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Tears of my mother

Whenever I recollect my story in my mind, I feel myself undercurrent into a secret depth, so dark that I can see nothing at all-just all the darkness. I grew up in a small village with my sisters. Our lives had filled with poverty and desperately need for the basic things which need to have to survive. We lived in a joined family with our uncles and aunts only by names; we had to hold the survival rope in the struggle for existence. We were three sisters without having any brother; nobody paid attention to us.
Life is so unpredictable. I had never thought that one day I will share my story that I do not want to remember. I can remember the day when my father came with pain in his heart that can be easily recognized and when my mother asked to him, he told something that I can still hear. He went to meet with my uncle who lived with great satisfaction of all needs, but when my father asked for help, he told something that a father cannot tolerate. He offered to send us to work in a garment factory. When my father tried to say against to him, he said “give your daughters poison to drink. Today or tomorrow they have to die; they are nothing without a brother”. My mama did not have any words to reply without looking down at my father and no interruptions of his flow of words. She just began braiding my sister’s hair and dropping tears from her eyes silently. She seemed on the verge of tears, which my hand could not wipe away. Even though I was not old enough to understand the situation, tears came out from my eyes as I saw dropping water from my mother’s eyes. The tears that slipped down my dress left unsurprisingly dark spots, and made the front yard blurry and even more unreal. The world had taken a deep breath and was having doubts to revolve. One day I found myself with my sisters in the bank of a river. I saw my mother was standing far and tired to drown herself but when we cried ‘’mama’’ my mother rush to us. I looked in to her face as she was trying to flee from reality and to breathe in an unchained world without having any needs.



Shivalaxmi's picture

Great Writing Arpita

Dear Arpita,
I realized how hard your life could be during those days. Your writing shows an enormous energy to be a great leader. By sharing these, I hope you have empowered yourself in your society now. It is sad when we see the reality of some people who are contended in their life but unwilling to help others. I am very glad that you shared your personal stories here. Good luck and may you succeed in your life.

Shivalaxmi Arumugham
Asian University for Women.

Nusrat Ara's picture

Dear Arpita, I hope you and

Dear Arpita,

I hope you and your sisters prove your uncle wrong and make your parents proud. You are the best,



bessie's picture

Arpita, What a powerful


What a powerful story. Thank you for sharing it. Nusrat captures my sentiments exactly.


Hi Arpita,

I know you and your spirit, and I am sure that you will be succed one day. Breaking all traditional rules one day you will prove girls also like human as boys are. Your uncle who think women are nothing without men will realize what a great mistake he made. Go ahead dear. Convey my respect to your parents.


Jyoti Rahaman
2013 WISE Scholar
Global Youth Ambassador at AWAS
Chittagong, Bangladesh

Carri Pence's picture

The power of daughters

Success is not biased on gender. Though it is sad that men are seen as more 'valuable' than women it is simply not true. Value your self worth because you can tell your mom and dad do, no matter what gender you are. Thanks for sharing this story and I hope you remain a strong voice in the pulsewire community.

JaniceW's picture

Powerful story

Your parents clearly value their daughters and it is inspiring that they stood by you in the face of such pressure. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for them to go against convention but by you all proving your worth, they will feel more empowered to stand up for what they believe. In time, your Uncle will be proved wrong and one day, you will be using this story to show your daughters and sons how far the world has come in respecting young girls. Keep up the fight and know that you have already taken huge steps forward for women's rights in Bangladesh.

Kim Crane's picture


I understand your hesitance to delve into this scene from your memory and I am glad you chose to share it with us. It is a wonderful testament to your own strength. So many girls face messages that make them doubt their self worth but the scene you described is unreal to me. I am impressed with your courage in the face of such cruelty to not only flourish and prove your uncle wrong, but to speak out on behalf of other girls. I hope that your family has found some healing.


hussain's picture

make your tears a power of life

Hey sis,

The life is nothing without sorrow. We can feel the happiness when we go via grieves. Nobody is in the world who has problems, and there are some problems we cant just solve them at once. Dream yourself you will prove yourself using the power of tears.
work hard. you will succeed in the future.

Mariam Hussain
Asian Unversity for Women
Undergraduate Student

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