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Holding hands:A friend in need is a friend indeed

A friend in need is a friend indeed
I am titled as a student, daughter, and a friend but could not fulfill any of the duties to be done by a student, a friend and a daughter. I ended up making a big mistake in my college life due to which I am all the time deprived. When my class mates came to know about my terrorizing mistake, I was devastated and ashamed at the same time. I broke the trust of my friends which was unbelievable for them. It was difficult for me to live with such guilt and embarrassment.
At home, I never obeyed my parents and was always rude to them. But still, they put everything in front of me even I didn’t ask for. Despite of my bad behavior, I am blessed with good family but I could never be a good daughter. Neither was I a good student.
Each moment I realized that I was not a good human being. I got aggravated and to get rid of my frustration I use to think ways of getting rid of my life.
Then unexpectedly one of my old friends gave me a shock. She astonishingly came to my house and hugged me closely and securely. We sat for few hours and conversed. I just vomited everything to her, shared my feelings, my thoughts, my emotions, my pain, belief; which made me so relief. When I explained to her entire heart, she catched my hand and solved my trouble so easily that I asked myself” was I really suffering”. Her hand in my hand gave me a sense of satisfaction and was glad that I also have someone in life who means a lot to me. I did not expect any sympathy from her and nor she sympathized me. That was the best part of her. What I needed was kindness.
I realized that my pain was double because I did not have any one to share with. All my pain vanished when I hold her. I found a shoulder to lean on. I am glad I have you. I love you.


maha pervez's picture

I like :-)

Hey Pooza,

I won't write much.. because this journal of yours is too good to be commented on...all I can say is that reading your journal reminded me SO much of my bestest friend. Miss her A LOT. Miss pouring out my heart to her...even though I have someone to do that now [you know whom I am referring to ;)] still I miss that friend of mine. She's married.. busy with her new life and although we live in the same city and it's not like it's the Dark Age..there's millions of ways to communicate, but sadly with time everything changes, if you know what I mean?.. And I so know how you must have felt when she held your hand. It is one of the most beautiful moments in ones life, it gives you the feeling that all your worries and problems have just been lifted off your shoulders..makes you feel so light and free. Nothing beats that feeling,right? :)


JaniceW's picture

Best friends

I have been blessed with wonderful friendships which fill my life with unconditional love. And then I joined PulseWire.

Here I have formed deep bonds with women I may never meet, have shared stories only my family had heard, watched as ears turned towards someone who needed to be heard, and saw many shoulders at the ready whenever a member needed something to lean on. I am so glad you have found this in your friend and am so inspired to see connections reaching across the oceans on PulseWire in such friendships. As Maha says, nothing beats that feeling!

pooza11's picture

Hey maha and janice Thank You

Hey maha and janice
Thank You so much for commenting on my post with you valuable words. After I joined Pulsewire,it seems my life is completely changed and i devote my most of the time to pulse wire. I easily gets attached to people and it is so hard to me to get detached. Frindship is the most precious gift bestowed upon us and simply love the relationship.
I love you all.


Rebecca Snavely's picture


Your story is very powerful, showing us how important it is to have someone to hold our hand, no matter what. To be there with kindness, embracing who we are, even the parts we feel we can't show others. You also gave me more to think about, as I paused when I read that she didn't offer sympathy, but kindness. I'll have to let my brain / soul chew on that, what that means to me, in my friendships, and what I offer when I hold someone's hand. I hope to offer the kindness they need, as you so beautifully wrote about here.



sabina's picture

Close fren

Really, after reading your story, somehow I also felt like same as yours. My problem was I always used to feel uncomfortable to share my feelings with my friends, even with anyone. I never tried to speak out with anyone. All I used to do was oppressed my feelings inside me. But one of my friend helped me with this problem. She was my childhood freind and she was always good with me but i never tried to explore my feelings with her also. It was the day when she, at first, shared her feelings with me and i also felt comfortable to share my feelings with her. So for me, I was afraid to share my feelings cause noone used to be so close with me. So, all I needed was to be someone close to me so that i can share my pain and sorrow. She was the one who understood me at that time and hold my hand.

So you are so lucky that you got a close friend.


pooza11's picture

Thank you all of you for

Thank you all of you for reading the story.Love you all


jadefrank's picture

Never stop!

Your honesty in this story is admirable and beautiful. You are on a powerful journey Pooza and it's a joy to have your positive and sweet voice among us.


pooza11's picture

Thank you jade. You have

Thank you jade. You have always been an inspiration for me.......
Love you

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