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Introducing myself and my journal: WellnessDaily

About Me:
I am a registered nursing assistant, a wellness consultant, a photographer, a house painter, sometimes waitress, but my passion is educating people about how to keep the greatest gift we have...the gift of health. As a wellness consultant, I can offer education and hope. My vision includes wiping out MRSA infections with the use of acid water, colloidal silver (internally) and essential oil cleaners, and leading a team of people around the world, who would mentor others, especially those who need something to believe keep them going in life and health. Please call me to help people and become a wellness consultant.

My Passions:
Health & Wellness education, Stamping out MRSA

My Challenges:
Spreading the word to "Abolish the 5 Second Rule", gathering my team to promote wellness and charity

My Vision for the Future:
A world free of MRSA and Aids, with preventative wellness information for all people, and my foundation which will mentor young people in need.

My Areas of Expertise:
Keeping the body healthy, and being an angel for those in need


pooza11's picture

Hello I am thrilled to

I am thrilled to welcome you in this global community “World Pulse” where all the women from all the corners of the globe meet and exchange their emotions, feelings, thoughts and hearts. And, I am sure you will simply love making new online friends and exchanges stories. If you have any difficulty exploring this site, then please feel free to ask. If you have any doubt regarding anything, then we do have different sections and groups where you can just post it and people will respond to it. This way, you will get your answer and will be able to make friends as well.
I hope you will take advantage of all the resources and opportunities provided by world pulse. I am looking forward to hearing more from you. Keep writing stories; keep raising you voice, Keep making new wonderful friends. Your stories, your voice can make a huge difference

Love and Peace

pooza11's picture

Hey. Looking forward to hear

Hey. Looking forward to hear some healthy tips..u can call it slimming tips. i actually need it.

Waiting for the response


wwgrace's picture

Slimming and healthy eating.

There is so much to cover. I may need to ask some questions, would that be ok? What you eat and drink affects every cell in your body. If you eat toxic food, your cells may not be able to clear the toxins, unless you hydrate the cells effectively. So pure water is one of the best things you can do for your you have a good source of pure water? Not bottled water...but purified water with minerals. Most tap water has clorine to kill bacteria, and the clorine is not good for us. Eating lots of green and colored vegetables is the best way to fill our bellies, with a good lean protein source for our brain and muscles to use. The Japanese have it down...a protein source like tofu, in a stir-fry with a healthy oil and vegetables. When I go to a restaurant, I try to order a salad with chicken, or soup with chicken, or a combination of vegetables and meat, eating the rice last. At home, I serve a salad before most meals, as it fills the stomach a bit before the meat and vegetables. We do eat pasta, but I am trying some whole wheat sources of carbohydrates to help my digestive system. What kind of food do you normally eat? What country do you live in and what is your most plentiful protein source?

The best way to start a diet, is by cleansing the colon and intestines. If you do not have a product like Nikken Cleanse, eating a lot of fibre/fresh vegetables would be the next best thing. When I lost weight, I cut out most carbohydrates for a few weeks, and increased my exercise routine. My body needs protein often, so I always have nuts nearby, so my blood sugar levels do not drop too low.
I also try to swim a few times per week, and we have started evening walks now that it is getting warmer. I live in Washington state, USA, so it rains a lot. Do you exercise?
Good luck and Cheers to your health! wwgrace

Wendy Grace
Wellness Daily

pooza11's picture


I never expected u will tell me abt this in detail. I really appreciate it. Thank you so so so much.
The problem is i just cannot go for green vegetables and drink water.
U wont believe, but i only drink one small glass of water in a day.This sounds amazing but this is true.Here in nepal,the weather is scorching that i do not want to walk also.the sun absorbs all the energy.
and i simply love rice.. Is rice the cause of obese? exercise......i m the laziest person in the world and cant even think of exercise............................I am so grateful to you that you are helping me and showing concern toward my health.
Hey my skin is also so oily and had acme . can u tell me how to get rid of it. i simply hate this, But it never gonna leave me.due to it, there are scars,marks left in my face.i know one of the reason for this is lack of water. But how to prevent this now.
I just hope you help me out with this..
Love and hugs

wwgrace's picture

Skin is your largest organ

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ in your body? All of your organs need water, so you are right that your skin needs more water. Do you have clean water available? I purify my water even though our tap water is supposed to be clean. I am checking to see if the water machine is available in Nepal. The water tastes so much better, that you want to drink more. What else do you drink? What else besides rice do you eat? In America, then new research shows that brown rice is much healthier than white rice. Here is what I found:

Now having a cup of plain, boiled white rice (a 186 g cup, to be precise), will add about 242 calories to your daily calorie intake. Now with a little simple math, you'll know for sure exactly how much your white rice bowl weighs, in grams as well as in calories. Also while accounting for your white rice calories, it is also important to add all the extra calories that come from adding curd or anything else to your white rice.

So seemingly white rice doesn't score too high low-calorie food characteristic, and you will surely find a better lower-calorie substitute if you're on a weight loss diet.

But then again, calories only tell one side of the story. Just telling you the number of calories your bowl of white rice has would be doing its positive points injustice. What positives am I talking about? Well for starters, white rice is fairly low on saturated fats-the aforementioned 186 g cup adds only about 0.1 g of saturated fat. The polyunsaturated and monounsaturated components too add only about 0.1 g of fat each. Moreover, boiled white rice has no cholesterol and no sodium, which is again a very important argument in favor of white rice. Thirdly, it also contains a healthy 4.4 g of proteins.

But the most telling nutrient in white rice is, you guessed it, carbohydrates, which contributes the highest amount of calories in white rice. The 186 g cup adds about 53.2 g of carbohydrates to your daily intake, of which 0.6 g comes under the dietary fiber category. White rice also stands to add quite a lot of iron to your daily diet (up to 15% of required daily intake) depending on the type of rice you're eating

One the flipside again, white rice has no vitamins to talk about and no other nutrients either for that matter. But some countries have this law where the producers of polished white rice have to compulsorily enrich the rice with the vitamins to make it healthier.

These white rice nutrition facts can be contrasted with those of brown rice, which have a significantly higher amount of fiber, Vitamin B1 and B3 and magnesium. end of internet stuff...

back to me...I can always find lots of information on health on the internet.

So eating just rice, could be the reason that you feel no energy to get moving. Here is my typical day and typical eating for a day:

I drink one glass of water upon rising. I drink only 1 cup of coffee, with a natural sugar substitute, and a little non-fat milk, then bran cereal with non-fat milk (bran flakes has lots of fibre which is good for your digestive system. I work a physical job (painting big houses, or taking photographs of people), so I need food every 3 I pack a lunch with wheat bread sandwiches, made with turkey or ham slices, a lettuce leaf and maybe a tomato slice. I drink water all day long when working. At home I eat a meal that has some carbohydrates (potatoes or rice or pasta), some meat (chicken, beef mostly), a fresh vegetable steamed (or stir-fried in olive oil) and a glass of red wine or beer. I try not to eat any more before bed, except maybe a yoghurt. When I start to get a little chubby, I cut down on the pasta and beer! When I go out to eat, I try to eat fish, because I do not cook it enough at home.
The better your nutrition and water intake, the better your skin will be. Some people do have more oil in their skin, but it keeps them younger looking....what is your age? Do you work outside the home? Do you live with other family members? Cheers to your health! Wendy

Wendy Grace
Wellness Daily

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