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Lets make a dream together

People watch dreams at night and day, sometimes those dreams are to achieve something, sometimes sad events, scary events, and happy moment comes into the dream. Many people believe to make their dream true. The question comes that time, for whom the dream to be fulfilled, why, and how? Every time when I see a dream, when I desire the dream to be fulfilled I had this question and I never get any answers. Sometimes I found myself to do so that all of my works that are for me but I don’t find any peace. Thanks to god almighty that I found my answers, now I am happy, I know the meaning of my life.
I learn karate at the Honke Shotokan Karate Association at Chittagong, Bangladesh. Like the normal usual day I went there and practiced. That time I heard about the boy, Arman, a little boy, suffering from a rare type of Leukemia. He is from a very poor family and he needed 4 million Bangladeshi taka for his treatment. His family friend came forward to raise fund for Arman and thus they came to our club. I saw people, from little child to the family of the students at the club, they are funding money. I saw the beautiful chain of human kind, love. Arman is an unknown boy to all of them; but, at his bad time, the most unknown person became his friend, his family, and all became together to help Arman. It’s a dream, to save one’s life and like me, every person sees this dream, but we can’t fulfill this dream; at least not alone. This dream became true with many people holding hand together and expresses their love to the little boy. I found the meaning of life; to give a new life to other.
Later on, I helped those family friends in fund raising in my own university and in my own hometown, Dhaka. The boy is abroad for his treatment; though, his situation is critical. However, I feel happy; I feel peace that I tried to save one life. And I learnt one thing, if everybody holds hand together to achieve something, whether it is impossible to achieve or not, it becomes possible. So, my friends, let's hold the hand together, let’s make our dreams true, let’s make this world beautiful.



sssharna's picture

Regarding the article

I tried to help the poor boy, arman. Now he is abroad, the treatment is going on. I have heard that he is in critical condition. So, please my friend, pray for him.

Robin's picture

I hope and pray that he gets

I hope and pray that he gets relief.

"You were once wild here, don't let them tame you." ~Isadora Duncan

sssharna's picture

Thank you Duncan

Everybody prayed, we all prayed but the wish of god is really strange because the boy didn't live. He died. Please pray for his soul so that he would be in peace in heaven.

Fawzia's picture

Congratulations for you...

Congratulations for your honrable and great job, you must be the happiest girl in the world for the smile you add on the faces of poor people... May God reward you for giving thema hand!

Ammoura, Fawzia

sssharna's picture

Thank you Fawzia

Yes Fawzia, I would be the happiest girl in the world if I could bring back the boy. I have tried along with my other friends, but may be the god wishes different. The boy died. Please pray for his soul.

pooza11's picture

well done ! a great work

I am happy to know that you tried to help the boy. I wish the boy all the happiness in the world and pray that he recover very soon. may god give you all the strength and power so that you can give him a life.I am sure god will help you because you are asking for somebody life. God listen to those who prays for others.Keep Praying to god and lets not loose hope and just hold hands together to make dreams come true.

sssharna's picture

Dear Pooza

Pooza, I really appreciate your feelings, thank you for supporting me. However, may be the god's wish was different, may be the god listen to my prayer differently. I prayed please god, relieve him from the pain, please recover him soon. God relieved him from pain but in different way. God took him so that no pain would touch him. The boy died. I pray his soul will be in a peaceful place, heaven. Please pray for him too.

Frances Faulkner's picture

Joining hands

This is a lovely story about the power of individuals joined together. What would be impossible for one person to accomplish becomes almost easy to do with a group of people. The energy created then creates more goodwill. May the cycle never. Thank you for taking part in this and reminding us how much goodwill there is on this earth.


sssharna's picture

Dear Frances

I tried. But I could not save the boy. the boy died in abroad during his treatment. Now I only pray that he would be in heaven and his soul is in peace. Please pray for his soul.

pooza11's picture

His soul rest in peace. i

His soul rest in peace. i will surely pray.


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