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A Grand Mother


Hundreds of creases on her face cannot destroy the beauty of her smile. The white hair on her head cannot prove that she is old and losing the virtues. Though she is in her seventies, she is still raising her granddaughter to be a brave and determined person. I defined her as a grandmother not because she is my father’s mother, but she is a grand woman with a motherly figure who raised my life to the level I am reaching.

She shaped me with a pure psychological technique in building up my confidence. I was a timid person, and it became severe in my adolescence age as I never had a chance to live with my parents in my life. She soothed me when I was crying with a deep sorrow for responses from my peers for not living with parents. She noticed that I refused to communicate with many people in my adolescence age and denied to go to the public places. She did not blame me for being abnormal; she was patient instead. She took me everywhere she went and introduced me with her acquaintances. I was often praised in front of many people that I am the best, I am intelligent, and I am confident. I did not really notice that those words had gradually figured me as a person who always wants to be the best and tries to be the best by applying her confidence. Since I was in high school, I have kept in my mind that I am the best whenever I intend to achieve a goal. Yes. I always get a success.

It is even needless to say that throughout my life, she has taken part as hands which are always at a corner of a big world to make me stand straight and to raise my head tall. She is like the shadow which gives me the shade whenever I am afraid of the heat. She changed me from the thought, accepting myself as an unlucky person, to think positively. She enlightened me not living with my parents is not a big deal. Because of her guidance, I changed as a person I am today. I am no longer bothered about not living with my biological parents. I am not a friend of the fear, but an intimate friend of the courage, to face the society around me bravely.



pooza11's picture

Grandma are the best

I am impressed by your determination to face the society and i like the fact that you are no more bothered about not living with your parents. I think this attitude is simply great for a women to reach the heights of success.All the credit goes to your grandmother who boosted up your confidence and your personality.Your grandmother is simply best and i am sure you are proud be the granddaughter of her. Do fulfill her dream and never let her head down.

Love and Hugs

You write beautifully. Your grandmother does sound grand indeed and how fortunate you were to have had such guidance growing up. Families come in all forms but are most remembered not for who makes up the unit but for what they provided you, and it seems that you were enveloped in love.

I hope that you will share more stories from Burma, a country we hear little from and is much misunderstood. Welcome to PulseWire,

Now I have understand why you always talk about your grandma. I wish I would have a grandmother like yours. I did not get grandmother's love. However, I realized your grandmother play a vital role in your life as like as a mother play in our lives.


mrbeckbeck's picture

What a great story...

I loved reading your story, and how you've become a strong, confident, brilliant woman. Good for you that you are so successful in achieving your goals!

In my life, my grandmother was one of the most supportive, nurturing and important people. I miss her loving words and unflinching confidence in me.

Thank you for sharing your personal story here with us.

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

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