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Football Fever


Having been a cricket fan all my life, I hardly ever watch football. I've never understood the game nor have I ever taken any interest in its culture. But in the past few days, I've been sitting with my colleagues and my dad and I've discovered things about football that I never cared to know.

First take the players. They're the most skilled sportsmen I have ever seen. And I say that with a heavy heart because, truly, my loyalty lies with cricket. But some of these guys take your breath away with the way they're so smooth and tactful with that ball. It looks like ice-skating or ballet sometimes, with how gracefully and swiftly they move at times. Its like a dance, only more complicated. but they've got you hooked with every move they make. They don't let you shift your eye from the game because you look away for one second and you might miss the best game there ever was. Their co-ordination and synchronisation reminds you of an Orchestra.

Then there's their coach. They're so involved in the game. Their dedication is an amazement to watch. The joy when a player scores a goal is beyond words! They all pile onto one another in absolute ecstacy and excitement and you think there's no better moment in their lives. The agony on their faces when their team isn't doing as well makes you cringe. They're part of the team and if they could, they would be on the field in a heart beat.

And best of all are the fans. Never before have I seen such a devoted crowd that worshipped the game and its players. With every goal they're up in their seat, cheering as if their life depended on it. The tears of joy touch your heart. Even though I've seen crazy fans at cricket matches, this is unlike anything I've ever seen. Tense moments have their eyes shut and their hands joined in prayer. They are just as much a part of the game as the players and it's quite a sight to see their excitement and pain.

Its a game unlike any other. I've taken a certain liking to the game only because its a game of skill and expertise. Its an intense 90 minutes and keeps you entertained throughout. So even though cricket is still (for now) at the top of my list, Football closely follows.


Carri Pence's picture

I love all the excitement

I love all the excitement about the world cup. It is great to see the international community celebrating their country or the country they feel most connected with.

nishita's picture

you're a football fan?

you're a football fan?

pooza11's picture

I have never been a fan but i

I have never been a fan but i am loving this world cup.Its really nice to talk abt football in Pulsewire.


nishita's picture

yeah, me neither. but its

yeah, me neither. but its crazy how it is so infectious and exciting.

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