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speedy justice for women

Dear friends
Do you know how many women are not able to access to the law and justice on account of the barriers caused to them? Do you know how many years a woman need to wait at the corridors of the courts for getting justice in this land? Do you how much she has to spend over the legal counsels and court staff to get a detail on her case filed with the court?
The women are not allowed to express themselves or even represent to the different forum for seeking justice besides the natural courts and the women who dare to step into the courts seeking justice need to face direct and indirect threats and damages on them from the opposite parties and they are not able to walk free after filing a case or suit to establish their civil rights in the courts of this country.
Women and their rights on properties, marriages and what not are purely the civil matters and subject of rights and security of women in any country and why there is no suitable law to protect their interest and rights over the properties in any country?
Women owned properties are empowered by men and the original owner is not allowed to empower and take independent decisions over her properties. Especially the women in India inherit maternal properties and the husband or the male partner becomes the owner of the property and the original owner say the woman has no right over the same to pledge or sell or even enjoy the property during her life time and she is kept away from the property and related issues during her life time and after her death or during her life time her inherited and absolute right property has been alienated or encumbered for the sake of educating the son or marriage of the daughter or sister of the husband.
When she opens any issue on the said property she is sexually harassed or physically or emotionally or mentally harassed and coerced to relinquish her rights over the property towards her son or husband or brothers or some time to the strangers against the family debts created on her property.
The mental health affects due to the atrocities on her for the sake of property leads the woman even to attempt or commit suicide and take hasty decisions leaving her matrimonial home.
Every day and every household issue is the atrocities on women for the sake of grabbing her material interest and properties of movable or immovable in nature.
She is denied the opportunity of physically receiving the consideration money over the sale of any materials or movable or immovable worth and the money is paid to the male partners of the family by the buyer. This comment I make from my own family experience with my sister whose property was alienated at her prolonged mental illness and psychiatry medical treatment caused due to head and brain injury and the said consideration money was further transferred through the friends of her husband for the sake of dormant and unknown investments out side the state.
The advocate counsels of both sides were on collusions acts and attitude in delaying the justice and depriving the opportunity for appeals of suits and the coparceners of the property are also affected with untold
Sufferings. The prolonged court procedures, corruption and unethical practices are some of the major blockades and barriers for women in getting speedy justice in this country.
can we get justice within our life time or after? who will answer for our cry?

Mrs.Bgirathi Ramanathan


Bagirathi Ramanathan's picture

cry of a old woman

Women are more compassionate and emotional in nature and this quality of feminine makes the women to transfer their rights over their properties and here is the cry of a old woman. She is 80 years now and living with her only daughter and she has been deceived by her diseased daughter in-law and living grand daughters. This is the story of several years back say 20 years the only son died due to heart attack on one forenoon and she was totally put out and turned her compassion on her widow daughter in-law and her minor girl children. She was coerced and brainwashed by their relatives of the daughter-in-law and the poor lady and her only daughter were forced to relinquish their rights over the self acquired property of her husband at a condition that the old lady will be taken care by the daughter-in-law and her grand children as a compensation to this given property and she can very well enjoy the property without vacating the premises till her death and spend the old age at her house property. Unfortunately the words of the daughter in -law was not maintained and she inurn executed this property for her girl children and died due to some chronic disease. The unfortunate old woman has lost both the son and the daughter in-law at a stroke and the grand daughters made her to vacate the premises and sent her to her only daughter for rest of the life.
None of the possessors are maintained the words to the poor old lady and now that after a long years of shelter she has been asked to vacate the daughter's home and she wants her livelihood and old age care from the rich and moneyed grand daughters and she is now on the streets begging for the old age care and livelihood possibilities.
The Indian civil law allows a certain period of time to make claims on property which are sold or transferred to another person and she is totally kept in blind to access the law after the disappointments over their property and at least the present owners should give this original owner of the property with compassion and they have even denied the communication with this poor lady.

The women solidarity has taken the matter to make a family conference for the sake of the old lady to get justice from her own grand children to give an assurance for the last days care for her at her own property premises.

See dears, the emotion and the compassion of this old lady towards her own late son and his wards never gave her any assured life security or livelihood possibilities and everybody failed to maintain the given word to her. This is the ground reality of any woman with properties in this land.
Mrs.Bagirathi Ramanathan

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