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Dear Anette,

I am sorry to hear of your painful experience in Japan. I know that it must feel personal, but I have a feeling it's not based on that. When you try to do the right thing, try to do what is best for you and live your life honestly and openly, try to treat people fairly and give them the benefit of the doubt, it's hard to understand why you find yourself in such hurtful situations. And I am sorry for your pain. I hope that writing this pain was therapeutic in some way, and I hope that your pain is subsiding and the strength within you is rising above the hurtful actions of your co-workers.

Your story reminded me of a difficult cultural miss-understanding in my past. When I was young, I moved to Ecuador to study as a high school exchange student. I had never lived away from Alaska, let alone a foreign country and my shy, protective shell made it difficult for me to reach out to classmates and make friends. The other girls in my class were not friendly and treated me unkindly. I was so lonely and didn't understand why I couldn't make friends... especially with the language barrier... it was especially difficult to communicate and this made it extremely difficult for me to reach out to them. Then one day, another student told me that the reason they didn't like me was because I never came to their parties. The culture there is that everyone in the class attends each classmate's birthday party. Well no one had ever invited me! I had no idea there were even parties going on! Yet, I was breaking the biggest social rule. I finally made it to a party, and they eventually accepted me and by the end of the year we became friends.

I know this is a very different situation, but I wanted to thank you for reminding me of my own experience. I hope that things are better now. And know that the PulseWire community is here to support you with arms wide open.

In friendship,

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Dear Anette,

Your story makes me think of times in my life when things have been off kilter with those around me. We learn from each experience to adjust and try new things so maybe they will work better the next time around. You are absolutely right --things should be discussed because poor communication always leads to difficulties! Maybe you will become a leader in encouraging discussion in the future and predicting problems before they happen. It seems you have the dedication, conviction, and appreciation of others to do so.

Thanks for sharing and good luck as you move forward.


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Thank you ladies for your

Thank you ladies for your comments and support.

I recently did a blood test. The results showed that I have high alcohol content in my liver and I don`t drink alcohol. I asked what other chemical could it be and the doctor said he doesn`t know. At that time I was at the office of a heart specialist and he said I`d have to see another doctor who specializes in internal medicine because he would not be able to help me.

Last week I visited a doctor who specializes in internal medicine and did another blood test. I specifically asked him to check for the presence of chemicals, but that wasn`t done. He has however informed me that the level of alcohol/chemical in the liver has increased.

What a mystery?


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