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Domestic violence and sex abuse by the male partners

Dated : 20/06/2010

she is married for the second time as the first marriage is annulled due to the reasons of her husband and his lunatic behavior and sex vulnerability caused due to his negligent attitude and the father in law was taking the opportunity of the absence of her husband during day time and she was forced to have intercourse with him at the witness of her mother-in-law.

Can you imagine the mental agony and the stress caused to a woman of 22 years old who went to the matrimonial home with a expectation of emotional security and life assurance? she was crying and telling her husband on the every day event of sex molestation of his father at the witness of his mother. He never believed his wife and words and when the son comes back home in the evening the parents were telling number of allegations on this girl and one day she left the home and attempted for suicide on the railway track behind her matrimonial house. The passerby and the unknown strangers prevented her suicide and brought back to the home.
Marriage is a contract under the Indian constitution and the every one of the married women have absolute right to claim for an independent matrimonial home but the economic dependency of the parents on their children, copercenership of property rights are some of the obvious reasons for continuing with the joint family system and causing such abusive situations to the innocent married women in this country.

She refused for the forced intercourse with her father-in-law and both the parent -in-laws physically abused and assaulted her and damaged her vegina which was the extreme condition of perpetration she underwent at the cost of marriage and she found no place in her maternal home or nobody could help this innocent woman to come out of the sufferings sex abuses and other types of moral, emotional and intellectual abuses and hence she has decided to commit suicide.

Domestic violence is one such grave violence and attacks on women and home is considered to be the highly secured place is not a place for her security and the matrimonial relatives are not at all the emotional partners to any woman in this country. it is obvious that a married woman is sexually harassed by the parents in-laws and the close relatives of her husband support the perpetrators than the victim woman.
When she went to lodge a complaint to the Police station she was further insulted and forced to continue to live in the same house and she has taken a daring step to go to the court of law seeking divorce from her husband as he never cared for the innocent young wife and her physical security against the sex abuse of his father and the perpetrations of his parents.

It is pathetic that the second husband since then the marriage was verbally abusing her for the first marriage and her bitter experiences and started beating her and abusing her in various different forms and she is now totally incapable of fighting against the violence and perpetrations on her. This time also the parents neglected their interest against her and now she is home less and searching for a shelter for her physical security .

There is a legislature enacted to secure the women and victims of domestic violence and she could not find any legal or civil remedy for her sake and she says “no” for any man in her life. She is slowly recovering from the mental trauma and agony which she was undergoing due to the matrimonial violence, sense of insecurity and lack of mutual interest of her spouses in both the cases.
Since matrimonial violence is an eventuality with in four walls and women are helpless in this condition.


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Domestic violence and sexual

Domestic violence and sexual violence slowly but surely kills the girl from within side. Even if they don't make the physical commitment of suicide they still remain dead when these acts are going on. To survive is difficult where they abuse breaks the victim down on a physiological and physical level. Though this victim is a survivor, there needs to be support from both the institution of family and government, so the survivor can actually survive.

Thank you dear sharing your views on the subject for which I am voicing for. Actually the government has less interested in giving supports to the domestic violence victims the policies are more on political reachout of the ruling parties then women welfare and womenjustice. The government machinery is also highly correptive and for every programme sahre of benifits the victims and the common public should spend a lot of money to get the same. This is the case with the legal setpup and the courts and hence the women are not interested in availing the services or the beniftis given to them. Again the benifits are given to the party oriented persons and not to every one of the victims of any sort and hence there is a gap between the victims and the governments in this issue.
The second one is related to the family supports. Here performing the marraige to a daughter or sister is an expensive affiar rather the women are cheated by the maternal family on the land and property rights of the women by way of accounting the expenses and extavagunza on the marriages of theri daughters and sisters . So that a married woman has less emtional share in the maternal home after her marriage. She is almost a stranger to the maternal home and how one can expect an emotional support from the maternal home during her period of cisis? This is ther reality with the women in distress and she is helpless whether she is a rich or poor or educated or illiterate or employed or unemployed. It makes no difference in her status. Therefore it is she who has to raise up and fight for her rights and strickout a balance between her emotions and rights. This is the only way to win over the crisi and lead a stable life under the sky.

Mrs.Bagirathi Ramanathan

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It is sad but I believe so

It is sad but I believe so many governments do place importance on domestic violence. I read an article yesterday that stated that police in Nashville, Tennessee placed priority on traffic tickets before domestic violence cases.

Concerning the family, it is sad that the connections stays strong with only the sons family, leading a tradition that focuses importance on the male. Furthermore, it shows that males always have a home and a place that they feel that they belong. Women, on the other hand, are homeless as soon as she breaks away from her family.

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