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True friendship

My candles and papers were the friends I choose to have after my friends left me either because they got married or because they left the country. I started to feel lonely although there were many people around me, but it was me who stepped aside from them. I didn’t think to have a boyfriend because I didn’t trust men and I was afraid to love, also my shyness isolated me!

I start dreaming of talking to famous people and debate with them, discuss my issues, dream of attending conferences to feel that I exist and that I can help, but they were only dreams. I wasn’t confident with myself this is why I escaped to my dreams where everything is easy.
Although the world I created has all what I wanted and what I wished to have but I wasn’t happy.

I decided to meet people on internet; virtual people who are similar to the one I created in my mind, but this time they are real. Different languages, cultures, religions, traditions and knowledge I didn’t know about before; I started to exchange mine with those virtual friends, and one was interested in my thoughts; he liked my ideas and the way I think and was surprised in how I isolated myself away although I have what I need to change and to be changed, he was my window to the Western world.
After 9 months he visited me, a man entered my life! It was the point that changed my life. I still remember that night when he came; I was wondering how does he looks like and how he will accept me, what would he say when he meet this dreaming girl? Through him I could know who really I am; he revealed to me many things I was blind of, even in myself.

He took my hand and raised me up, he introduced me to the world, and he removed that bubble and set me free. Now I can share my ideas with people because I believed that my ideas worth to be heard, I believe in myself and that I can help people and sometimes change their lives, he taught me how to take actions and how to actively engage in the journey of life with more self confidence… the real journey to happiness.

Now I trust men, I feel I am important and that I have many friends who loves me the reason I love life.

Thank you Mr. Andy Wilkins that you trusted and believed in me, thank you for being my friend.



pooza11's picture

Thanks to the man who taught

Thanks to the man who taught you to live with confidence in the journey of your life which is so important.It is good to know that you have started interacting with people and have made many friends. He is the most valuable person in your life so never let him go. May god give you so much of strength that your friendship remains forever and you both can live happily.
Thank You for sharing your thoughts with World Pulse.


Fawzia's picture

Thank you for your kind words

I can't imagine my life without him, maybe distance, seasons, mountains and time separated our eyes but our souls always meet...He is there when I need him and I will be forever thankful and will forever pray to God to give him health and wealth and bring him all what he needs in his life. I am sure that there are many other people who needs his support, as he did supported me!
Thank you Pooza for your lovely words and prayers... you are a lovely person :-)

With much love, peace & respect to you always,

Ammoura, Fawzia

Sophie's picture

Caring hands

I am touched by your story, its great how caring hands can make such a difference in our lives! great for you!

Sophie Ngugi
Child of the Universe

Fawzia's picture

Thank you Sophie

Thank you for your comment Sophie!
A lovely word or an honest smile can make a big difference in ones life!
Keep smiling :-)

Ammoura, Fawzia

Nusrat Ara's picture

Friendship is true bliss.

Friendship is true bliss.


Fawzia's picture

Thank you Nusrat

It is a bliss to have good people in our lives!
Love and peace,

Ammoura, Fawzia

asha's picture

Breaking the Shell!

Salam Fawzeia,
"Breaking the Shell"...That is what I call your splendid story..
The jewel was there all the time as pure as God's creation always is..
Your fabulous God-sent friend helped you..he handed you the axe....and YOU
broke the shell and stepped out to find his hand still streetched to help steady you up on the way to......
whatever!....Your choices!
I congratulate you for picking up confidence..
And wish you really forge on this splendid way with greater successes.
God Bless


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