise their elections into post of responsibilities in their organisation.All women associations are being managed by the women themselves who are elected by their producer members.
I am the CEO of NDOPCRAFT a man led organisation.Women can be elected into any post if they are qualified

Are any of the products made exclusively by women?
YES.Products produced exclusively by women include Calabash rattles,Baskets,Table mats,Dolls and clay pots,drums and clay articles.

There are several items with no price, two items that look like clay containers. What are they made of and what is their costs?
I will send the wholesale prices for the items with no prices.
TEMP 002 , A clay pot DRUM.

These Drum pots are made out of clay at our production centre in Bamessing and its done by women.The clay pot drums are being used to produce good musical sound for choirs in churches and for other festivities.

The wholesale price is 20usd each.The price cover packaging and at export Douala.

Do you have wholesale prices?
Yes we do.

Can you turn around an order quickly even if it is for 100 of one product?
Yes we can.

I hope this information meets your inquiry and i look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Hi Janet Diamond,
I am pleased to inform you, i visited the website and found it very interesting ,especially concerning the work you are doing to alleviate poverty in developing countries through fair trade.

Here are our special wholesale prices .

Calabash rattles women exclusive products

Art No 1121 Calabash rattle tree seed D.12cm , Price 2.0usd
Art NO 1122 Calabash Rattle D.18cm Price 3.0usd
Art No 1123 .Calabash rattle bamboo cutting mix beads medium , Price 1.4usd
Art No 1124 Calabash rattle raphia nut mix beads medium , Price 1.4usd
Art No 1125 Calabash rattle job tears medium , Price 1.4usd
NDOPCRAFT calabash rattle mix beads sm Price 1.2usd
IMG_1772 calabash rattle tree seed 10cm price 1.8usd
IMG_1769 calabash rattle job tears small price 1.2usd

Baskets women exclusive products

Art No 2101 Bafut Basket with blue colour price 3.0usd
Art NO 2102 Bafut Basket coloured Price 3.0usd
Art No 2103 Bafut basket cloured price 3.0usd
Art No 2104 mankon basket colured price 3.0usd
Art No 2105 bafut basket natural with strings set 3 price 6.0usd
Art No 2106 Guzang basket set price 8.0usd
Art No 2107 Bafut basket price 3.0usd
Art No 2108 basfut basket price 3.0usd
Art No 2109 basfut basket price 3.2usd
Art NO 2110 price 3.0usd
Art No 2111 price 3.0usd
Art No 2114 straw bowl coloured d.26cm-h.7cm , Price 7.5usd

Art No 2115 straw basket with handle coloured D.27cm-h.7cm Price 7.5usd

Art No 2116 Straw basket with handle colored D.26cm-H.7cm , Price 7.5usd

Bowls 002 stray bowl colured price 7.5usd
Art No 2117 straw bowl coloured D.26cm-h7cm , Price 7.5usd
Art No 2118 Nsei Laundry Basket Black and white set of 2 D.49cm- 48 , Price 25.0usd

Art No 2120 Laundry Basket small Black and white D.44cm-H.44cm Price 16.5usd
Art No 2119Nsei laundry basket d.52-H.32cmsingle, price 8.5usd
Art No 2121 Nsei Laundry Basket coloured set of 2 D.49-H.44cm Price 25usd
IMG_1628 Nsei Laundry basket black and white single 8.5usd
Diverse 006 Nsei laundry basket black -white 8.5usd
Diverse 005 Nsei laundry basket colured 8.5usd
IMG_1633 bafut basket with cover coloured 20usd
IMG_1640 bafut laundry basket coloured 20usd
IMG_1641bafut laundry basket naturel 20usd
IMG_1642bafut laundry basket small 15.5usd

Laundry Basket 007 cow design set of 2 25usd

Janet please we will be pleased to hear from as regards our wholesale price list.We look forward to hearing from you.I will be grateful should you have further questions.Thanks for your commitment.

Best regards

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Hppy New Year

Hi Janet,
Happy New to you and your entire staff.Its been long and i hope you doing fine as the new year begins.We are grateful to inform you our women groups have developed new products that will go a long way to make a great difference in their lives.
We will please need to have your email to send our latest products made only by our women groups.

We look forward to working with you.


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Bark Cloth

Has anyone of you seen bark cloth. Bark cloth was the first cloth worn by the Baganda in Uganda. Today its used for various crafts including wall hangings with paintings. If anyone is interested I can sell to you. Bark cloth is from a tree bark.

Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

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