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Why is it so? what would you do?

Why is it that this sorrow hurts more than i can bear? This solitude life hangs on a balance…..
U feel helpless and abandoned in this rusty life. U feel alone in this dejected place where no one hears you scream.

U relish the moments of your beloved past and then live according to your belief but sometimes the people who had made that happened doubts your judgment. Y is it dat people whom u trusted d most doubts u? Why is it that you are blamed for things you are not liable for?

What would do when you’re beloved ones adore you so much and you cannot do anything for them even if you wanted to?
What would you do when you try to resist dreaming for someone but later on that sumone turns out to be a nuisance? Would you regret that you have moved to the things that use to haunt you everyday? How do I pay back those people who have written the memoirs of my life? What should I do at times when I’m unable to even help my self? What would you do when you suddenly realize that you are not as appreciating the love and care than you ought to but you treasure the ones who don’t? Would I get a second chance for repairing what I never meant to build?

What do u do when u have so many dreams and wish to do sumthing rich in life but when u look back for support there is no one to hold u? How to react to the guidance when you are your self afraid to approach? What would you do when you want to express your self but there’s no one to hear you out? What would you do when you want to open up your heart but your spirit fails you so? How do you share your emotions despite the anxiety of not knowing how to?

How would you handle the unanswered queries in your unsatisfied mind?


Carri Pence's picture

It is hard to realize that

It is hard to realize that life has far more questions than answers. But it is nice to realize that any answer you give to these numerous questions will lead you to personal growth. I have answered so many questions wrong due to my pride, ignorance, or just becasue I didn't have a true grasp on who I was. But these wrong answers still set me in the right direction with creating a more loving, kind, and strong individual. So don't let all these questions weigh you down and don't see them as obstacles because they aren't. They are just different lessons to learn from.

SunFish's picture

Your post

All I can say is that your words ring powerful. Thank you for sharing!


Look for the message in the mess!

pooza11's picture

Thank you

was actually feeling very low due to the feeling of being many questions arised in my mind to which i had no answers.Thank you so much for encouraging me. I will put your point in my mind of not taking these questions as obstacles .
Thank you once again


monnapit's picture


Don't take life so personally. Enjoy it the way it is. Good things are there, you just have to see them. "Why" question has no answer I'm afraid, so don't let it stay in your way.

pooza11's picture


Thank you for answering my questions. I too think that i was taking things seriously . I should have let it go and njoy the best of life.Thank you for your wonderful inspiration


Toyin's picture

Life can bring

Life can be full of why's and what if's. I know it can be frustrating not to be able to answer those questions, the problem is by the time you've searched for the answers life has passed us by. Sometimes it's easier to look at the questions we CAN answer and the one's we can't we leave.

As Carri Pence said answering these questions leads to personal growth and it's also knowing that some questions will never be answered. Think of it this way, if you let go of the questions that had no answer, the ones which were hounding you every day, think of the peace u would feel. Imagine then using your energies to answer those questions which COULD be answered.

SunFish's picture

Why is it so?

I guess it is so, so that we can get to know ourselves, our universe and our God. Truly questions seem only a stairwell which leads to more questions. Maybe it is through such questions, breeds life's treasures through our experience and contemplation of such questions. I think we'd go mad to and drive ourselves beyond agitation if we take a second more serious than we should. Possibly it is just the journey the question leads us through and to, in order to find our peace. I bet if you look upon this time in your life and these questions later, a week, a month, a year... you might find something there you did not see the first or 2nd time you initially posed the question.



Look for the message in the mess!

Rachana Thapaliya's picture

there are answers

yes,there are answers. U just need to search for those answers.They come immediately as you question yourself ,you just need to choose the right one and appreciate it.Sometimes we opt for the wrong answer an then again these questions revolves around our head......Jus try to listen and choose to the right one with a peaceful mind.i don't think there are any such question which do not have answer orelse why would they spin through our head?

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