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Endless love or dissapointment?!


At least one thing but a very holy thing – the feeling of being a mother and care your baby and love it endlessly- unites all female beings in the world. However, still there is a difference distinguishing human mothers from non-human ones more or less. I will come back to this difference at the end of the essay after talking to you a story which will give me a better opportunity to express my thoughts.
The story, which is called “the legend of a swan” is about a mother who felt happiest and proud for having three sons and did her best to see them happy. Once, this mother fell ill. The bed-ridden mother felt so fatigue that she couldn't get up the bed to quench her raging thirst. Just then seeing her eldest son coming home the sick mother asked her beloved son a glass of water but the boy didn't give, because there were his friends waiting for him outside. The poor mother saw the same neglect from the other two sons as well when she asked them for water. At that moment the only thing that she wanted was to be a swan so she could fly and drink water till she quenched. Here it is, God granted her wish, so she became a swan, left her home, flew and flew as far as she could, and perching on a coast of a lake she drank water till she slaked. And since then she lived in other birds' nests and never hatched.
For me, this is more than a legend, with its very real problems- endless parent love, negligence on the part of children and a deep disappointment.
Thus, parents love their children, take care, and protect them till the end. Maybe it is this endless love which hurts them so much when they see coldness from their children. Parents think children as a part of them, it is true but till children are born, birth is the first step separating mother and her baby. When children do not place into your arms, they get farther from you, then this getting apart is followed with each year added to children's age. Finally, they become independent persons with their own problems, thoughts, dreams and ambitions, but not a part of their parents any more.
Here is the difference that I promised in the beginning-as humans, animals do love and care their babies as well, but unlike people they do it till the time they raise their babies for the independent life and maybe just because of that they do not take offence the unfair life. I really ponder, if it means they understand life better than us?



Carri Pence's picture

An amazing question that I

An amazing question that I have never concerned myself with. I also feel that living life with simple needs, such as animals do may cause them to understand life better than us. It is so sad when children leave their parents and fail to show their love to their parents. But, just because they don't show the same amount of affection does not mean they don't love their parents and wouldn't do anything for their parents. Rather, I think it just means like the swan, children have to spread their wings and live the life they need to lead, through independence and understanding life on different terms then that of their parents.

Nurana's picture

Thanks Carrie for your

Thanks Carrie for your comments,
Here you made a very important point "children have to spread their wings and live the life they need to lead, through independence and understanding life on different terms then that of their parents". which is I totally agree.

"I wish, we mothers never gave a birth to our children, because the birth is a thing that seperates a mother from her child" this is a statement that a mother said in a Turkish movie. And you know, this feeling is very common for my society. In my society, sometimes parents feel their children as a part of them, not thinking that, the child besides being her child, is another independent person with her/his own choices and wishes.

That is why, I compared it to animals. Thus, animals do raise and love their children as well as humans, but as if understanding that after they grow up they will be independent, they limit their affection to some degree and time. but can people do it?

Carri Pence's picture

I honestly wish I could learn

I honestly wish I could learn how to limit my affection. Though I don't have of my own, I feel like I give myself so much and though I am loved in return I am not shown affection in return. So, I believe this doesn't only happen with children but in many different types of relationships.
With love and hope,
Carri Pence

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