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Still afraid?

Psychologists say that holding hands, is a great way to show affection to those we love, especially kids because it serves as a great way of re-affirming them that they are loved and appreciated. Doctors explain that holding hands reduces the blood pressure in our bodies. We all have a reason why we hold hands.
A few months ago, I re-connected with a long lost friend after a period where none had spoken to the other. He wanted me to be his girlfriend, and as the feeling of excitement swelled up in me, I felt that I still held my reservations of saying no to his asking. I reluctantly played along to his tune of sweet words, but I kept my emotions at bay, not just yet! I did not want to just say yes, and then maybe along the way get heart broken. Every girl desires to meet this special man that is willing to ride the horse with her, a prince charming as most people would say. But at the same time we carry a certain kind of uncertainty if this is it for us or is he just going to end up like the other guy who walked away and left us nursing a heart break. I later on said yes
Later on in one of our conversations, he boldly asked me, “are you still afraid of holding hands in public?” He was referring to a certain time in our friendship,where he had once attempted to hold my hand as we walked down a street, and I pulled away reminding him sharply that in Africa we don't do the whole PDA( Public display of affection) thing.
Again my refusal was influenced by an unpleasant memory of how my mother had once reacted when she once saw a boy hold my hand. I was told that it was disrespectful and embarrassing.
His question certainly got me off guard. I didn't know what to say, but to be honest, over the years in my studies at school and through talking and sharing experiences with others, my view on this has changed .I believe in holding hands, and I support it. Its a way of communicating to a person and letting them know that you care.
Today, i am more than confident of this, and you all can guess what my answer was!


Carri Pence's picture

To physically connect with

To physically connect with anyone means you emotionally trust them. It shows loyalty, love, and commitment and I am glad you are exploring these feelings through that of holding hands.

adorablealice's picture

Thanks, Carrie:)

Thanks, Carrie:)

brianna.warren's picture

It is always difficult to

It is always difficult to forget those who broke our hearts. It takes a long time to learn how to trust again, and even longer before being comfortable with displaying that trust to everyone around. I am happy to hear you have been able to move forward and explore the sweetness of a relationship with this new, special man. :)

mrbeckbeck's picture

Good for you...

I'm glad that you've been able to build connection and trust, despite past heart-aches and heart-breaks. It is truly special when you find someone who values and respects you, and who wants to show affection simply by holding hands. :)

Thanks for sharing your story.

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

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Greetings from Sri Lanka

your thoughts penned down are truly inspiring !

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Bonjour et Bienvenue!

Nous sommes ravie de vous retrouvez parmi nous dans la communauté en ligne de pulse mondiale, c'est la que toute les femmes du monde transmettent leurs messages pour se faire entendre, parteger leurs histoires, expériences. Avec cette technologie vous en communication avec les autres femmes. Lisez le guide : Merci!


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